Lawyers are trying to persuade players to stand firm


So what did today’s meeting between a handful of players and their legal representatives mean?

We’re told, by a reliable source (as opposed to our usual unreliable sources), that the lawyers are hoping to persuade the players not to roll over in talks with the owners.

“Rolling over,” of course, is in the eye of the beholder.  And the beholders in this case are the lawyers, primarily Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn.  If they don’t like where things are headed, look for more leaks along the lines of the Osi Umenyiora affidavit that curiously emerged after Kessler and Quinn were kicked out of the negotiating room a second time.

The problem is that, by all appearances, more and more players want to get a deal done.  If/when it appears that progress has stopped and the start of the regular season is in jeopardy, a revolt remains possible.  In the end, a revolt may be necessary; lawyers work for their clients, and sometimes the lawyers need to be reminded of that fact, in no uncertain terms.

77 responses to “Lawyers are trying to persuade players to stand firm

  1. You need to make the site more interactive, PFT. So we can take some kind of cyber shots at that grotesque, grinning, fat face in the photograph.

  2. The players are smart enough to realize that the lawyers have a financial incentive to drag this out as long as possible. If the lawyers are getting paid, the players ain’t.

  3. The lawyers swoop in and kill it. Maybe its been their faults all along.

  4. Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn just want to drag this thing out as long as possible to make $$$$

    The players represented NEED to fire these money grubbing BUMS immediately!

  5. The lawyers are getting paid so they dont care how long the lockout last. It’s easy to tell someone else to stand firm in a labor dispute when your not losing paychecks.

  6. Kessler has the look of one of those sheisters who are just looking for a buck. They would defend Bin Ladin if they had a chance. They are in the business for one thing….THEIR PERCENTAGE.

    The season..The GAME…the FANS…mean nothing to these scumbags.

  7. The lawyers “advice” is designed to drag the process out as long as possible. As such, they will maximize how much money they will make. The sooner it’s resolved, the sooner the legal fee gravy train ends.

  8. I’m a retired litigator and I’m all on board with “killing all the lawyers”. You give legal advice. The client decides.

  9. They should only get paid AFTER a settlement/agreement. Not a penny before.

  10. Meanwhile, I’m sure the owners’ lawyers are telling their clients to hurry up and sign anything to end this quickly so they don’t have to keep totting up all those nasty billable hours.

  11. The NFL and the Players are close to a deal. Most everybody believes it will happen in early to mid July.

    These lawyers better not screw this up. We are mere weeks away from getting football back.

    Come on players. Don’t listen to those buffoons. Lawyers don’t give a damn about you or the game of football. They are only interested in getting their gigantic paychecks. Keep going the way you were and this deal will be done very soon.

  12. they should. billionaires around the world created the economic downturn. i’m starting to think it was a giant ruse to convince everyone else that belt-tightening is necessary, just so they can get more of the pie. how many billions does someone need? if every multibillionaire in the world gave a billion to the needy, it would do more good than any government could do. but the players are greedy, right…

  13. Hopefully the players aren’t stupid enough to fall for this. The lawyers get paid even in the event of a lockout that misses a season or even multiple seasons, and they get paid even more if this gets as ugly as possible.

    Unlike the lawyers, the players don’t actually stand to gain financially (or in terms of achieving their personal goals) by making this ugly. Here’s hoping the players are smart enough to spot destructive self-interest here.

  14. There is some good advice there: Players(and owners) shouldn’t give up so much that they find themselves in the same situation a few years from now because one side feels they got screwed this time around.

    However, wwwfella, I have to disagree with you…the lawyers do care how long this lasts…they want to make it last as long as humanly possible so they can continue their $$$$$ hourly billing.

  15. Lawyers, how surprising. Let’s understand this correctly. The Lockout ends, the Lawyers stop getting paid for doing nothing but stalling negotations. We can’t have that. Can we people???? LMAO

  16. In related news, fans are now trying to persuade the players to drown, lynch, or otherwise do away with the piece of crap lawyers. Come on guys, do the rest of the world a favor.

  17. The lawyers are in it for the money and thats it. Are the players really that stupid to think the lawyers care about them. That would be why football players used to be stereo types as big and dumb. Lawyers are lawyers, and that spells cash in hand. The longer it drags, the more they get paid. And they don’t care about a season, they care about where and who they play golf with and where at. Nothing more. Wake up!

  18. Players & owners represented at meetings but why not the fans?

    I’d demand the Superbowl be moved to Saturday!!

  19. I swear if these ignorant, money grubbing jerks (attorneys of course)make us not have a season because they wanna drag this out as long as possible to make a big score… I’m gonna commit a crime against an attorneys office SOMEWHERE… i’ve gotten screwed by my own lawyer before so i personally know what these guys are about… I paid my lawyer 1,000 bucks to know somebody… I had photo proof and witnesses and STILL made me plead guilty… If these Lawyers have their way the entire country is going to suffer and the only winners are THEM! Do us all a favor guys… GET RID OF THE LAWYERS! KICK THEM OUT! you can come to a deal yourselves

  20. I doubt these lawyers will be unemployed when the lockout is over.

    They are unlikely to advise dragging it out just to bill more hours. They want a win obviously, but giving bad advice is not going to help them get the next case.

  21. If Kessler ever decides to open a “Whack A Lawyer” emporium, there will be lineups around the block, 24/7.

  22. Players want to play, litigators want to litigate.

    I’m on the players side here.

  23. Unfortunately, some lawyers put their interest in front of their clients’ interest and some lawyers want to go to court just to make money even though a settlement is in his/her client’s best interest.

    As someone stated above, the players (clients) may not make money during the lockout and may even lose in the litigation in the end, but the lawyers keep getting paid.

    While this is not a criminal case, it is like the convicted man said to his lawyer right after being convicted: “What do we do now?” The lawyer responded, “Well, I going home, you’re going to jail.”

    It is now up to the players to decide if they really want to play football and make a deal, or do they want to roll the dice and keep the litigation going and know that, if they keep the litigation going, the lawyers will win regardless of whether the players win or lose.

    PS. As a lawyer, I know that it is easy to “guide” a client into making the decision that you want the client to make. An honest lawyer will try to give the client honest advice and let the client make the decision. The question is: Are Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn honest lawyers?

  24. First of all, no one on here is privy to the fee arrangement between the players and these lawyers, so basing comments off of conjecture and speculation is stereotypical and absurd. These attorneys were hired to negotiate the best deal for their clients and that is their foremost priority.

    I can assure you, these guys aren’t in it for the money so to speak, they will generate more business from being involved and were retained bc they’ve already made their money.

    Another point is sometimes clients feel pressured to get things moving and cave prematurely. The concept of get it done just to get it done is how we end up with deals like the last one.

    I want to see the NFL back as much as anyone on here, but if a rushed deal means this in three or five years, is that worth it? Id rather both sides meet their goals and get a real cba done than have another ridiculous off season.

    Sometimes lawyers need to remind their client of the goal and that is most likely what happened today… “You wanted x, this deal compares with x in this way and differs this way, are you happy with that?”

    Sometimes the media blows things out of proportion, did we all forget that?

  25. Lawyers have destroyed everything they come in contact with. They destroy businesss, they destroy people, they destroy America (most all the clowns in DC are lawyers) and 2 of them are trying to destroy the NFL. Let the Players and Owners work this out without those idiots!

  26. Ya gotta wonder….If this legal team convinces the players to “stand firm” and this thing runs for a while to where the gambling establishments (legal and not) start to see a significantly negative impact on the bottom line, if the term “kill all the lawyers” won’t take on a new meaning.

  27. canetic says:
    Jun 27, 2011 8:35 PM
    The players are smart enough to realize that the lawyers have a financial incentive to drag this out as long as possible. If the lawyers are getting paid, the players ain’t.


    I’d love to think this was true. Remember, though…not a single owner has been reported as having taken out a $500K loan at 23%. Smart? Yeah, not so much.

  28. The lawyers are fighting a losing battle and know it but they will keep the clock running as long as possible and get paid. The lawyers are smiling from ear to ear with a glass a scotch at the moment.

    The owners will hold because they will still own the franchise no matter what and they are willing and able to wait. They know that all the sheep will come running back as soon as the players decide they want to play. They are also smiling with a glass of scotch at the moment.

    The players are sticking up with what they think is right but they will lose this battle and probably a year of money, a year of stats, a year of playing time and that is all they have. Careers are short and they will never make up for what they are about to lose. The players are sitting around smiling with a blunt but it takes one to keep smiling.

  29. Due to the expectations created by both sides recently these lawyers probably realize the players have some leverage right now because the owners have taken most of the PR fall and it’s in their best interest to just get this done.

  30. That ugly, smiling, clown just sets me off. Everyone should blame weasels like him for manipulating the mainly not-so-bright players.

  31. It’s time to stop electing Lawyers, and start electing accountants. My CPA is the biggest a-hole on the planet. He says “No”more than my wife and I love him twice as much.

  32. Everyone hates lawyers until you need one, but these two are the scum of the earth. They’re very similar to most Republicans or Tea Party activists…..

  33. Obviously you guys think the owners are represented by Boy Scouts who are paid in merit badges. No lawyers on their payroll … nahhh.

  34. Der..if you’re an Atty you want to draw out these massive fees for as long as possible!

  35. If I were in the NFLPA I would show that a** face Kessler the video of Andre Johnson kicking Cortland Finnegan’s butt and ask him if he wanted to keep litigating.

  36. In reference to…. “Lawyers are trying to persuade players to stand firm” …let’s have a reality check and word it more appropriately to ‘Lawyers are trying to persuade players to line their pockets’….It’s just my point of view.

  37. Forget the owners’ billions, the players’ millions, and the lawyers’ retirement fund, and think of the everyday guy that counts on the NFL for a paycheck. Vendors, ushers, team employees, hotels, restaurants, and anybody else that benefits from having a season has to be worried that the season may be in jeopardy. We are talking of people making tens of thousands of dollars praying they don’t miss a check, and we are not just talking regular season. Pre-season games mean just as much to them. Whenever anybody involved says they feel the fan’s frustration, I cringe. Forget the fan, how about the person providing for their family not knowing if they will have a job to go to in July like they have every year. The timeline may be to not miss any regular season games, but each day that goes by, you risk training camp, then pre-season, then the real deal. Each day missed is a chunk of change out of people’s pockets and I am not talking about the greedy people banging each other with a hammer to squeeze out as much as they can. Get it done, lock yourselves in a room and compromise. If you don’t remember what that is, Sesame Street is on weekday mornings, check your local listings.

  38. This is frustrating as a fan the nfl is gonna keep messing things up until they end up with more teams losing money than making money take the nba for example, i have read that the nba has 22 of the 30 teams losing money, and baseball hasnt been the same for a long time and i heard the dodgers filed for bankruptcy so I guess what im saying is the nfl needs to STOP PLAYING AROUND because they will be arguing over money that they dont have when they push fans away and fans decide to revolt everyone that says the owners have the power,or the players is full of it the power is with the paying customers

  39. Deb says:
    Obviously you guys think the owners are represented by Boy Scouts who are paid in merit badges. No lawyers on their payroll … nahhh.


  40. @wingt- i’ll tell you the lawyers side.

    200 dollars an hour for services
    300 dollars an hour if you want to suggest things to them
    400 dollars an hour if you disagree with them
    and 1000 dollars an hour if you tried to settle this first but had to call them anyway and 2000 dollars an hour if watch them while they work

    the absolute worst thing that could happen to any fan of football is lawyers getting involved.and i’l go as far as to say anytime lawyers are involved with anyones life it’s probly gonna mess up their life for the most part

  41. If this dispute gets decided by the lawyers than we can expect football back by 2014, hopefully.

    Get back to the issues and send the lawyers home.

    WTF do they care if the season is lost…They’re lawyers, not football players!

    Their gain is your/our loss.

  42. Of course the lawyers want the players to “stand firm” (aka drag this out as long as possible), they’re getting paid by the hour!

  43. ‘I sure would like to hear the Lawyers side of the story.’

    I’m sure it goes something like this.

    Mo’ Money
    Mo’ Money
    Mo’ Money

  44. Lawyers are in it to not only make money, but to get their names out there. The longer this thing drags on the more money and recognition they get. Recognition of any kind can be a good thing even if it’s bad. This whole situation makes me sick as a fan who supports both the owners and players!! Fighting over money while people in the world are starving. What a disgrace!! Only in America!!

  45. why would anybody expect the players/their lawyers to just take a deal? the owners wanted, for the most part, a lot of change. why would anybody just accept a deal? most major courtroom decisions take years, not just months. i’m not a lawyer, but a realist (i know, polar opposites) and ANYBODY who thought this was about fans should just stop being a fan of the NFL, because there will NEVER be a day when we stop watching the games, going to the games with or without season tickets, buying the jerseys and video games, etc…

    And if you’re on the side of just getting rid of the laywers, do you really think accomplished businessmen/owners would not completley take advantage of players like brees, brady, peyton etc. negotiating on their own? These high money decisions just take time. If it ends by mid-July, we’re ALL lucky!

  46. Yes these lawyers in probably the biggest and most know anti-trust case in the history of this country are “dragging” it out make money ……. *shakes head*

    Or they are making sure their clients get the best deal possible. One because its their job and two because if they do well then the next Union with a problem with hire them.

    To think any lawyer in this case is “dragging” anything out is retarded. More like they want to make sure each client gets what they want.

    Seriously Football needs to start because the level of stupidity rises every day on this site. I think we have about 60% moronic right wing tea party douche bags on here. They think anytime you hear the word lawyer that must mean they are liberal elite or whatever the hell that means.

    Seriously get out of your moms basement. And turn off the fox news.

    To the people on this site who are not stupid (you know who you are) sorry once again i am not talking about you .

  47. To schemefactory: If all you commies would leave the country their would be no problem. That includes taking the scumbag Unions with you. Thjese guys are employees Moron

  48. @andyreidisfat

    I have watched Fox News, along with several other news outlets and they don’t feature lawyers any more than any of the rest so I’m not sure where you were going with that. I also have to question where you came up with the idea about the “liberal elite” only being associated with lawyers. As a ——, I can say that you went on a political rant that had nothing to do with the NFL labor situation. I suggest leaving those to the political websites.

    The people on this site want football. The majority of us think that had negotiations been going on all this time as opposed to litigation they would have made a deal by now. When something like this comes out it raises the question as to who advised the players to de-certify as opposed to using the negotiation route. I assure you it was the lawyers and their political affiliation is meaningless to anyone with half a brain.

    Again, take your tea party hatred and politics in general off of this website. Many of us are on here to get away from stuff like that. You know, bread and circus. Look it up genius.

  49. “Litigators should never be allowed within 24,000 miles of a deal table. Ever.”

    Amen. You need deal-makers, not litigators.

    However, most of the posters here assume that the lawyers are being paid on an hourly basis. That may or may not be true. Remember, De Smith is a corporate lawyer. Hopefully, he was smart enough to negotiate a different sort of arrangement with the lawyers. One that creates the right incentives to get to a deal, and doesn’t incentivize the lawyers to drag this out for as long as possible.

    If not, the players should blame Smith for setting up the wrong incentives.

    In any event, settling fast, on whatever terms the owners are now proposing, may or may not be a good deal for the players. The people posting here are thinking as fans. If they were in the shoes of the players, they might feel differently.

  50. Of course the lawyers would want that…

    On another note, that picture in the story:

    That is the Sh!ttiest Sh!t-Eating grin I have EVER seen.


  51. The players need to realize that they’ve opened a huge chunk of that NFL pie to the lawyers. They are going to lose even more money in the long run.

  52. Well the Players should know that even if they screw this up the owners are still making money even without football. I live in Green Bay and drove by Lambeau Field and it was packed full of fans paying hard in dollars touring the stadium, and hall of fame. Bring on the replacement players I’ve had enough.

  53. “Stand firm”? Stand firm on what? 48% of all revenue + less off-season work + the cap floor equaling the cap ceiling + better and longer term health benefits post playing days: that’s a better overall deal than the one they have now!

    I frankly don’t know why the OWNERS would agree to such a deal (especially the cap floor and ceiling being so close), other than they really just do want football to be played in 2011.

  54. radrntn says:
    lawyers and insurance companies….the root of most of our problems.

    You forgot to mention politicians. If you think the problems they create are bad, just wait until you see their solutions!

  55. I worked with Kessler in the past. He is extremely intelligent and will only do what is in his client’s best interest. That said, he’ll make a financial killing on this case. Classic case of the rich fighting the rich with rich attorneys….and at the end of the day, they will light their Cuban cigars with $100 bills while they all play golf with each other at the club.

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