Tomlinson calls summer “boring” without Rex Ryan


One of the most interesting aspects of last summer in the NFL was the presence of the always entertaining Jets coach Rex Ryan on Hard Knocks. And Ryan doesn’t just make things interesting for the fans.

Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson says that he’s bored this summer because the lockout prevents him from having any contact with Ryan.

It’s been kind of boring actually. He always has a way of keeping it interesting, to say the least,” Tomlinson said. “The things you guys hear Rex say, he’s said to us already. . . . We hear it every day. Every day, we have to hear it. It works. His style of coaching definitely works.”

Tomlinson has attended the Jets’ player-organized workouts in California and New Jersey, and he says he has no doubt that the lockout will end and there will be a season.

“Yes,” Tomlinson said. “Yes, we will play.”

He doesn’t know when they will play, but Tomlinson hopes it’s soon.

“It’s a time clock on my body, and I promise you as you get closer to August, you start feeling like hitting,” Tomlinson said. “That’s just what it is for football players.”

Even at age 32, Tomlinson hopes he has more hits coming soon.

23 responses to “Tomlinson calls summer “boring” without Rex Ryan

  1. He better hope there’s football this year because 2011 is probably his last shot…

  2. nyjalleffingday says:
    Jun 28, 2011 10:02 AM
    In before a thousand dumb foot jokes and horribly misspelled 3 page long diatribes about how Rex is stupid and that they don’t care about him.

    And don’t forget the plethora of “what’s the point, aren’t they superbowl champs already?” – if only people were just a little more original….

  3. Man I wish I could play for a fellow obese pervert like Rex Ryan! I bet he wouldnt make me pass a conditioning test like that meany mike shanahan….he wouldn’t make me plug all three holes like the skins want me to…oh wait…

  4. For all the Rex bashing that goes on – how many fans would pi$$ themselves with excitement if he came to coach their team? “I’m talking to you Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Bengals, Texans, Titans fans to name a few. And that’s just the AFC.

  5. Thank goodness LT wears that tinted visor. Otherwise he might get blinded by Rex Ryan’s unnaturally white teeth.

  6. I cant stand LT and his whiney little girl ways… You are bored LT? Go find a bike to play on or a shoulder to cry on. Kinda like what you did in New England that day when the Chargers needed you most.

  7. bradshawlives says: Jun 28, 2011 11:33 AM

    For all the Rex bashing that goes on – how many fans would pi$$ themselves with excitement if he came to coach their team? “I’m talking to you Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Bengals, Texans, Titans fans to name a few. And that’s just the AFC.

    This Dolphin Fan would burn all his gear and memorabilia. Almost did when Jimmy Johnson was here, should have when Saban showed up. Tell Rex to stay where he is. I don’t want him! I prefer a Head Coach with class IE Shula, Landry, Noll, even Edwards, or Dungy. Character matters, it matters in your Coach, your Pastor, your Senator and President. Yeah, it matters.

  8. @mksnpcola

    I can’t really explain just how hard I’m laughing at this comment. You can keep Mr. “fistpump at field goals” Sparano, we sure as anything don’t want him.

  9. nyjalleffingday says:Jun 28, 2011 4:42 PM


    I can’t really explain just how hard I’m laughing at this comment. You can keep Mr. “fistpump at field goals” Sparano, we sure as anything don’t want him.

    Holy Cow seems like the only time you take your foot out of oyur mouth is to put the other one in…opps that would be you and the worlds greatest head coach who NEVER won anything!! Jets fans and their like wish they had the history that the Dolphins have. Try this on for size fool: 5 Super Bowl appeareances…3 back to back to back…2 Super Bowl victories back to back ohhh and throw in a perfect season. In fact they only lost 5 games in 3 years from 71-73. Unmatched by any team in NFL history. 22 playoof appearances, 13 division titles and the 2nd winningest team since the NFL creation of 1970 with 399-271 with a winning % of .595.
    The Joke Jest have won NO Super Bowls since the NFL was created. Have won the division 2 times have not appeared in ANY Super Bowls and have finished above .500 only 5 times since 1970 merger. They have one of the worst winning % ever with a record of 292-360 for a measly .448 winning %.
    I know th Dolphins are in a rough patch. I also have never said the Dolphins were the best and were going to win it all as the sad and sorry Jest fans do. You and your loser coach need to learn some humility.
    So yes my SAD Jest fan go hide back under that rock. When you get a REAL NFL team then tell us how wonderful you are.

  10. @72perfection

    HAHA, dude you crack me up. You’re bragging about losses now? Oh man, I’m sure the Bills fans are real proud of their Super Bowl appearance count. Bravo sir, you’ve wowed me already.

    And oh boy the perfect season. What a farce. Back then, it was a 14 game regular season. BUT, the Dolphins did have to go through quality opponents such as the fearsome 1-13 Oilers, the declining 8-6 Chiefs, the thunderous 4-9-1 Chargers, the high flying 4-9 Cardinals, the stampeding 5-9 Colts, the mighty 4-9-1 Bills and the 3-11 Patriots. What a real list you got going on there. In fact, Miami only beat 2 opponents with winning records until the playoffs. They were a good team, of course, they won the Super Bowl after all, but beating up a bunch of second rate teams isn’t an accomplishment. And here’s a stat that you left out: 47-44-1. That’s the Jets record all time, including playoffs against the Dolphins. Why can’t you guys beat us if you’re oh so historically relevant?

    And who is giving you your Jets stats, Hellen Keller? (That’s Anne Frank, to you.) The Jets are 344-403 all time, including playoffs, they’ve broke above .500 14 times since 1970, not including 1982. Nothing pretty, but still, you’re full of hot air and “facts.” Also, where did I ever say Rex Ryan is the best coach ever or the Jets were the best team OR that we were going to win the Super Bowl? All I said is we’ll keep Rex, we don’t want Sparano, because Sparano sucks. Nothing untruthful about that. 11-5 with a 4th place schedule and no Tom Brady, then back to back 7-9 seasons, and the future isn’t too bright either.

    Try again, flipperhead.

  11. 72perfection was not even born when the Fish had that season. And the truth is Rex is a fun, exciting coach who makes it fun to be a fan of the team or a player for the team. Not saying super bowl or greatest ever or any of that, but am saying wherever he was, he makes being a fan of that team fun!
    You have to love a guy who says, before the played NE, they have the better coach and the better qb, but we still are gonna find a way to beat ’em! That’s priceless.
    I guess all the haters can come on with the same crap but bradshawlive makes a valid point. Most fan would love him if he was on their team…except for you Mksnpcola. Realize by your way of arguing bringing up all those 30 and 40 year old stats, then based on your arguing, Griese is way better than Marino, and Marino was way overrated since he didn’t win. Hmmm, I really hope you don’t think that. Like Rex with the Jets, Marino made it fun for players and fans to be a part of the Dolphins, yet he didn’t win a super bowl. Just sayin’

  12. Sorry you are wrong again was born in 1960…wish you were right though. You are also wrong about Rex “footsy” Ryan. We had a blow hard coach like Footsy his name was Jimmy Johnson and I didnt like him either. The Dolphin fans that want a fool like Footsy were not around for Shula. The Greatest Coach to ever coach in the NFL. He never was a braggard. He didn’t guarantee year after year he was going to win the Super Bowl. Even during the early 70″s….nah thats ok the Jest can keep Footsy we don’t want him. Footsy will NEVER win a Super Bowl with the Jest. NEVER!!!

    As to you Marino comments. The reason he is the best ever is very simple….name a Hall of Famer he played with (except Stephenson who only played a few years with Marino)?? Then Name the quality RB Marino had any time in his career?? Then name the Defense that was ranked in the top 10 during his career. Remember after his achilles injury in “94 he never had another “Marino” year. Please if you are EVER going to try to debate me on football bring facts and knowledge. You know what opinions are like…right??

  13. @72perfection

    Shula best coach ever? Not even the best ever coach in our division. Marino? Greatest of all time? Not even the best of all time in our division. You sir, are a extremely unabashed homer, and a moron to boot too.

  14. I was born in NYC in 1960. I have lived in NYC for 49 of my 51 years. So take your “homer” comment and slide back under that rock form whence you came!! Typical moronic Jest fan….call people names and get abusive because you cannot argue facts. Your team, your coach and jest fans have ALWAYS and ALWAYS will be the JOKE of the NFL. Constant doormat for ever other team. Yea, yea, yea I know the joke Jest have a slight winning record all time against the Dolphins….thats because that is YOUR superbowl every year.
    Now as too the coach please show us how stupid you really are by telling us that a cheater named bellichick with his measly 162 wins in 16 years is better than Shula who NEVER cheated!!
    Don Shula’s record as head coach of the Baltimore Colts from 1963 to 1969 and the Miami Dolphins from 1970 to 1995 is unmatched in NFL history. In 1995, he concluded his 33rd season as the winningest NFL head coach ever with a career mark of 347-173-6 (.665).

    Of all NFL coaches, only Shula and the immortal George Halas attained 300 victories. The Colts under Shula enjoyed seven straight winning seasons and in 26 years at Miami, Shula’s Dolphins experienced only two seasons below .500. Shula’s team reached the playoffs 20 times in 33 years and his teams won at least 10 games 21 times

    As too Brady he is a great one however he has had GREAT teams. Name a great team Marino had? You are the typical Jest fan idiot please dont respond anymore you are embarassing yourself!!

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