Roethlisberger’s agent says “nothing new” regarding foot


A few days after some national wire services picked up Ben Roethlisberger quotes about possible future foot surgery, agent Ryan Tollner cautioned that his client is the same as ever.

“There’s nothing new there,” Tollner told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The doctors elected not to do surgery and to let it heal. If it ever got worse, they might have to do something. Ben is kind of surprised that it’s getting the attention. He hopes and expects never to have surgery on it. The foot was feeling better after the season, with the extra time this offseason, it’s feeling great.”

We didn’t make a huge deal out of Roethlisberger’s comments last week.  As Tollner said, there wasn’t much new.

Still, it was Big Ben that talked about his foot being so painful he could barely walk last season.  He mentioned that if it got worse, he could wind up getting surgery in the future.

If he doesn’t want the attention about the possible surgery, there’s an easy way to correct that.

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  1. While it’s true that this could’ve been avoided by Ben keeping his mouth shut, and he should’ve learned by now…

    When I read the article it didn’t sound like a big deal to me. It sounded like it was in the past and surgery was something he MIGHT have to worry about down the road, but it couldn’t have been that big a deal if he didn’t do it during this past season.

  2. Ben was asked a question by a reporter…he answered the questions. If he didn’t answer, he would be considered being rude or another story would pop up – people guessing something is really wrong with the foot and that is why he is not answering the question.
    He answers the question and now everyone is making a big deal of it.
    You can’t believe half of the things being reported anymore, half of it is left out.

  3. @PFT says:

    Still, it was Big Ben that talked about his foot being so painful he could barely walk last season. He mentioned that if it got worse, he could wind up getting surgery in the future.

    * * * * * * * *

    Can you answer this question, since frankly I am not sure of how this all got started? Did Ben go out, find a reporter, and start talking about his foot? Or, did a reporter ask him about it? You make it sound like Ben said, “Hello people! Let me tell you all about my foot situation in minute detail!” If he was asked about it, then what would you suggest he say? “No comment”?

    I sure hope that the lockout ends soon. Too many articles filling space trying to make stories where there really isn’t any.

  4. He played through a broken nose/foot. Some drama queen. If you want an overly dramatic whining QB watch a New England game and pay attention any time a defenders hand touches Brady.

  5. His exact quote was that it was hard to walk and if it got worse he may need surgery. How is that being a drama queen? People look for anything to criticize him. At least criticize the many other bad aspects of him lol.

  6. Lets see he played with broken nose, foot in cast yet went to Super Bowl, all anyone can say is he is whining. How I wish my team had a whiner like that. My guy cries to every official evertime someone touches his helmet and he gets away with it. Good for other teams the officials for some reason ignore when this guy gets beat to the ground gets up and beats you.

  7. Wow thought this was an article about Jamarcus Russell when I first looked at the pic. I don’t blame his feet for breaking down. It’s gotta be rough trying to support a bloated 300 +lbs. carcass every day. Then having to run sub 6.0 40
    yd dashes through college bars to chase down some drunk co-eds. It’s Probably just a wart, people from Pittsburgh tend to enjoy being Drama Queens. Looking Good for the Browns this Year!

  8. All I remember is against Buffalo he was limping around like the ankle was broken – He was done – Then on 3rd and 20 he out runs everyone for a first down!


  9. Roethlisberger should just change his name to Ben Rhinoplasty to best capitalize on his image rights.

  10. bensstinkyfingers says:
    Jun 28, 2011 11:35 AM

    “Looking Good for the Browns this Year!”
    Slightly better than the Bungles, but still LOL Good one.

  11. Too late, Tollner, the cat is out of the bag (or should I say the little Ben is out of the zipper?). That foot will have a big bullseye on it when the games resume. I love it!

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