Browns, Ravens get to enjoy each other’s “worst moments” Wednesday

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I wasn’t able to tape any special editions of PFT Live* on Tuesday, due to an entirely different kind of camera, which took an entirely different kind of journey.  On Wednesday, we’ll make up for it with a pair of “worst moment” videos.

Since we’re doing two, we decided it would only be fair to give a pair of franchises that have plenty of reasons not to like each other every reason to revel in each other’s misery.  Thus, the Browns and the team that used to be the Browns (the Ravens) will go under the PFT Live* microscope.

Make your suggestions below.  Fortunately for Browns fans, the window excludes the 1986 season.  Or, more specifically, the 1986 postseason.

41 responses to “Browns, Ravens get to enjoy each other’s “worst moments” Wednesday

  1. For the love of pete, stop talking about how the Ravens were formerly the Browns. It seems like you do it EVERY time the post regards the Browns and Ravens.

  2. The Browns leaving after 95 season- how can that NOT be the worst moment? Maybe the Ravens winning the Super Bowl in 2000, but having your team taken away from you…….. there is no worse feeling…….. ever.

  3. What could be worse than to have the team ripped away from its loyal fans after half a century? Even I mourned when Cleveland lost the Browns. At least the city was able to retain its name and history, but three years without football then having to start over must have been a nightmare.

  4. There are just a few.

    There is the time that a playoff berth was taken away from the Browns by the refs. Against the Jaguars the refs called to review a play after the ball had already been hiked for the next play that ended any playoff chance for the Browns.

    Then there was that other time the playoffs were taken away from us by the fact that the Colts couldn’t bother to actually play against the Titans.

    Tim Couch

    When Kellen Winslow wrecked on his bike.

    The NFL screwing over the Browns when they were set to return to the league by allowing the shortest time in history to assemble a staff and get players the offseason before they returned. Also for seeing nothing but dollar signs and holding out to award the new ownership group by bleeding them and the city of Cleveland dry.

    Art Modell firing Paul Brown.

    Bill Belichick’s tenure as head coach.

    Just a few things.

  5. Pre-return would have to be having the team stolen from Cleveland. Post-return would be the 2002 playoff loss to Pittsburgh.

    For the Ravens, I don’t care. Screw Modell.

  6. 1) Kyle Boller

    2) any playoff loss to the steelers, there are a few to chose from

    also enough of lumping the Browns and Ravens together.

    The Browns have plenty of history for their own segment and Modell sold the Ravens to Steve Bisciotti over 10 years ago.

  7. As for the Ravens … you know, they’ve had a pretty good run since ’99. I’d say their worst moments were following up their Super Bowl with Elvis Grbac at the helm and the Kyle Boller era. But they haven’t been around long enough to have truly suffered 🙂

  8. “Fortunately for Browns fans…” Haha, don’t go to too much trouble. Us Clevelanders get to see a “worst moments” highlight reel every time any one of our teams gets knocked out of the playoffs. The catch, trade, red right, drive, fumble, shot, move, single, decision. Whatever. Why not a “best moments” highlight reel? Everybody knows about that bad stuff, but not many know about the 8 league championships, the 10 title appearances in 10 years, Ottomatic, Lou Groza, Paul Brown’s impact on the game, the Jim Brown years, Warfield, Leroy Kelly, the Kardiac Kids, Minnifield and Dixon. I don’t know. I’d be more inclined to watch it.

  9. First of all, the Ravens have no reason to hate the Browns. Cleveland didn’t take their team. Indianapolis did that. They not only took the team, but the colors, logo, team name, etc.

    Now, as for worst moments:

    1. 2006 home playoff loss to Indianapolis. THAT was the true best defense ever. They held Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne… in their prime… to 5 field goals. 3 field goals were over 45 yards, and one FG hit the crossbar and scooted through. The offense absolutely sabotaged the Ravens.

    2. 2007 loss to the Patriots in their “18-1” season. The Patriots could not stop the run at all that game, but when the Ravens were in field goal range to ice the game, Billick INSISTED that his son Kyle Boller have the ball in his hands. Boller throws deep into triple coverage, nowhere near a receiver, and the Patriots intercept. Brady drives down the field with plenty of help from officials, and “wins” the game to remain “undefeated.”

    3. 2005 against Detroit Lions – set many records for penalties in a game, quarter, yards… etc. Ravens ended up with 21 penalties for 147 yards. This was about the time Baltimore began to believe there was a national bias against them in the media, and especially with the NFL and its officials.


    1. 2007, they should have won the division. Derek Anderson had one of the absolute WORST streak of 6 games to end the season that I’ve ever seen. They started out the season with a horrible loss to Pittsburgh… but turned it around Week 2 by going off for over 50 points thanks to an incredible effort by Jamal Lewis who ran for over 200 yards.

  10. Your doing a special edition featuring the Cleveland Browns and the team formerly known as the Cleveland Browns. Interesting.

  11. The Browns:

    Jim Brown Retiring
    Red Right 88
    The Drive
    The Fumble
    Browns hiring Belichick as a HC before he became “Belichick”instead of Bill Cowher.
    Art Modell moving the team.


    Steelers and Colts(see playoff records).
    Not moving up to take Matt Ryan, maybe?? Jury is still out on Flacco.

  12. I know I put Red Right 88, Jim Brown, the Drive, etc and they are all out out of the 25 year window. But the media tends to bring them all up every year, so they are hard to forget/omit!!

  13. For the Ravens I would have to say the QB situation from 2001 up to Flacco killed them. Flacco may suck against my Bengals, but he is a solid QB and definitely better than the likes of Dilfer, Grbac, Boller, Redman, etc. Just seems like the Ravens would have another SB or two if they’d had a good QB all those years.

    As for the Browns, what Modell did was worse what Lebron did. At least Lebron didn’t take the rest of the Cavs with him. The “old” browns went to the playoffs almost anually, while the “new” browns struggled with Couch, Quinn, etc. At least you don’t have Mike Brown as an owner Browns fans. I think the future looks bright with McCoy and Hillis plus some good young players on D.

  14. (Enter Chris Farley) Remember that time….. that PFT let the Ravens upstage the Browns so that the team with arguably the worst worst moments didn’t even get their own time to shine for worst moments? Remember that?! That was pretty weird.

  15. Ravens….that game against the undefeated Patriots, when Rex Ryan or Brian Billick called a timeout on 4th and 1, which the Patriots didn’t convert, and the Ravens would have won the game and ended the Patriots undefeated season. But the replayed 4th and 1, the Pats converted and went on to win with another dodgy call, the bobbled TD in the back of the end zone.

  16. That game also featured Bart Scott throwing a referee’s flag into the crowd (one of my all-time favorite NFL moments), and a lot of Ravens slamming the officials post-game as being biased towards the Patriots.

  17. To give an actual answer though, other than the team moving and the way they came back making all the wrong decisions possible, the actual glaring “moment” is the playoff game against the Steelers. I remember all of us screaming at the television as the Browns ran a Prevent defense over and over and over and the Steelers flying right through it.

  18. Jesse1834 – not moving up to take Ryan was one of the best moves. According to Peter King, Falcons wanted ravens. 1, 2 and a later round pick. The ravens ended up getting flacco, ray rice and a starting cornern(Webb) with those picks. I will never understand why everyone is so high on Ryan when Flacco has had more success and has just as good stats but there is no way you could say the ryan would have been worth flacco and ray rice, let alone another quality corner.

  19. Worst Moment in Ravens short history was after winning the Super Bowl.., letting Dilfer go, in favor of Grbac. No contest.., nothing else comes close.

    Worst Moment in Browns history.., coming back to the NFL in 1999

  20. I hate to say this…but, I’d be open to trading franchises….keep browns colors in cleveland. trade front office/players

    honestly worst moment is firing Schottenheimer, Lerner NOT listening to bernie by bringing belichek back and carmen policy/dwight clark and not drafting Clay Matthews Jr. Shall I continue?

  21. 2002 Wild Card playoff game. Kelly Holcomb tosses 3 TDs and 429 yards leading the Browns to a 24-7 lead. With minutes left in the 3rd quarter things take the normal turn for (another Browns) worse. Tommy Maddox hits Plaxico Burress on a touchdown pass that cuts the lead to 24-14. After a 24-yard field goal by Phil Dawson, Maddox hits Jerame Tuman in the endzone, closing the score to 27-21. On the next possession, after 5 plays, Holcomb throws a 22 yarder pass to Andre’ Davis making it a 33-21 Browns lead. After a couple of punts, Maddox leads the Steelers on a 77 yard drive that ends in a TD pass to Hines Ward making the score 33-28. With 3:36 left, the Browns who weren’t able to run the ball all day (William Green, 25 for 30 yards) could not run out the clock. On the following drive, the Steelers went 58 yards, being capped off by Fuamatu Ma’afala’s touchdown run. Add a two point conversion and Pittsburgh had a three-point lead and leaving only 54 seconds on the clock. With little time remaining, Holcomb moved the Browns into Steelers territory and any hope for a game-tying field goal were dashed when Andre King slipped trying to get out of bounds allowing time to run out.

  22. How about the Ravens being the only team in 2007 to lose to the 1-15 Dolphins and Reed making Cleo Lemon to Greg Camarillo look like world beaters AFTER Stover missed a chip shot FG AFTER the Ravens couldn’t get it into the end zone right before the end of the 4th Q and settled for a FG to tie and send to overtime. I mean, they couldn’t beat a team that shoulda gone winless???

    And as for settling for Flacco…with Matt Ryan they woulda won the Super Bowl again by now…the Ravens offense would be bupkis without Ray Rice and Todd Heap.

  23. @Deb

    “At least the city was able to retain its name and history, but three years without football then having to start over must have been a nightmare.”

    Are you kidding me!!?? Try 14 years in a die hard football town without football and the ability to retain the name and history… Boo F’in hoo. Get real.

  24. One upon a time, 11 long years ago, there was a freak occurence where a team reached the Super Bowl with *zero* offense. The statistical likelihood of that happening again is probably worse than you winning the Powerball.

    Other than that one freak occurence, the Ravens might as well still *be* the Browns because both teams, year after year, are doing the same thing: sitting on the couch watching two other teams play in the SB.

    For the Browns, it’s because they’re an expansion team with a long, unfortunate string of wrong coaches, wrong players, dumb-as-a-brick OCs, and plain old bad luck.

    For the Ravens, it’s because their big mouths write checks their asses can’t cash, and they have a highly touted QB who becomes a deer in the headlights once any real playoff pressure presents itself.

    Not a real big difference from where I sit.

  25. Deb says:
    Jun 28, 2011 9:33 PM
    What could be worse than to have the team ripped away from its loyal fans after half a century? Even I mourned when Cleveland lost the Browns. At least the city was able to retain its name and history, but three years without football then having to start over must have been a nightmare.
    The first season they were back, I saw flags with “Cleveland Browns: undefeated 96,97, 98”. Now that shows a good sense of humor about it all. Of course, last time I was @ CB Stadium, I still saw a lot of “MUCK FODELL” shirts too. 🙂

  26. Gone all day and come back to find some nut raving about losing football for 14 years … which doesn’t have anything to do with the Cleveland Browns. So apparently he’s had so much of that Jameson’s he’s forgotten the subject of the thread. Getting screwed by Old Man Irsay didn’t give you the right to screw another city, dude. Don’t come whining to me.

  27. Getting screwed by Old Man Irsay didn’t give you the right to screw another city, dude

    “Actually it does .”

    pure class corvusrex96…or at least what is the interpretation of class as defined by an army of scumbags that call themselves Ravens fans.

  28. Do you also call the indy colt fans classless as well ?? I didn’t think so.

    What about the Titans, Rams, and Raiders, heck the redskins were in Boston at one time and the Rams were originally from Cleveland (still pissed at that one or is 50 years enough time)

    still not sure how the football fans in our area were the ones who “screwed another city”.

    The team moved to our city and we supported them.

    It is really no more complicated than that

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