Don’t expect the Raiders to bid on Michael Huff

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It’s worth remembering that Warren Sapp’s scathing criticism of safety Michael Huff comes from seeing the guy in practice in 2006-2007.  A lot has changed since then, with Huff playing his best ball in 2010.

So does that mean the Raiders will try to keep Huff?

That’s doubtful, according to Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune.

McDonald writes that Huff’s fate was “likely sealed” when he gave up a 48-yard touchdown to Jaguars receiver Jason Hill last December. The Raiders have tried to trade Huff before and they re-signed safety Hiram Eugene Huff before the lockout.

“Now that Huff has had two decent years, he could get an offer which far outweighs his true value,” McDonald writes.

Bingo.  Look, the Raiders love to pay big money to defensive players with great measurables like Huff.  The fact the team seems relatively uninterested in keeping him should be a red flag to other teams out there.

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  1. huff is over rated and never lived up to expectations of his draft status. he has improved but is still not a top safety. that being said he will come out of fa an even richer man

  2. I was at the Jacksonville game and as the defense was lining up on that 48-yard TD play, I remember thinking to myself “where is Nnamdi and Routt”? Marshall deployed an “All Safety” defense and didn’t have one corner on the field. The inevitable touchdown came. Didn’t really understand that call.
    Personally, I like Huff. He really came into his own last season, however, it may have been a result of him playing for a new contract. I am VERY worried about Hirame Eugene taking over for Huff. The only image that pops into mind when I think of him is Willis McGahee throwing him down with a stiff arm in the open field. If I were Eugene, I would have walked off the field after that play, right into the locker room, and out the door, never to show up on the field again.

  3. If Huff lost his starting job to Hiram Eugene, what does that say about Huff? You might remember the “posterizing” Eugene received from Willis McGahee. Eugene is a journeyman.

    Huff is average at best. Certainly not worthy of his first round selection, but then again besides RoMac, which Raider first round pick has been worthy in the last several years?

    There is some GM out there that will fork out big bucks for Huff though. They better look at his tackling film first though.

  4. Huff is playing out of position, in my opinion, the guy looks like a natural CB to me.

    I don’t think Eugene will see the field as much as Mitchell & Brown.

  5. Who is Hiram Eugene Huff?

    Michael Huff is a terrible tackler. He is prone to leaving his feet, wrapping his arms around a guy and “riding” him down, giving up way too many yards after contact. His strength is supposedly his coverage skills, but he gets burned consistently. Someone will overpay him but it will not be an AFC West team.

  6. The greatest safeties to ever play the game would get burned in the Raiders D from time to time. They’re simply asked to do too much. That being said, I don’t think the Raiders are worried about Huff going on to make pro bowls with another team.

  7. If the Raiders love to pay big money to defensive players with great measurables, then why did they not sign or tag Nnamdi?

  8. What I remember about Michael Huff is the number of times Ladainian Tomlinson stiff-armed him to the turf on the way to the end zone. LT had/has a wicked stiff-arm and he’s victimized a number of NFL defenders, but I think Huff was his No. 1 punk when it came running through tackles for six.

    Long live Al Davis.

  9. Let me try this again. How did I know this was a Jer Mac article w/o ebb having to open the link. Do you guys even write your own articles? Even down to the opening sentence……smh

  10. His sub-par play until his contract year equals one thing: Jerry Jones over paying him to be a Cowboy.

  11. I dunno, I still say you shouldn’t emulate teams that have been mired in mediocrity or less for an extended period of time or even put much, if any weight in their opinions. Sometimes a guy just needs a change of scenery. They played him out of position when they had him at SS for a while, he’s a corner or free safety.

  12. Raiders have one of their best seasons in a long time last year. What do they do? Fire their coach, can’t hold on to one of the best CB’s in the league in Nnamdi, and now can’t even keep a promising safety in Huff.
    I love it! Classic Raiders right there! Long live Al Davis!
    Go Broncos!
    Yours Truly,
    Raider Hater

  13. His sub-par play until his contract year equals one thing: Jerry Jones over paying him to be a Cowboy.


    Can you give me an example of this happening before?

  14. Huff was responsible for giving up 3 TDs in that Jags game (two passing and one rushing). I hope Dallas over pays for this safety who can’t tackle and is average-to-below average in coverage. Best news about the Raiders all summer…

  15. @slicknickforever,

    Get a clue before you say very uneducated things. First, Coach Cable was not fired, he completed his contract and was not given an extention. Second, Nnamdi’s contract had a clause in it that if he did not reach certain playing incentives it would void. He did not make it so it voided. They did not void it, his agent had the clause put in the contract. Third, Huff had a clause in his contract that voided his contract. Huff stepped his game up last year (Contract Year) but still took too many bad angles in games.

    Classic Raiders, long live Al Davis, Really? Which team hired McDaniels? All the teams in the AFC West are going to miss him. How much talent did he ship out of Denver? After firing him, you bring in a guy that had a 2-14 record last year to take over. I guess I would be a hater too if my team was raped for 59 points in 3 quarters of play. I guess the “Massacre at Mile High” still hurts.

  16. @jmcneal333 – bro, you can play with semantics all you want. Cable was fired.

    After the Raiders’ best season since the Gruden era, your coach is gone as is probably your best player and apparently half your starting secondary.

    Long live Al Davis.

  17. The truth on the “Huff” situation: Tyvonn Branch is a rising star in this league, he makes the big play but needs to become a better coverage guy and more consistent tackler. Mike Mitchell may have had the most hype to live up to for no name pick, and he has had a far better career than Huff thru 2 years, the kid held his own against gates and vernon davis in coverage, has made some big hits and runs down plays all over. Hiram is not going to play safety, he will see the field in certain packages, he is a great, great special teams player and depth on D at best. Huff will commmand too much money and lets face it, he was an Art Shell draft pick, no thats not a typo. “Huff Daddy” its time to move on. From what has been brewing there will be money for Nnamdi in OAK, I think you pay the guy. Routt has to prove he worth that contract to me and DVD reminds me of Tramon Williams. The secondary is not the concern. The O-line is the scary part: Lil Wiz, Veldheer, Bruce Campbell, Barksadale, Loper …. wow. Maybe in couple years they solid, O-line coaches have their work cut out, these kids better be very hard workers.

  18. His sub-par play until his contract year equals one thing: Jerry Jones over paying him to be a Cowboy.


    Can you give me an example of this happening before?


    Adam “Pacman” Jones
    WR Roy Williams

  19. It’s just a shame that it takes this kind of wake up call to get A-holes like Huff to perform.

  20. “If the Raiders love to pay big money to defensive players with great measurables, then why did they not sign or tag Nnamdi?”

    They couldn’t, the clause in his contract casued it to be voided and he’s unrestricted. Correct?

  21. Uhh, rayguyreturns,

    Did you say Eugene is a journeyman?? He’s been in the league for 5 years and been with 1 team. Journeyman?? Really????

  22. @jmcneal333
    Are you kidding me? Cable was fired man, plain and simple. And I don’t care what type of clause was in Nnamdi’s contract he still became a FA in the offseason, and the Raiders don’t want to fork out the money to keep him.
    You tell me to not criticize without the facts?
    John Fox went 2-14 last season because the Carolina Panthers were one of the cheapest teams in football. With the new CBA some early reports coming out are that they will have to spend 110 million dollars just to reach the new minimum. We’ve seen what Fox can do with talent. And there is talent in Denver now.
    Dumervil coming back, Von Miller, Champ, Dawk, Rahim Moore. Solid defense.
    Tebow is going to shock you all and become a great QB.
    Just face it Denver is on the rise, and once again the Raiders are getting even lower. Denver’s gonna do big things in free agency this off season and we’ll take back the AFC West title. I’ll be surpsised if Oakland wins more than 2 games this year.
    Then when you’re on the clock for the next draft we’ll see the next best kicker in Oakland again! haha!

  23. Or better yet! The next Jamarcuss Russell! hahahaha!
    So happy that will forever be the worst #1 pick overall in NFL history.
    Thank you Raiders..
    Go Broncos!!!

  24. @Humbolt,

    I see somethings never change, you are still a troll and have no clue about football. We have the right coach in place. The 2009 Offense was 31st in the league (12.3 Points per game). Enter Hue Jackson. In 2010 they are 10th in the league (25.6 points per game). Hue is the Head Coach and is doing what needs to be done to win.

    I know the last thing you want to see is the Raiders going in the right direction but guess what, its happening.

    I went down to the Chargers/Raiders game at the Q last year and there were more Raiders fans then Chargers Fans. What does that say about your team.

    We are losing our best player, what about the Chargers. VJax will be a free agent after his law suit is settled. I would love to see him come up the coast and join the Black and Silver.

  25. @BroncoNick – I’ll buy into your homer attitude RE the Donks just enough to make the prediction Denver will beat Oakland in Week 1, if there is a CBA soon and that game is actually played. But “take back the AFC West title?” Maybe in 2021.

  26. @humbolt
    The Chargers just finally became relevant in this decade… where have you been all along?
    The CBA will get done, and that game will be played, and Denver will smoke the Raiders.
    The Raiders HAD a coach, and one of the top defensive players in the league… but what do they have now?
    @jmcneal333 How are the Raiders going in the right direction?? That’s bogus.

    Just wait for Denver to pick up Deangelo Williams for the RB tandem with him and Moreno.
    Just wait for Tebow to start lighting up everyone.
    Just wait for the defense to be in the top 1o or maybe even top 5 in the league.
    It’s going to happen, and all that will be left to see is how far Denver goes in the playoffs.

  27. You know BroncoNick … I feel bad for you, at one point I tried to talk up the raiders when they were horrible, if not as bad as the broncos are right now. The broncos are awful, horrible, as bad as OAK was over the years we never took a beating like you guys did last year at home to the raiders. That says a lot. Your pumping up your defense? really? Dumervil is not a LB or anything … he is a rush specialist that will never repeat the season he had before injury, never. Miller? What is he going to do? Win you any games? Please tell me who you D line is????? anybody??? How is Denver on the rise when they had one of the worst years in the last decade??!! Your clueless. At least I’m an honest fan, the raiders are getting better but to put up 52 on you in Denver?! That is unacceptable. The lions couldn’t even manage that. Fox is a decent coach, but he likes to run the ball …. but wait you guys have peyton hillis? Oh wait thats right, he is gone. Knowshowup??? nope. and Tebow did surprise he has some promise, but you still have Orton and big decisions to make there. Still Tebow isn’t going to lead Denver anywhere on Sundays, except church.

  28. @BroncoNick,

    You would be surprised if the Raiders win 2 Games or more, Really? Get ready to be surprised!

    I like debating football but with people that know the game. You really don’t know much do you? Denver will improve this year but they are at least two to three years out before they will challenge for anything. Their defense will be improved but their offense will suck. They have one stud on their offensive line and the rest are well below average. The have NO running game as Moreno cannot stay healthy.

    You are a true homer if you think Denver will be in the mix for the AFC West title.

    Denver was the worse team in the AFC West last year and will retain that record again this year. Say what you want but the Raiders scored 98 points and put up a total of 1,010 offensive yards in two games against the Broncos. Who is on the rise? I will put my money on Oakland!

  29. @808raiderinparadise
    First off I never said that Denver was going to the superbowl this year. Or even in the next couple years for that.
    But if you just took a peek at our draft I think most people would say that we did a pretty good job.
    Dumervil is going back to DE along with Robert Ayers, who was a first round pick out of Tennessee where he played DE and was a stand out at that position. So Denver will be using him and Dumervil back at their original positions.
    Defense wins championships man, and you know that. Especially when you guys met Tampa in the SB…
    I’ll admit Denver has to strengthen that DT position, but that is why this offseason with the mass of Free Agents is going to be the best year to do it.
    Denver will run the ball better with Fox, play better defense with Fox and Dennis Allen from New Orleans.
    It’s plain to see we are on the rise, and if Tebow turns out to have as high of an upside as he’s capable of having it’s going to be scary for a lot of teams out there.
    Am I made that we got rid of Hillis?? Of course!! But nothing I can do about that now.
    Please don’t criticize Dumervil or Miller. They are going to rage against teams and are a force to be reckoned with. So yes Miller can win us games.
    Oh… and bravo on fitting in that religious joke with Tebow in there… Very original.

  30. tdk24 i believe there was also a clause in asomougha’s contract preventing ther raiders from applying the franchise tag to him again.

    BroncoNick and humb0lt are both delusional.
    nick what talent are you talking about? champ and dawkins are close to being finished and most of those players were on the 32nd ranked defense in the league. good luck with that. and rising? really? with your qb turned president that admits he doesn’t know how to do the job? get real!
    as for you humbolt keep trolling all the raider sites you can. it won’t be long and you’ll be back under that rock you crawled out from under

  31. I like how all of you Raider fans just keep holding on to “last season”
    That was last season, and it’s over now.
    Denver made big changes this offseason.
    It’s going to be different this year.
    The difference between Broncos and Raiders fans is that Broncos fans look to the future, when the Raiders fans hold on to the “good ol days” and point out all the times in the past they were better than you.
    @jmcneal333… If you want to talk football with me anytime feel free to do so. I know quite a bit.
    But you guys just keep holding onto the joy of “last season” let’s see how far that gets you…

  32. Adam “Pacman” Jones
    WR Roy Williams


    They traded for both of those guys. Try again.

  33. “raiderluv says:
    Uhh, rayguyreturns,

    Did you say Eugene is a journeyman?? He’s been in the league for 5 years and been with 1 team. Journeyman?? Really????”

    Perhaps dear Raider brethren, you may wish to read before you speakith:

    jour·ney·man [ júrnimən ]

    1. somebody with ordinary competence: a competent and reliable but unexceptional performer or exponent of something.

  34. @BroncoNick,

    I am holding on to last year because that was the last time the two teams faced each other. That is what you base things off of until they face each other this year. Who is the Superbowl Champion? Green Bay. Until another team takes wins the big one they will be reguarded as the Champions. Until the Broncos can make up for the destruction they suffered at the hands of the Raiders then yes, I am going to look at the last head to head match ups.

    As far a debating football, if you trully believe that the Broncos are going to be into a position to challenge for the division, you are nuts!

    They have a new coach that has a completely new offense and defense to install. They have a quarterback controversy. The coach wants to start Kyle Orton and the fans want Tim Tebow. They are switching from a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 and do not have all the pieces they need to do that (DT). Their best player (Doom) is comming off of a huge injury and may never be the same as torn chest muscles can rob the person of strength and movement. They have a HUGE issue at running back. Moreno cannot stay healthy and his back ups are not very good. They need to add a true every down back.

    These are just a few issues that I see with the Broncos. You said they were rising, I disagree. I think they are a few years away from being a threat in the AFC West.

  35. Broncos fans are hilarious. Tim Tebow is surely waiting to light up the Raiders considering his first start was against us and he got schooled. Poor Timmy will be shellshocked and in prayer this season.

    I’m not sure why you’re acting as not giving Cable a new contract is so detrimental to the team. From years of experience of arguing with Broncos fans, even if we had kept him you’d just be saying we have an incompetent wifebeater as head coach. The fact is you really have no arguments against us right now as we have a better offensive squad, a better defense and better special teams than you, so you have to cling to the fact that we got a new head coach as a typical “LOL AL DAVIS IS SENILE” move.

    Hue gave us a 2nd best rushing attack last season and improved our scoring output by umm…3x of what it was two seasons ago. The players love him. Meanwhile you guys hire a coach who took his team to a glorious 2-14 record last year. Sure he had no “talent” (not even going to mention the all-pro RB, an elite LT and a awesome backup RB that he had) and worked for an owner who’s allergic to spending money, but he clearly gave up on the team around week 2. I’m sure you heard the reports of the simplistic gameplans he developed, simple calls that every opposing defense read before the snap etc. Is this the guy you want to trust with your “up and coming” franchise? The guy who gives up on his players and coasts the rest of the season because he feels his players aren’t good enough? JOKE!

    As for Nnamdi, I love him…but having an elite CB (as opposed to an elite DE) is a luxury in the NFL. It’s not as we have won all these years with him on that defense. I think our defense will be fine with that defensive line that led the league in sacks per pass play last year, but thanks for caring.

    I really hope your justifications help you sleep at night. Well until the season starts at least. Make sure to record a youtube video of you crying in your mom’s basement when the Raiders run through your team again this season a’la Chargers fans.

  36. Bronco Dick is right. We can’t hang our hats on last seasons two wins over our division foes. Yes, the Broncos had a great draft with Elway callin’ the shots. BUT, I love the swagger that Hue Jackson is bringing to this team and don’t doubt the Raiders loved the small taste of victory last year and hungry for more. See you Monday Night (hopefully)

  37. Actually Tebow did a decent job of lighting up the Raiders in Oakland in week 15 last season, throwing for a TD and running for another in about a quarter of football against the silver & bleak defense, racking up a QB rating of 100.5.

    It was against the Chargers back ups two weeks later in Denver that Tebow looked like the NFL QB he will probably be, throwing two INTs and taking three sacks enroute to a 58.2 rating.

  38. @jmcneal333
    You keep holding on to last year.. I know you like that.
    As far as your comments about how we are in bad shape..
    You’re right… getting the best OLB in the draft and maybe in the next 5 to 10 drafts to come is bad.
    The fact that we have a QB competition right now is a good thing! Competition brings out the best in everyone, and Fox likes Tebow by the way.
    Tebow is going to start, it’s pretty certain, and yes @wowjowbk Tebow actually had a really good game against you guys last year I remember a 40 yard run through your “great” defense and a Passing TD.
    All of you need to remember that was Tebow playing last year with almost no reps with the first team in practice until that week before the Raiders game.
    With more time Tebow IS going to be a top tier QB in this league.
    @humbolt glad you got a laugh out of it. I’ll be laughing more when Tebow carves up the Chargers.
    As far as RB, DT, and O-line concerns… just remember that after this new CBA the Free agnecy is going to be insane! Denver will fill those holes with decent players.
    Can’t Wait!!

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