Darnell Dockett live tweets a police encounter

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After we pointed out last year that Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett posted a Twitter message within the pregame window prohibited by the league, Dockett blocked us from following him.  But he can’t block everyone, and so thanks to Richard Deitsch of SI.com we became aware of Dockett’s latest Twitter adventure.

Dockett has been pulled over by police.  He refuses to allow them to search his car without a warrant.  Apparently, they are in the process of getting a warrant.

And he’s posting it all on Twitter.

Three police cars are present, and Dockett has refused at least twice their request to look inside Dockett’s Escalade.

Stay tuned for more.  Once others who haven’t been blocked by Dockett can let us know what he’s saying.

35 responses to “Darnell Dockett live tweets a police encounter

  1. Let you know what he’s saying? You can still view Dockett’s page, logged in or logged out, if you’ve been blocked. You just can’t “follow” him.

  2. He can block you from his followers so you won’t get automatic updates, but can’t you bookmark the site and check it periodically anyway?

    Maybe they’re looking for the stolen cable he mentions at the top of his page.

  3. Finally someone willing to exercise their rights to privacy in the face of police threats. I have done the same in the past and would again, especially if I knew there was nothing for them to find. It’s time for cops to learn what the constitution is all about.

  4. Cops trying to make a name for themselves. Big black guy with dredlocks in an expensive car during daytime hours where most people are working = Duh. Drug Dealer of course.

    Happens every day. Good for him that he knows his rights and didn’t allow them to ‘search’ his car.

  5. How are they getting a search warrent? Is the probable cause because he said no?

  6. They don’t need a search warrant in any case, but they must not have probable cause or they would have searched it by now. It’s very hard to keep a cop from searching your vehicle if they want to, they can always come up with something.

    If it turns out he has a bench warrant or he committed a crime they can arrest for you can bet they’ll do that “personal item inventory” with a fine tooth comb before impounding. If it were me I’d get a homeboy down there to drive it home just in case.

  7. “C’mon, guy, be a sport. None of us can afford one of these, we just want to see what it’s like inside. Is that real leather?”.

  8. Probable cause to search a car arises if you’re pulled over for basically any infraction and the officer has a “reasonable suspicion” to search. Had an officer ask me once if he could search and I said no. He cuffed me, stuffed me and searched the car anyway after telling me “he didn’t need [my] permission.”

    Sucks, but the courts are pretty wide open on letting cops search cars, saying you don’t have as high of a privacy right as to a search on a home, for instance.

  9. If I was an officer and simply read the turd watch occasionally on pft.com, I’d wouldn’t need to assume he was a drug dealer to know something criminal was occuring in the car.

  10. The police can search what is called “reachable areas” of the driver. Which would be the first two rows and not the trunk or the 3rd row of an SUV. That is for safety reasons and only after you can articulate that the driver ‘dipped’ for a moment.

    Most car stops that result in things being found are thrown out of court. There is no reason to search a public figure’s car in the middle of the day unless he is acting erratically and you suspect drug use. In which case you arrest him and THEN search the car incidental to a lawful arrest. NOOB cops.

    It is so much easier walk away than to find a way to ‘force’ a search of a car. A search warrant in the middle of the day? I’d be one pissed off Judge.

    If you NEED to ask to search a car you should NOT be searching it. That is police 101. I am a retired cop. I hate when cops do stupid things to ruin the reps of the 98 per cent of cops who have a clue. Most cops do their jobs correctly, unfortunately, like other professions, a small amount of people make everyone look bad.

  11. What an absolute moron for posting play by play tweets. He is pretty much showing his immaturity and stupidity. I think Donovan McNabb was on to something, he’s probably puking right now as he reads those tweets.

  12. whatevnfl

    How is DD being a moron? He is exercising his constitutional rights.

    Immature, lets look at people that call others morons before we move on to people tweeting about run ins with the police.

  13. Does anyone know if this actually happened? Could just be Darnell acting like an idiot.

  14. pack3peat says: Jun 27, 2011 3:33 PM


    How is DD being a moron? He is exercising his constitutional rights.

    Immature, lets look at people that call others morons before we move on to people tweeting about run ins with the police.


    I would be more concerned with what is going on around me than tweeting while it is happening. You can tweet about it later when they get the warrant and nothing is found.

  15. I clicked the link to his twitter page. Never you could actually feel yourself lose IQ points.

  16. I went and read all his posts, sounds to me like this guy is blowing smoke up every ones a$$ and is making this stuff all up from his living room couch. What a joke!

  17. I have absolutely no problem with him sticking up for his rights. Glad he had the time to wait them out….thats a bush league move by the PD, all about the manipulation.

  18. @quagmire5 … You mean because a handful of the NFL’s 1700 active players are arrested each year that means the cops have probable cause to search the vehicles of any NFL players? Then I guess that means they have probable cause to search any vehicle because I guarantee whatever you do for a living, at least a handful of guys in that job get arrested every year.

    @ttommytom … Thanks for an intelligent post from the police perspective.

    @johnnyjagfan … Then what happened? Did they find anything??

  19. Officers can search your car if they have reason to believe there may be a danger or that if the reason they pulled you over has any connection to anything else that may be in the car.

    If they have no reason they must ask for consent (which you can deny), if they think you may have something for whatever reason (certain numerous factors), they can attain a warrant if need be, but getting a warrant for no reason isn’t easy.

    I don’t see why he is making a big deal out of it, if they get a warrant then they did it legally, whether they had a justifiable reason or not, it still didn’t violate his rights. They haven’t forcibly went through his car yet… Besides, unless they find something he should just get over as there is truly nothing he can do if they do get a warrant.

  20. @canadianvikingfaniii …

    They didn’t get a warrant. They just kept him sitting on the side of the road for an hour because they could. But nahhh, he shouldn’t have been annoyed by that. I’m sure you wouldn’t have been.

  21. I can understand his suspicions of the police. He lets them search, and suddenly they “find” a gun, weed, Nicole Simpon’s blood, the gun from the grassy knoll, stolen art, etc.

  22. Ironic that a man exercising his “right” to privacy is so willing to make the situation known in the most immediate and public way possible.

  23. LOL! I just looked at what this moron is writing. Too funny. He should be arrested for just being an a$$-Hole! I would not allow these idiots to use twitter! It is ridiculous anyway, but in these guys hands it’s dangerous…

  24. What did he expect? He was driving a vehicle registered to Darnell Dockett.

  25. As a retired police officer, let me say, never, never, never give up your rights to any police officer for any reason. Never let any PO search your car wihtout a warrant. Make them go and get it. I dought any PO, just stopping any vehicle, can manage Probable Cause to a judge for a search warrant. If the PO didnt see any criminal activity in the vehicle, if the PO is making his case using a CI, there are many paticulars when getting a search warrant and traffic stops are the hardest. Most of the time the PO’s are bluffing a search warrant to look into your auto.

  26. While it is true that you have less of a right to privacy in your vehicle then you do in your home, the police cannot search your vehicle without probable cause. Police get probable cause from things like drug dog sniffs. Yes it is true as ttommytom points out that the police may search the area immediately surrounding the person in the vehicle if they can articulate their rational that officer safety was an issue. This determination must be deemed reasonable by the court for the search to be ok. The bottom line is most cars get searched because people give consent or because people get arrested. The car may be searched incident to lawful arrest (not incident to citation See Knowls v. Iowa (US Supreme Court case)). Also, cars may be searched when the car is taken into police custody. This is called an inventory search.

    Bottom line, if you do not give the police permission to search your car, and they do anyway, much of the time the search will (or at least should) get thrown out absent probable cause.

  27. FinFan68 says: Jun 27, 2011 5:07 PM

    Ironic that a man exercising his “right” to privacy is so willing to make the situation known in the most immediate and public way possible.
    I missed the tweet about what he has in his car, but i’ll go back and look again

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