Dez Bryant’s ankle looks just fine

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It’s fair for Cowboys management and fans to worry about Dez Bryant’s ability to handle the challenges of being a pro in 2011.  It doesn’t seem necessary to worry about his ankle anymore, though.

Bryant “effortlessly” threw down slam dunks (in warm-ups) and played the majority of a charity basketball game over the weekend. The Dallas Morning News said he showed absolutely no issue with his ankle and appeared to be in good shape.

Bryant said earlier in the offseason he’s running routes daily to get ready for the season.  For all the drama that Bryant has created off the field, we’re excited to see what he can do on the field in his second season.

14 responses to “Dez Bryant’s ankle looks just fine

  1. And then he went on QVC and bought 400 g’s worth of women’s jewerly…..On credit of course, with an IOU signed…….The Skelator…

  2. The kid has all the potential in the world.. Unfortunately, he also has the potential to be a knucklehead! A focused Dez Bryant, could be a VERY dangerous Dez Bryant!

  3. Great to hear his ankle is doing fine, but why should he even risk it playing in a basketball game???

    Smarten up. Dez.

  4. Good news on the ankle – somebody just needs to help him keep his head on straight.

    The NFL is a better place with a STRONG Dallas Cowboy team.

    Stay on the straight and narrow and just catch firstdowns and TDs Dez.

  5. Come on Dez, what are you doing playing Bball? We need you on the grid iron bud. Deion needs to get back into his life and knock some sense into him. If he grows up, he will be the best. Mark my words.

  6. Yes, but have his earlobes, neck, wrists and fingers recovered enough to carry a few more pounds of bling? That’s DB’s biggest concern.

  7. Extremely talented kid. Awesome to watch. Tremendous talent. No brains. Pants on the floor.

    He needs a positive adult mentor/role model to guide him down the right roads. I’m just afraid he doesn’t have enough brains to listen or even realize that he needs the guidance.

    I’m afraid the kids faults will cause his career… and more importantly, his life… to become somewhat of a wasted talent story. If he can just get his head screwed on properly he could become an all time great because the physical gifts are there.

  8. Two words for you Soulman; “English class”. Most public schools offer it and it’s free. You should try it out. Of course you’ll still sound like a moron, but at least a moderately educated moron as opposed to the “I couldn’t get into Middle School with these grammatical skills” rube that keeps posting.

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