Report: T.O. underwent surgery for torn ACL


There has been plenty of public fretting regarding the possibility that workouts during the lockout will blow out a player’s ACL.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that it indeed has happened to at least one high-profile player.

Per Mort, receiver Terrell Owens has undergone surgery to repair a torn ACL following an injury, previously undisclosed, that occurred earlier in the offseason.

Owens suffered a knee injury in December, which resulted in surgery and placement on injured reserve.  The ACL tear happened after the 2010 season ended; an unnamed source told Mortensen that the injury occurred while Owens was filming a TV show for VH1.

The surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews, occurred within the past months.  Given a six-month recovery period, Owens would be able to play as early as November, if the surgery was performed in May.  Owens will be a free agent once the lockout ends.

Given his age and his reputation for creating locker-room distractions (indeed, we’d heard that the Bengals had had enough of him before his season-ending injury), it’s hard to imagine Owens playing at all in 2011.  And if he doesn’t play at all in 2011, he possibly won’t ever play again; Owens will celebrate (and celebrate it he usually does) his 38th birthday in December.

Owens, one of the best receivers in league history, has played for the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals.  He is fifth on the all-time receptions list, second in receiving yards, and tied for second with Randy Moss in receiving touchdowns.

The good news?  While he won’t be able to build on his Hall of Fame credentials in 2011, he’ll have plenty of time to eat popcorn.

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  1. “(indeed, we’d heard that the Bengals had had enough of him before his season-ending injury)”

    Given the fact that the Bengals have put up with Ochocinco’s antics for 10 years, TO must have done something truly awful for Cincinnati to give up after 1 year.

  2. Thanks for the memories T.O.
    Just hang ’em up. Don’t try a comeback, please.
    Enjoy the ride you had and don’t spoil it like too many great players do when they don’t realize that they are done.

  3. On the minus side he’s 38, hurt and narcissistic. On the plus side he’s good at his position, never in trouble and doesn’t do drugs.
    For a popcorn sized contract I’d sign him.

  4. An injury like this can end a young players career, hard to imagine 37 yr old T.O. Coming back frm this one, cuz it ain’t ankle surgery. He was interesting to watch, but stick a fork in him,, cuz he’s done…

  5. TO: get a good shot of me diving into the pool, then coming up all wet with water dripping down.
    vh1 cameraman: anything for your reality show, terrell
    *TO snaps ACL swan diving*

  6. That’s a shame. However way you feel about TO’s persona there is no denying he was an amazing player until the last snap of his career -even at his age-. Every great player – and us fans too- should get a proper goodbye on the field. Favre didn’t get it because he was too greedy but antics aside TO was in top shape and really seemed to be all in on his craft.

  7. I meant us as fans should get a chance to see the great ones retire on the field during one last game, not in the offseason because of a freak injury. Although I wouldn’t mind … too easy.

  8. A great player who chose to let his reputation and drama speak louder than what he could do on the field. Could’ve been a legend if he put the game before his personal gratification, and this is coming from a lowly Raiders fan. We’ve seen it before. Next…

  9. I hate to see any player get injured, honestly. Saying that, it’s hard to feel bad for a whine bag. ” That’s my quarterback man.” Ha, priceless, and that’s coming from a Cowboys fan.

  10. Given his age and his reputation for creating locker-room distractions (indeed, we’d heard that the Bengals had had enough of him before his season-ending injury), it’s hard to imagine Owens playing at all in 2011.


    What’s funny is that teams continue to overlook the locker room distractions and then act suprised when he does it to them. Someone will sign him midseason thinking that they will be the ones that will turn him around.

  11. Why can’t these prima donnas enjoy a quiet off season instead of trying stupid crap that will get them injured?

    At least no team is on the hook paying this bonehead an inordinate amount of money!

  12. It’s been… interesting to say the least. I always liked T.O., but it always seemed like his behavior eclipsed his talent. Second only to the the great one, Jerry Rice, he has earned a place in the HOF. I think his career on the field is over, and it’s a shame really. There just isn’t an open market for aging, malcontent, locker-room cancers in the NFL. Thanks T.O.

  13. I think the fact no one had heard anything about this pretty much tells one that he’s done. If anyone cared or if he had any future at all this would have been headline news and he wouldn’t have been able to keep it quiet. See ya T.O. I hope you enjoy the obscurity of retirement.

  14. I’m sure alot of people will jump at the chance to post some (well-deserved) grief toward T.O. ,but at the end of the day he was beast ON the field. Such a shame that his attitude has overshadowed an otherwise great career.

    I wonder just how different his career would have been if he had kept his mouth shut.

  15. Exiled1 – good question. The fact seems to be that he was a locker-room cancer so no one really wanted him around and teams don”t win championships by keeping people like T.O.

    There is, to counter that argument, his performance for the Eagles in the Super Bowl against the Patriots.

  16. Does he really deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? I guess they let Irvin in there so they must be letting everybody in these days.


    Haha you’re going to start with Irvin on your “WR’s that don’t belong in the Hall of Fame” list?

  17. As much as TO was and is a diva, a malcontent, locker room cancer etc…I will give him credit, he was 100% correct in his assessment of Mcnabb…

  18. There has been plenty of public fretting regarding the possibility that workouts during the lockout will blow out a player’s ACL. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that it indeed has happened to at least one high-profile player.

    Umm…… it didn’t.

    TO didn’t blow out his ACL during a lockout work out. He blew it out filming a reality show that he would have been filming regardless of whether there was a lockout or not.

    This is not the first offseason that TO has worked on reality shows.

    So why try to tie this injury to the lockout?

    You know, it’s ok to just print the truth without sensationalizing it. We’d still read it , we promise.

  19. What does this have to do with the intro paragraph about injuries during lockout workouts? He was filming a TV show.

    Why were the lockout workouts even mentioned here? This just shows you can get hurt doing anything.

  20. If he had ever taken the “I” out of Team he would have a ring. Sadly, he could never do that.

  21. I love the critics here, as long as you keep your mouth shut, then I can dig you. I guess had he been running around putting hits out on people like Marvin Harrison (allegedly), he’d be worthy of embracing, just as long as you’re quiet.

    Never mind that he never got in trouble, never slacked on the field, only put up great numbers everywhere he played (except Buffalo, but who could blame himf or that), and did everything in his power to win the one Super Bowl he participated in despite a very serious injury.

    Yeah, let’s knock him for exercising that freedom of speech thing, especially in light of snarcky comments that show up here in almost every article (from the commentors and the editors on this site). Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense. He’s a loudmouth loser, but guys here are just internet tough guys I suppose.

    For instance, his two biggest targets over the years, McNabb and Romo, both receive a fair amount of criticism from the armchair commentors and editors 90% of the time either is mentioned; yet, T.O. is scrutinized for conveying similar feelings from a teammate’s perspective on both guys. Tell me how does that work?

    Oh, and whatever you say, he’s a Hall of Famer. The people with half a brain and no agenda (I never rooted for any team he played on), can see from a mile away that he was a great receiver, along with Moss the best of his era.

  22. I have a feeling he may be back sooner than people expect. Remember when Jerry Rice returned from ACL reconstruction after 3 1/2 months? I’d guess T.O. is in similar conditioning, not to mention he’s desperate to get that one last chance, so he may push harder than most/take a crazy risk.

    Is it smart to return to football so quickly? Probably not, but I could see a 37-year-old receiver looking to stay relevant taking that chance.

  23. What we’ll never know is what if Lurie came up off some dough, paid T.O. close to what he wanted. And played the next season with a happy T.O., maybe the Eagles have a championship right now?

    ‘Cause all they can say now is “we never pay a lot of money for talent, and we always come up one or two games short”

  24. Man, this guy is hated on even by the media, and I use that last term loosely, in reference to the crew here.

    While I never was the biggest fan of T.O., I have to say that the guy has always impressed me with his work ethic and on-field production.

  25. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    I wonder if he throws himself or the VH1 show under the bus?

  26. What do you expect from bleacher report. One of the worst publications i have ever read. Purely speculative. I love how most of their headlines are ‘what if’ questions. The only thing worse is the anibility to opt out of their service.

  27. He must have torn it playing basketball.

    That is likely a possibility because he had been spotted at a few charity basketball events this past offseason, including one with music artist Chris Brown.

  28. T.O. will be back in 2011!!! Skeptics are jackasses and SKIP BAYLESS IS A BUTTHOLE!!!!

    Junior Seau tore his pectoral muscle, achilles, and broke his arm in back-to-back-to-back seasons from 2004-2006. The Pats kept him from 2006-2009.

    Ricky Proehl was retired in 2006 and signed in the middle of that season. He couldn’t play a lick (compared to a November 2011 Terrell Owens) before 2006 and he got signed!!!!

  29. Deion Sanders got signed by Baltimore in 2004 after having toe issues since 1999 (you know the toe that “Rex would not like”???) and character issues throughout his career too (granted he was at the right place and time for Super Bowl victories)!!!

    Jerry Rice at age 35 recovered from an ACL tear in 3.5 months!!!!

    If that can happen, then T.O. will be back in 2011!!!

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