Owners and players won’t be in Minnesota

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Well, we have a twist to the news that the NFL and NFLPA* will be meeting for four days in Minnesota this week.

No owners or players are expected at this round of talks, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA* chief DeMaurice Smith, and their respective staffs will be there.  So will attorneys for both sides.  Breer describes it as “part of the process.”

The obvious question: Why wouldn’t the usual suspects be there?

I’m not the legal expert around here and can only speculate.  But the location of the talks and those present could possibly indicate the two sides are working on settling the antitrust case between the league and the players.

It has been almost a month since the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case, and it’s possible the two sides are trying to get a settlement out of the way.

It’s open for debate what this tells us about progress towards a new CBA.  Perhaps the two sides are showing trust in their leadership and a lot can get done this week with fewer voices in the room.

At some point, presumably, everyone will need to get back in the room together.

28 responses to “Owners and players won’t be in Minnesota

  1. Maybe they’re just finalizing the paperwork?!?!?

    Should I pass this funny looking pipe to you now that I’m done with it?

  2. Maybe everyone has already voted on a deal and agreed to terms, now they are just hammering it out on paper?

    I’m a glass half full guy though….

  3. “I’m not the legal expert around here and can only speculate.”

    The “legal expert” speculates too so you should be OK here.

  4. It means one of two completely opposite things:

    1) They are very close to a deal (maybe even already agreed in principle) and it is time to get the lawyers involved to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and dispose of the anti-trust case.

    or 2) They are deadlocked and need a break. While on break, they are sending the lawyers back in to fight over the anti-trust case.

  5. Say the parties get an agreement in principle which then requires the Minneapolis court to ask all concerned parties to express any issues they may have with this new agreement to come forward. And for augments’ sake let’s say Chris Johnson with the Titans whose grossly underpaid goes before the judge and says it stinks, can’t say as I would blame him. Maybe he should have his agent call the team, on the sly of course.

  6. Hmmm….I guess that June 30th prediction for an agreement in principle for a new CBA isn’t going to happen. I like the optimistic outlook. More likely, this thing is going to get done mid-July.

  7. Sounds to me like they have settled on the broad parameters of a deal and the minions are working out the exact language of the CBA. At least that’s what I hope they are doing

  8. I was all excited that they were doing talks for four straight days then I read this.

    I feel like a kid who knocked over all the bottles at the amusement park game…started celebrating and then was told “um..you have to knock them OFF the platform”

    I’m going to go cry in a corner now…

  9. This lockout has actually made me become more fascinated with my own life, rather than millionaires and billionaires who don’t even know Im alive.

  10. Looks like I’ll be watching the Rugby World Cup this fall… It’ll probably be more entertaining that whatever the NFL will be doing, even if there is a season. They should look at what happened to baseball because of their strike, look what they lost.. Oh and one more thing, make it so ordinary people can actually afford to go to a game.

  11. I believe this is good news for us. Let’s hope they are finalizing a deal and can announce it so we can all go spend tons of money this weekend on gear!

  12. i don’t see how this can be bad any which way it seems to me that they pretty much have everything hammered out and they want to end the lawsuit before officially starting the league year if i recall PFT in one of it’s articles said this was a process that occurs towards the end of the negotiation so going by that i feel safe to say that the CBA is pretty much done

  13. seriously there is a lot of pessimist on this website huh? LOL they are grabbing for straws by saying this is bad when it can only mean good the lawyers had to be there eventually to witness a signing or agreement

  14. “I’m not the legal expert around here and can only speculate. ”

    Seriously, is there any legal expert ‘there’ who does anything but speculate?

  15. No owners and players at this meeting would have the same result if they were all there,…nothing…no NFL in 2011,…one of these days you will all realize that,..I did two years ago.

  16. I will watch the CFL while I wait for the NFL. British Columbia-Montreal June 30 on NFL Network. It is a fun game, and much better than Arena Football. How is it football can be played on a 55-yard field. It’s like when I play on a little patch of lawn with my nieces and nephews in the backyard.

  17. arena league blows compared to cfl. in the cfl you get a point for a missing field goal that dosnt get returned out of the endzone. so stupid. but i believe in a deal getting done!!

  18. Hopefully, the framework is complete and it is now time for the lawyers to put everything in the contract. No need for owners and players at that point. Just have to vote and sign when paperwork is complete.

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