Jason Taylor wants to return to Jets


Jason Taylor’s NFL career may or may not continue after a solid but unspectacular year in New York.  If it was up to Taylor, his career would continue — with the Jets

“I’d love to come back and play one more year in New York,” Taylor said on NFL Live Monday, via our friends at Rotoworld.  (Oh, who are we kidding? It’s Silva.)

It remains to be seen if the Jets want him.  They released him in February because of Taylor’s big salary.  Rex Ryan didn’t rule out the possibility earlier this offseason, but writers around the team doubt Taylor will be back.

If Taylor truly wants to keep playing, regardless of contract, it’s possible the Patriots will show interest again. Bill Belichick reportedly called Taylor plenty last year as a free agent, although New England apparently wasn’t willing to give him much of a contract.

22 responses to “Jason Taylor wants to return to Jets

  1. “(Oh who are we kidding, it’s Silva)” pretty much sum up the value of the info you get from over there at Locoworld.

  2. His exact statement was “I really hope someone gives me a lot of money”. But it was poorly translated.

  3. Jason, accept that you are now a role player, and come back to back up Cameron Wake. But don’t go to another AFC East team to tarnish your Miami legacy even more.

    Oh and by the way, after the stunt you pulled with Dancing with the Stars to be shipped to Washington, then we not only STILL took you back, but offered you a deal in the last month of your last year in Miami, I think you OWE Dolphin fans to either play for the Phins or just retire.

  4. The guy wants a ring….. he’s been one of the most dominant, consistent players of the past 15 years, and still has value as a situational rusher. A good team will sign him.

  5. geeeeez, ya and we want to see you acutally do something for a change…

    had good years, got a big head, did a stupid show, and now kinda sucks, although he getz the veteran treatment…

  6. No offense JT 2010 was your 2nd worst season statically. Only 2nd to your year with Washington.

    Remember how many teams were interested in you other then the Jets last year. Also keep in ind Rex only hired you one year to piss off Dolphin fans and make our team coach and gm look like tards.

    What Rex doesn’t know is they can do that all on their own.

    Ex: Sparano cheering on the sideline as they kick another field goal.

    Ex 2a: Ireland asking some 20 year old kid if his Dad pimped his mother out.

    Ex2b: GM tries to sneak across country with owner to secretly bury his “friends” career in the league.

  7. nyjalleffingday says:Jun 27, 2011 5:16 PM

    Well why the hell would he want to go back to Miami?!? Winning happens to be fun.

    How in the world would you know anything about winning.? What have you won since 1969?? I can tell you….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!. The sorry, sad excuse for a football team you call the JESTS have won the Division 2 times in 41 years…2 TIMES!!! So please go hide back under that rock you climbed out from under. Your JESTS have been a running joke in the NFL for over 40 years. They couldn’t win anything in a girls league!!

  8. lol@72perfection… Bitter much?

    In my NFL lifetime the Jets have been the better franchise between Jets/Miami but, whatever. And that’s quite a while.

    Bottom line to this story…. “PLAYER’S ####’N LOVE TO PLAY FOR REX RYAN”

    And that’s pretty cool.

    I wouldn’t trade Rex at this point for any coach in the league.

  9. @72 perfection

    i think the poster meant that jason taylor would have a better chance winning a ring on the jets instead of going back to flipper.

    btw, i love flipper fans like you. you dump on the jets for not winning in 40 years even though it has basically been just as long for miami. when was the last time you guys even won a playoff game anyways? sometime in the 90’s? at least i know going into the season the jets have a shot. as for you? well, you have chad henne who absolutely cant win a big football game.

  10. lol!!!11!!!! why don’t you put on your dancing shoes, jason taylor, or should i say HORRIBLYINEFFECTIVEson taylor??? LOL!!!! this guy was on the dolphins and said he hated the jets… then he joined the jets cause they were on TV!!1!!! put on your cleats jason, not your dancing shoes LOL!!!

  11. @ lamepftposter you sound like a 14 year old girl with all your “LOL” and !!!. are you really that excited? do you find yourself that funny?

  12. Destroyed his Legacy in Miami by signing with the Jets.
    Glad he fell flat on his face

  13. @72perfection

    You’ve got to be kidding me, you’re talking to ME about winning? You’re a Miami Dolphins fan. You couldn’t win squat with one of the best quarterbacks of all time, that’s how bad your team has been. It’s funny, in your delusion you have to bring up all those meaningful division crowns you won, what a joke. You talk about our Super Bowl drought like the Dolphins win one every other year. News flash: you haven’t won d**k since 1973. 4 WHOPPING YEARS after us. And I hate to break it to you buddy, but the Jets have beaten the Dolphins more than the Dolphins beat them!

    I climbed out from under a rock? Why would I be hiding sir? My favorite team has been fielding good players, and winning football games. The Dolphins franchise is a joke, even your owner doesn’t really care about the Dolphins. At this rate, Buffalo is gonna overtake you.

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