Kaepernick skips NFLPA* symposium to work out with 49ers


In normal years, the annual NFL rookie symposium is mandatory, and offseason activities are scheduled so that every rookie in the league can attend. But during the lockout, the regular symposium has been scrapped, the NFLPA* is hosting an optional alternative symposium, and at least one rookie has decided to attend a player-organized workout instead.

The Sacramento Bee reports that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will not go to Florida for the symposium so he can stay in the Bay Area for a four-day player-organized minicamp for the 49ers’ players.

Kaepernick is mostly recovered from last month’s leg surgery and will be able to drop back from center, something he wasn’t able to do the last time all the 49ers’ offensive players got together. So he thinks the opportunity to throw to his receivers is more important than the opportunity to listen to lessons about life in the NFL.

Kaepernick is hardly alone: Only about half of this year’s rookies are expected to attend the symposium.

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  1. One thing to know about Kaepernick thoughout last season and leading up to the draft. There’s one guy that really seems to have his head on straight. I’m not saying that the symposium couldn’t help him, but he’s one of the last guys you’ll hear about getting into trouble, being a distraction, or otherwise being a bad teammate.

  2. I watched a couple of games that Kaepernick played in last year and never once did “starting NFL QB” ever cross my mind about him.

  3. Hey pft, i have some labor questions!! Once a labor deal is in place and ready to be voted on for approval, would the drafted unsigned rookies get a vote? If they do get a vote, is the 200 plus draftees enough to fight back the rookie wage scale? And would the draft pick named in lawsuit have to agree in principle to the wage scale?

  4. From what I have read and heard, CK is a very smart guy who was raised by a good family and I doubt he needs that type of guidance. I think that he’s wise to try to get on the same page with teammates instead since this is not a mandatory event. Sadly, I bet a lot of guys who skip this are actually in need of the guidance.

  5. If half the incoming rookies are not going to attend the NFLPA*’s rookie symposium, why single out Kaepernick?

  6. The Rookie Symposium has done such a great job keeping young players straight financially I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t attend!

  7. Bad choice. The meetings aren’t designed for people who might become issues off the field. They are to educate not only what standards apply to becoming an NFL player, but also provide financial responsibilities and how to manage the process of becoming rich and in a lot of cases, stupid (Dez Bryant).
    All rookies should be mandated to attend, and if they do not attend every minute, should have to forfeit 50% of their first years sallary to charity.
    Hell, at least the fines would go to a good cause. Not Agents, and not unpaid jewlery.
    The NFLPA* or NFLPA whichever should govern this alone without the NFL being involved other than docking their paychecks. Consider it “child support”.

  8. Pretty sure CK graduated from Nevada with a business degree with a high GPA. He didn’t sleep in class (well, not as much as I did, probably).

  9. Im so excited for the chance at him being the starter this year. Hes a five tool guy…i met him in vegas and hes quite a presence. Hope he can lead us to the promise land….go ck go niners baby…

  10. And he’s also a biracial Qb like Freeman and as with Freeman I never hear a word about racism OR his race in any way with him.Why? Because he’s a smart and good kid doing good things…not because of his race either way.

  11. Is the facility where the symposium is being held even equipped to deal with a Camel from Nevada? I doubt it.

  12. Like someone mentioned earlier, watching him last year I didn’t always get a NFL star vibe from him, but as a 49ers fan I hope he proves me wrong. He has done everything right so far- worked hard in the offseason, met with teammates, taken a leadership role, said all the right things and he seems like a great guy with an outstanding work ethic. I like him a lot and look forward to seeing what he can do this year.

  13. CK comes from a very good family and from all the interview i have read absolutely seems to have his head on straight. i cannot wait to see what this kid has at the professional level and i am not a niners fan in the least. was hoping vikings would end up with him as i have loved what i have seen from CK since i first watched him play a couple years ago.

  14. Clearly the NFL-mandated symposiums are doing a great job in learning how to avoid baby mamas, stay out of trouble, and maintain good financial sense. We lurned tonz!

    Antonio Cromartie
    The Bengals
    Dez Bryant

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