Report: NFL and players commit to four straight days of talks


Following weeks of pleas for more face-to-face talks between the NFL and NFLPA* representatives, the two sides have agreed to work a little harder this week.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the two sides will meet for four straight days this week in Minneapolis.  That’s the longest period of sustained negotiations since the lockout started.

For the last three weeks, the two sides have not-so-secretly met for two days a week before retreating to their respective camps.  With the July fourth holiday approaching, hopefully this increased effort will represent increased progress towards a deal.

32 responses to “Report: NFL and players commit to four straight days of talks

  1. C’mon guys, all those newspapers dying to use the “Reborn on the Fourth of July” headline.

  2. Good work NFL, you’ve reduced my obsessive interest in this site to about once a month.

    My interest is leaking… the longer this goes on, the less interest I’m going to have in football regardless of whether they get a deal done.

  3. @hobart

    It looks like they are trying to use the 4th as a clear PR stunt. I’m certainly not complaining one bit though.

  4. Both sides need to take a page from the Roman Catholic church in 1274 after 6 years in a deadlock on the election of the new pope.

    Lock em in a room and ration their food.

    Poof, white smoke.

    (For non-Catholics, white smoke is used to signal a new pope has been selected)

  5. Talk it out on Tuesday
    Agreement reached on Wednesday
    Finalizing on Thursday
    Announcement on Friday

    Just in time to overshadow the NBA’s lockout…

  6. Us hostages, err, I mean fans, would really like you guys to work something out here. I need some real NFL news. Have you seen what these sports journalists have resorted to writing about? They’ll be power ranking the stadium parking lots next!

  7. WOW!!! 4 straight days! How will they survive?

    If they were hoping for a positive reaction from this fan based on their 4 day work week…consider me unimpressed. How about you work until the multibillion dollar deal that effects millions gets done?

    Can’t wait for college football!

  8. Four straight days!

    Followed by a 3-day weekend where they all go home, chew on some BBQ spare ribs and decide they want to tear up whatever they agreed to and start from scratch?

    Call me when the ink is on the paperwork. I’ll be watching baseball.

  9. Thank god, lets get this deal done! I need to figure out who to draft in my fantasy league

  10. To show his sincerity, Mo wears a one dimensional, plastic cutout, heart shaped object on the lapel of his coat.

    You could say that “his heart is in the right place”, but really it isn’t. Supposed to be on the left side.

  11. Zero chance of this producing anything, except more frustration. I hope they have a couple decks of cards and an xBox to kill some time.

    Simple: Nothing gets settled until owners miss some gate receipts and players miss checks and get some cars and jewelry repossessed. No pain, no gain. Anything you hear now is just gums flapping.


    Mid Sept agreement at earliest.

    Just telling it like it is.

  12. This lockout has actually forced me to become more fascinated with my own life, rather than millionaires and billionaires who don’t even know Im alive.

  13. in a related story……..
    the millions of hard working folks who pay the outrageous salaries of both the league and the players have agreed to go to work 5-6 days a week all year for a fraction of the league minimum !
    who should be “locking out” again ?
    get to work you spoiled brats !!!!!!

  14. The options for these negotiations are should be:

    1 billion comes off the top to help the NFL alumni with health care AND injury research.

    8 Billion is split 52% owners / 48% players since the owner do have a longer term commitment to the game.

    Play 3 preseason games, 17 regular season games. In 2012 preseason is half of the league plays 2 homes / 1 away and then in 2013 the other half of league play 2 home / 1 away. Regular season will consist of 8 home and 8 away games. From the suggestion of ” The Godfather of Football” Gil Brandt, former VP of player personnel of the Cowboys, who knows football, play the 17th game on a neutral site to increase the interest of the league. Sites such as San Antonio, Portland, L.A., Birmingham, Omaha, Raleigh, Memphis, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Frankfurt. Increasing the interest of the league worldwide will increase the size of the pie. Bigger pie means bigger slices!

    Rookie wage scale: All rookies are paid 4yr contract/ $100k-yr.

    Draft picks signing Bonus ( prorated for 4/yrs)
    1-5 get 20 million signing bonus
    5-9 get 18 million signing Bonus
    10-15 get 16 million signing bonus
    16-32 get 12 m
    33-48 get 8 m
    49-64 get 4m
    3rd rd’ers get 1.5m
    4th/5th get 500k
    6th/7th get 400k

    Draft picks position Bonus salary:
    .000075(x) previous yrs salary cap (x) position of total # of picks
    i.e. – .0000075(x) 140m (x) 1st ( 254 picks- o) = $266.7k

    Here is Cam Newton’s salary:
    $266.7k/yr + 1ook + 5m(prorated signing bonus)= $5.366m / yr = $21.46 m contract

    Mark Ingrams contract:
    .000075(x) 140m (x) 226(254 picks-28th pick)= $237.3k
    $237.3k + 100k + 3m = $3.37m/yr = $13.35m contract

    I realize these seem low but these are also only 4 yr contracts so as not to strap a team for the long term future. Also Incentives can be added to increase a players potential.

  15. If the 4th of July is the day both sides choose to use as a PR stunt, who cares? I get my football. Yes, I am a true patriot (screw the New England Pats though, GO BRONCOS!!!) and I love my football so if that’s the day they choose, we’ll all have a fun time at our barbecues, fireworks shows and pool parties, if you do that sort of thing. Point blank, GET THIS THING DONE!!!

  16. Gee willikers mister, 4 whole days!? Well that should be PLENTY of time to get this all straightened out!

    /kill me

  17. Oh the horrors of being “forced” to work four whole straight days with three days off complete with catered meals in 5 star hotels! Why, that’s downright slavery.

    Here’s my solution, for every day that a deal isn’t made, the negotiators are fined $10,000 and they have to fly coach.

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