Roughly 100 rookies don’t show up for rookie symposium

The NFLPA* is doing a terrific job by holding their “Business of Football” sessions, their own version of the annual NFL rookie symposium which was canceled by the lockout.

Unfortunately, they can’t make attendance mandatory.  Roughly 100 rookies are expected to sit out.

Alex Marvez of wrote Monday that approximately 125 of the 254 players drafted were expected to attend.  The NFLPA* tells PFT their official head count is 152.

Whatever the exact number is, it’s a shame that such a large segment of the league’s rookie class passed on such a great opportunity.

(The photo is of Joe Gibbs speaking to the rookies, courtesy of Kevin A. Koski/NFLPA.)

28 responses to “Roughly 100 rookies don’t show up for rookie symposium

  1. Do all rookies have enough money to travel to the rookie symposium since they’re not getting paid yet? Just a question.. I know some have had to get night jobs in order to make money until the lockout is over. I agree that they are missing out, but it might be for a legitimate reason.

  2. The rookies that missed this are the guys we’re going to read about in the future who blew through millions of dollars and ended up broke and sorry.

  3. I find it hard to believe that the majority of those 100 that aren’t showing up couldn’t benefit from the symposium in some way.

  4. How many players can’t attend simply because of financial reasons? They may need to work to support themselves or their family with the lockout in place.

  5. Typical. Young, rich d-bags think they know everything. Wait until your playing days are over and you’ll wish you had attended and prepared.

  6. What was that number? 85% of NFL players are broke 2 years after retiring from football? What is that old saying? “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

  7. I simply don’t buy the financial excuse. These guys have ways of getting money: from agents, from family members etc. It’s a free symposium so all they have to do is buy plane tickets and hotel. Some of these guys were able to make it to their team’s player organized activities so why not this symposium?

  8. Damned shame 100 rookies didn’t take advantage of this. I heard that every year they bring out a beautiful woman, which leads to much whooping and hollering from the crowd. Then she tells the players that she is HIV positive and the room goes quiet. This proves to the players one thing that we all know – what looks good to you can be bad for you. It is a good lesson.

  9. @skins3yearplan …

    These guys are rookies. They haven’t signed with their teams yet, so right now many of them are young and broke. As others have said, maybe they couldn’t get off work and afford the plane ticket and hotel accommodations to attend the symposium. And who are you to decide they’re all d-bags?

  10. this symposium is a joke anyway.. half these idiots squander there earnings anyway. .
    most of the NFL hasn’t budgetted for a lockout they new was coming and hasnt even lasted a year.. some families have been unemployed way longer than that.

    Oh are the NFLPA able to get any umemployment benefits? it seems like they meet the criteria, this would be considered a layofff

  11. oh and none of these kids are rich (yet) you idiots..

    have you not heard of this lockout thats been goin on??

  12. Maybe the guys that didnt show are actually the few that really graduated from college with a legitimate degree, and dont need a high school level symposium on how not to blow all your money like a child!!!!!

  13. Most of the players who showed up were from small towns and jumped at the chance to get down to Bradenton to do a little shopping.

  14. No doubt some of these guys couldnt afford it. I can’t remember the player, but there’s a rookie Cowboy whose staying in an extended stay (read: cheap) hotel near Dallas so he could attend workouts and his parents were helping out with his tab. He’s without a car. He’s ready to go to work. Other rookies are in the same spot, which is why you’re seeing vets that care fronting the cost for workouts and travel costs (Seymour, Brees).

  15. Joe Gibbs? *YAWN*
    Hopefully someone like a Cris Carter or a Michael Irvin was also there. I mean, Gibbs is a great HoF coach, but he didn’t get there by ‘getting inside of players’ and motivating them.

  16. To the dude hating on Joe Gibbs, your a fool. I would think that even Skins’ Haters can agree that Gibbs is one of the classiest people in sports. Always says the right thing, gives credit to the other team, is honest and Genuine. From Being Humble in victory OR defeat, to how he handled the Sean Taylor thing, I’ve never seen him make an ass of himself or whatever organization he has been in. Oh… And by the way he is probably one of, if not the most, successful people in ANY professional sports in history. I’m a Skins fan and dislike other nfc east teams obviously, but can still respect the greats weather its Aikman, or The Mara family. Dont be a Hater.

  17. Rookies generally have to learn things the hard way. We need the new CBA ASAP for, among other things, requiring rooks to learn some valuable life lessons. When kids amass millions of dollars, they need to hold onto these funds. Yo, NFL and NFLPA, once the lockout is over, I am a communication graduate from Southern Utah University and will communicate with anyone, anytime if they’re willing to listen. I will do this for a low rate. My only concession: keep that douche De Moron as far away from the kids as possible.

  18. I read on another site that the NFLPA is picking up all the costs for rookies to go to the symposium, so the money excuse only works for players that currently have a job and can’t get work off, and I can’t imagine there’s a lot of guys in that situation.

  19. Always hating on these guys for spending there money on stupid things. I would like to see what 90% of you would have done with millions of dollars at the age of 21. None of you would have bought an overpriced vehicle bought overpriced toys. And spent alot on bar tabs and fine dining. You would have all went to the symposium than went straight home in your ford focus to your 1 bedroom apartment ate ramen noodles and be in bed by 9pm. Cause the last thing a 21 year old male thinks about is impressing there friends and the ladies, and chasing tail all night.

  20. No excuse for those that didn’t go since the NFLPA* is footing the the entire cost from flights to and from to hotel stays. Those that didn’t go should be barred from any legal or financial help if they get into any trouble for the rest of their careers.

  21. With the terrible statistics of players going broke, clearly the previous rookie symposiums were useless. Why should this years’ be any different, even if it’s a different organization putting it on?

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