Cardinals “worst moments” unveiled Thursday

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As we continue to make our way through the teams that have yet to enjoy an analysis of their worst moments since the last work stoppage, we turn to a team whose existence was pretty much a continuous worst moment from the time Harry Truman was president until 2008.

We’ll do our best to narrow the list on Thursday, and we’ll gladly consider your input as to the best of the worst moments for the Cardinals.

Of course, one of the worst moments came from the best moment.  But that’s true of pretty much every team, especially the ones that made it to a Super Bowl — and lost.

17 responses to “Cardinals “worst moments” unveiled Thursday

  1. Cards worst moment came when that bonehead James Harrison blew a defensive assignment and ended up being in the wrong place at the right time.

  2. In no order
    1. Bears MNF

    2.Run back – super bowl 🙁

    3.the drive at the end of the SB

    4. Any game we played at ASU

    5. Warner retirement

    6. All but 4 years of our 100+ years in existence

    7. SF game a few years back where they needed 2 TDs and a 2 point conversion …and they got it

    8. If we trade DRC for Kolb – put it in

    9. Paying all the $ for the super bowl trip and losing!!!

    10. Bears MNF game again!!!!! That was the worst!

  3. IMO the Cards played a better SB than the Steelers. That Harrison TD was pretty much a 14 point swing right before halftime. Yet despite this tremendous gaff by Warner, he came back to give the Cards the lead with less than 2 on the clock. That’s when the cardinals secondary got exposed. What a game.

  4. Ouch 1-10 I lived them all ! being one of the 28k fans at Sun Devil with temps in the 100’s was brutal. Then building a stadium in Glendale really sucked since all the real fans live in the East Valley !

  5. @arzcardinals

    Trust me, if the Eagles trade Kolb for DRC straight up, the Eagles will be the ones getting fleeced. We’ve already got one soft cover corner, a good one. We don’t need a less talented clone on the other side. I’d rather have his cousin.

  6. @azcardinals

    You left out Steve Bono’s 76 yard naked bootleg for a touchdown. I was at that game. Then again, point 4 pretty much covers it.

  7. Don’t forget losing out on the #1 pick in the 1998 draft by winning a meaningless end of the season game and drafting (drum roll, please) Andre Freaking Wadsworth #3 instead of having the chance to draft Peyton Manning. In fact, you can pretty much lump the Cards drafts from 1987-2002 as one worst moment. Who could forget great picks like Anthony Thompson, Leland McElroy, Tony Sacca, Tom Knight, Wendell Bryant, Levi Brown (instead on Adrian Peterson), the trade down to take Bryant Johnson and Calvin Pace instead of drafting hometown star Terell Suggs, David Boston, Matt Leinart… All of those were our first pick of the draft. Hence the reason we’ve sucked for so long.

  8. I would have to say drafting and trying to play Matt Leinart needs to be in there somewhere. Who knew they were selecting a poor man’s Scott Mitchell with a 1st round pick.

  9. Arizona’s Get-Back coach not doing his job gave the Steelers 7 points just before halftime in a Super Bowl decided by just 4 points.

    Kurt Warner’s tackle attempt was hot garbage as well.

  10. atomicpunk says:Jun 30, 2011 12:48 AM

    Ouch 1-10 I lived them all ! being one of the 28k fans at Sun Devil with temps in the 100′s was brutal. Then building a stadium in Glendale really sucked since all the real fans live in the East Valley !
    ———————————————————-Heaven forbid someone from Scottsdale or Mesa drives 30 minutes om the freeway to see a football game! Every game is sold out in the west valley! Plus these East valley hicks do not even go to D’Back games and they live closer to Phoenix!

  11. East Valley hicks huh how are the Coyotes doing in Glendale ? facts are the money is in the East Valley and trash is in the WestValley ! sell outs you must be one of the band wagon Cowboys fans that sell the stadium out. I live in Chandler and it is crappie location all day event and I have been a season ticket holder of over 18 years, I guess you hate our 3 peat High School champs too?

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