Jim Kelly thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick can handle the job


The Bills have tried ten starting quarterbacks since Jim Kelly retired, and at times Kelly hasn’t been shy about voicing doubts about the signal caller du jour. Kelly has no such reservations about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Kelly said on NFL Network Tuesday that the Bills were wise to pass on quarterbacks early in this year’s draft, and noted Fitzpatrick’s solid stats late last year.

“I’ve been watching him throw for the last month and he’s done such a great of communicating and running this offseason program,” Kelly said.

We think Buffalo would be an interesting landing spot for someone like Vince Young, as Chan Gailey has worked well with mobile quarterbacks. Kelly seems to think the Bills don’t need much more at quarterback, and it’s not that crazy a notion in the short term.

Fitzpatrick played pretty well last year, and we’d like to see what he could do in year two in Gailey’s system.  He also will have the luxury of getting the majority of snaps in camp this time around after being behind Trent Edwards at this point last year.

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  1. As a Patriots fan I was pretty impressed with him. It seems the Bills have other, bigger issues than QB at this point in time.

    He also seems like a good team player, something Vince Young has not been.

    I sure remember when the Bills were a good team and it seems like since they ran Flutie off they have stunk (he was another QB that won games for them but wasnt appreciated)

  2. Fitzpatrick ..is ok, not bad, decent..and real smart.

    Come to think of it…he;s 2nd best QB in AFC East

  3. Time will tell if the Bills missed out on any QB’s this season. I think they were smart not to reach as Fitzpatrick is adeqete and mistrezzrachael , nice shot but true.

  4. I think he is underrated. If he had some talent to work with he could be a good QB and as it is he isn’t bad. Besides, who would they replace him with?

  5. I love Fitz ‘s personality,leadership and never say die mentality on the field. He’s the 1st Bills Qb in a long long LOOOOOOOONG time who scares the crap out of me when he faces my team’s defense (Pats)

  6. I would rather have Fitzpatrick than Sanchez or Henne hands down. The Bills need to concentrate on other positions.

  7. Bills might suprise a few teams this years, they have probably the best WR core in the conference.

  8. I would take him any day of the week over Young. Im a Patriots fan, and I was impressed with him, I hope be all for them signing Young though. haha

  9. commentcentral says:
    Jun 29, 2011 3:52 PM
    perhaps the Bengals kept the wrong quarterback

    I think you might be correct with that assumption.

    Go Bills!!

  10. Fitz is truely underrated. Look at the recieving corps last year. I believe that SJ broke out because Fitz was in there. He fits buffalo, did you see the beard??? He’s a bit Favre-esque in his playing style, gunslinger/improviser, wich gets him in trouble a bit, but makes some amazing plays. His coming out party was definetly the Baltimore game, and even throughout the season he put this team in postion to win. A full season as starter, a whole off-season where he has the offense to himself, and I think he will be a top-12 qb next season. If the D solidifies, this will be a team with potential.

  11. ampats says:
    Jun 29, 2011 3:40 PM
    Time will tell if the Bills missed out on any QB’s this season. I think they were smart not to reach as Fitzpatrick is adeqete and mistrezzrachael , nice shot but true.

    Ampats, I only speak the truth..and gotta say, would love to see Fitzpatrick get a line & some weapons…and maybe Bills move up to 2nd in AFC east…Just dying to see how fast jets fans turn on coaches & team when cap gambles force them to nosedive, and finish 3rd or 4th…Maggots start eating themselves when there’s no dead bodies to feed off.

  12. He certainly is the 2nd best QB in his division by a wide margin. But I guess that is not saying much.

    Kidding aside I watched a number of Bill games last year and Fitz was impressive. In a league where players are afraid to take chances he takes chances. He seems to have a lot of fire and the ability to carry a team ob his shoulders when he is hot. But what makes him dangerous to me is his feet. He extends plays and can hurt you running the ball.

    I am not going to put him in my top 15 QBs but he could move into hat list this year. Then again there is a chance he could end the season as backup. But I would feel a lto better if I was Miami or the Jets if Fitz played for me rather than Henne or Sanchez.

  13. If Stevie Johnson could catch wide-open game-winning touchdown passes… it sure would help Fitzpatrick, or whoever is throwing the perfect pass to him.

  14. palakerfan says:
    Jun 29, 2011 3:33 PM
    Thus ensuring Jim Kelly retains all the franchise passing records.
    If you don’t know it, don’t say it.

    Drew Bledsoe broke a lot of single-season records already.

  15. palakerfan is right on. Ha ha ha. I think Fitzpatrick could be good for 35 total TDs and just 13 interceptions with Marcus Easley in the mix, and Johnson and Spiller developing. If the defense ends up being even average, the INTs could be down near 7.

    However, – whether you think Fitzpatrick is mediocre or you just think he’s too old to – he is not going to break Jim Kelly’s records.

    You could tell Aikman was jealous of Romo when that happened but I think every QB should expect it with the new rules and the better athleticism at the offensive skill positions.

  16. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills pick up cheap 2nd stringer Tyler Thigpen, one of Gailey’s former QBs in KC. Thigpen know his system, plays to Gailey’s offense, and can push Fitzpatrick or be a competent backup if needed.

  17. CKL says:Jun 29, 2011 3:48 PM

    I love Fitz ‘s personality,leadership and never say die mentality on the field. He’s the 1st Bills Qb in a long long LOOOOOOOONG time who scares the crap out of me when he faces my team’s defense (Pats)

    yeah right.

  18. Fitzpatrick is and should be the guy this year. Should have another big year now that he has more experience, confidence, and is the unquestioned starter.

    I like the Vince Young idea though. Not sure how he would handle being brought in to a small town like Buffalo to be a back up on a 4 win team, but I do think he would be a great fit for a Gailey offense. Better than Levi Brown at least.

  19. Never seen so many people be so one-sided in post on here BUT…

    I think the same as everyone else. He is undeniably talented, gifted above the neck, has no humility to try and make the tough throws (that most would take the sack/hit or scramble.)

    Worked well in a good divsion, and bad weather and with limited weapons around him.

    For the post to mention “we think Vince Young would be interesting” ?????? in Buffalo?! Your crazy this franchise deserves to work with a kid like this, someone who is driven and has already sparked the fans and put faith in his teamates and franchise. Ride him out this year, he is better than Sanchez & anything Miami has.

    My raiders play him week 2 in Buffalo, can’t say I’m not worried about this guy.

  20. i too was happy to see the bills pass on qbs in this years draft. i am not a bills fan but have two good friends who love them. they were really happy with fitz and from the few games i saw of the bills last year he seemed to be one of the few things they had going for them.

  21. Fitz is the first QB in a long time for the Bills I don’t cringe when he passes the ball, I actually expect him to do something good. He needs to be the starter, with a veteran backup who understands he is only the backup. Give Fitz the keys and let him go.

    Anyway, QB is the last thing the Bills need. They need to focus on o-line, and the middle of the defense. Running consistently and stopping the run are two of their biggest problems.

  22. Sanchez was decent on a great team. and Fitz was great on a awful team. I would take fitz over sanchez or henne any day

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