Crunch time for the labor talks

PFT Live* loses the asterisk next week, when we returns with live shows.  Until then, we’ll keep cranking out periodic, on-demand segments.

We’ve started the week with a quick update of the labor talks, which are entering crunch time.

Speaking of crunches (as in the guy who once did them shirtless on his lawn), we’ll also offer up a take on the future of T.O.  Here’s a hint — it may not be as bleak as his torn ACL would suggest at first blush.

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4 responses to “Crunch time for the labor talks

  1. I have written it before and will write it again: Anybody who believes any report of “optimism surrounding the NFL talks” is crazy. Nothing will get done until a few paychecks are missed, some jewelry and/or autos are repossessed and some owners miss some game revenues.

    THEN and ONLY THEN will either side feel any pressure to resolve this. Until then, they’re all enjoying their first summer off since 6th grade.

    Mid September agreeement, at the earliest.

  2. Frist to say
    TO should let it go.
    A deal will get done in time I don’t think any money will be lost by the owners, they are just making it hard get as mush as they can, which is the way it should be, for both sides.

  3. I think before the 4th of July. Trying to put everyone in a good spirt for the holiday. But who knows? Greed has its way of destroying things.

  4. Where is the incentive for the owners to budge now?

    They’re zillionaires; missing some game and TV revenue will hurt, but not nearly as much and for not nearly as long as caving and signing a bad deal will.

    The owners have all the leverage. NFL players and pro athletes in general are notoriously terrible with their money. They overspend, invest badly, and and usually save nothing. Yes, I know there are exceptions, but what I’ve described is overwhelmingly the case.

    Fact: 75-80% of professional athletes are broke within 3 years of retirement. Think the owners don’t know they’re holding all the cards?

    Tick, tick, tick …..

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