Eli Manning is suddenly talkative, courtesy of DirecTV

Giants quarterback Eli Manning, after saying not much of anything throughout the offseason, was a guest today on The Dan Patrick Show.  And Eli continued his sudden burst of loquaciousness via an interview with the Associated Press.

He addressed his prior silence by explaining that he had nothing much to say, and that he didn’t want to say anything inappropriate.

“You can only get in trouble with this type of situation,” Manning said.  “I just wanted to get my work in with my receivers.”

So why is he talking now?  He probably has a few reasons.  Maybe a few hundred thousand reasons.  Or maybe even a million reasons.

Last week, DirecTV launched the incredibly entertaining “Football Cops” mini-film, featuring Eli and his brother, Peyton, as police officers who fight crime by throwing footballs at the various perps they encounter.  Presumably, Eli agreed to conduct a certain amount of media interviews to promote the effort.  And so, in order to fulfill the contract, Eli has to talk.

Peyton, who has yet to say anything either before or after the debut of “Football Cops,” still hasn’t talked.  Presumably, he has the juice to tell DirecTV that the promotional obligation needs to be removed from the contract.  And so Peyton, possibly hoping to preserve his unprecedented marketability, is using the power that his unprecedented marketability has provided to avoid doing anything that could undermine his unprecedented marketability.