Searching for Henry Stuckey

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Since I’m in a bit of an uncharacteristically altruistic mood today (it must be one of the side effects of the Fentanyl), I’ve decide to act on a request from a reader regarding a member of the 1972 Miami Dolphins who, as far as the organization is concerned, is MIA.

The reader has collected the autograph of every member of the team, with the exception of Henry Stuckey.  The reader can’t find cornerback Henry Stuckey, and team spokesman Harvey Greene advises that the Dolphins can’t find Stuckey, either.

After playing college football at Missouri, Stuckey spent five years in the NFL, from 1972 through 1974 with the Dolphins, and 1975-76 with the Giants.  Stuckey turns 61 on July 24.

“If someone does know how to reach him, it would be great if they could pass that info along,” Greene told PFT by e-mail.

So have at it, PFT Planet.  Let us know if you know where Henry Stuckey currently is located.