Negotiations resume in Minnesota


We noted on Monday that with players meeting with their lawyers in Minnesota, it would make sense for the next round of meetings between the league and the players to occur there as well.

And now we know that is, in fact, what’s happening.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that both sides are meeting in Minnesota, home to Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan, who is overseeing the talks. Those involved include NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA* Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, Giants owner John Mara, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Jets fullback Tony Richardson, Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth and Colts center Jeff Saturday.

This is the fifth round of negotiations, which have previously taken place in Illinois, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts. La Canfora writes that talks are expected to continue into next month. We’d be happy to hear Boylan tell both sides to stay in Minnesota until they’ve reached a deal.

20 responses to “Negotiations resume in Minnesota

  1. If they have to stay in Minnesota till they do a deal … then it will be quick.

  2. Let me guess. They’ll talk for the next 2 days and then they will take a week long break.

    Hey Boylan, I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you order them to stay in a room until a resolution is done. I promise you an agreement would be reached before 48 hours passed.

  3. It all sounds familiar.

    Early in March 2011, we had two extensions and all the optimism about a deal getting done. In the end, we got the middle finger from De Smith. (Opps. Sorry. The players, not De Smith. De Smith is just there.)

    Get ready for another finger from De Smith, I mean, the players.

    And it won’t be the index, the pinky or the ring finger.

  4. Make it happen and get a deal. If ANY games are missed; including pre-season, some fans will be lost forever…..while others will take years to come back. Not everyone is a football addict, the casual fans will abandon this sport. The NFL may also lose large numbers of Americans that are currently unemployed, underemployed, or just simply struggling…these people will have no sympathy for the current labor dispute. Only a small percentage of fans are die-hard, only a small percentage will care enough to read profootballtalk, listen to NFL radio on Sirius, or subscribe to the Sunday Ticket on DirecTV…I do all of the above and you probably do too and even we are getting pissed off and questioning our loyalty. Wake up NFL, wake up NFLPA, wake up lawyers, having a larger percentage of a much smaller pie is always less money. 52% owners, 48% players, rookie salary cap, and the future possibility of an 18 game season to be negotiated are all very reasonable and should be agreed upon this week. Get it done!

  5. I hope they keep the lawyers out of these meetings or if not then we can kiss a part or all of the season goodby. I have a question for you Mike, they all say that the life on average of an NFL player is 3 1/2 years then why fight over free agency after 4 or 6 years?

  6. Glad to hear they started on a Monday, just like the rest of us.

    Forgive me if I’m not holding my breath this week but I’m waiting for the next bucket of cold water.

  7. Just picked up a new Stevie Johnson jersey, I’m a delusional Bills fan ALWAYS thinking playoffs right about now… But is it that delusional to think these jack asses need to put a little bit of sweat into this and not come out until there’s signed papers?..

  8. This site is an emotional rollercoaster!! One minute they report optomistic, then with-in an hour ol Mike has some pessimistic news!!! Lets just get a deal done.

  9. Hopefully they told ALL of the lawyers to go to the Comfort Inn & Suites in Tallahassee, FL and wait for us. With the lawyers 1,000 miles away we may see a CBA, yet.

  10. @ sketchydave:

    I don’t know how Bills fans do it, and I mean that in the most genuinely respectful way possible. Losing so many consecutive Super Bowls and just getting pounded in a ridiculously tough division… I give you credit for being as diehard as you are. I hope you guys win your division, I really do.

  11. vtsquirm, I thought the same thing. Although it seems like they are picking sites where some of the negotiators live. IE, Kraft in Massachusetss, Mara in NY. etc. If they meet in Carolina next we will know for sure.

  12. “Make it happen and get a deal. If ANY games are missed; including pre-season, some fans will be lost forever…..”


  13. Well, what we are seeing is the game of Big Business in action! BOTH sides are to blame here. They both were hoping this would play out in court, which it didnt, so now they are talking…these talks should have been going on since January!!! I am afraid that with the size and magnitude of this CBA, we may miss some of the season. In which case EVERYBODY Loses, EXCEPT the LAWYERS who will be paid regardless!!! I think when this is over, we need to have all the lawyers on the field taking a kickoff and run it back…against a special team. This way they can get clobbered and earn their money the same way the players they are representing do!

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