Report: Eagles will show “strong interest” in Ike Taylor

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The Eagles are popularly linked to Nnamdi Asomugha in free agency speculation, but they may be eyeballing an in-state cornerback option instead.

Citing multiple sources, Adam Caplan of reports that the Eagles “will show strong interest” in free agent Ike Taylor when the lockout ends. Taylor, of course, has spent the first eight years of his career with Pittsburgh.

Caplan also hints that Philadelphia is considering playing more zone coverage under first-year defensive coordinator Juan Castillo in order to complement changes up front. Along the defensive line, new position coach Jim Washburn is implementing a “wide-nine” philosophy in which both ends line up well outside of the offensive tackles trying to block them. The defensive tackles will be up-field pass rushers.

Taylor played right corner in Pittsburgh last year, and that’s the position Philadelphia sorely needs to upgrade. The Eagles rotated Dmitri Patterson and Ellis Hobbs at the position in 2010, and both flamed out.

PFT’s Mike Florio reported on May 15 that Taylor indeed plans to test the open market, and Taylor couldn’t have been clearer about his intentions to do so in a May 18 ESPN interview.

Taylor should also come at a much more affordable rate than Asomugha.

48 responses to “Report: Eagles will show “strong interest” in Ike Taylor

  1. Report: Jets will show “strong interest” in High School Girls with slender feet.

  2. Hmm. I could see him in green and midnight black. He plays with an edge, which sometimes get him in trouble, but having ‘Swagger’ on our roster wouldn’t be a bad alternative.

  3. Though i would rather see Joseph be the corner they sign, Taylor was in my top 3 a long with Richard Marshall.

    I said here before the Eagles have the best corner proven by stats in the league I see no reason to bring in the second best as well. They should make due with a good corner like Taylor who work well if we plan to go to more zone defense.

    With the new rules probably being only 4 years till free agency though we’ll have to wait and see who is availible come free agency. I would be happy with Taylor as a second corner though.


    The Philadelphia Eagles intend to bid on every player in the free agent pool and will outbid any other offers when necessary, once the league year begins. That is all.

    Cordially yours,
    A. Reid

    > (Do any of the free agents know that playing for the Eagles will be inevitable?)

  5. It’s gonna be great watching the power NFC teams run right through the tackles to the second level of the defense all season when their ends line up 5 yds wide and can’t clog the holes. Their mediocre lbs will sure be making allot of tackles. At least they have Vick and a dynamic offense to hopefully win the shootouts, because with their new “scheme” they are going to need allot of points. Soft zones with d ends lined up extra wide off the line against power running teams, this is gonna be fun.

  6. Great another corner for romo to pick apart. God I love Eagle vs Cowboys games. Oct 30, and Dec 24. Can’t wait. Just get this darn deal done already.

  7. I heard the eagles have a strong interest in Brad Childress to. Andy and Brad. Together again.

  8. All my Steeler brothers and sisters who think we won’t miss Ike are insane.

    Our defense is so dominant because of an amazing front seven, Dick LeBeau, Troy Polamalu – with key help from Ike, plus respected contributions from Clark.

    Too many in Steeler Nation take Ike’s performance for granted, underrate it and/or don’t grasp its significance.

    And if a team as shrewd as Philly is with personnel (particularly DBs), that oughtta tell ya something. See Dawk, Mikell, Asante, Nate, drafting Jaiquawn, etc. – they put an emphasis on the defensive backfield and almost never strike out.

  9. Ike Taylor is average despite playing behind arguably the best front 7 in the league. This is sad news as an Eagles fan. If this is true, all the “big spending” rumors the Eagles have been putting out is the usual BS they always spin out when they target B rate players

  10. Did a Cowboys fan just comment on Romo torching the Eagles? The Eagles have been absolutely hammering him and the Cowboys for years now.

    It’s been downright embarrassing. The only guy the Cowboys can get the ball to is Witten against the Eagles.

  11. All the guys saying Ike isn’t Nnamdi are absolutely correct – he’s not. No one is Nnamdi — not even Revis in my opinion.

    And therein lies the rub. Because no one is Nnamdi – translates into the reality that market forces for Nnamdi will blow minds …. and blow caps. The NFL isn’t the NBA where 2 or 3 players can 180 a team’s outlook.

    Ike Taylor, on the other hand, could be a (comparatively) manageable signing – and would be a very very good corner.

    For starters, Ike is a STRONG run support corner who hits like few corners do. He doesn’t shy away from tackles like Deion “Business Decision” Sanders.

    Ike singles up number ones for like forever. Think about that. Yeah, the 7 in front of him apply a lot of heat – but Ike is (and has been) responsible for lockdown with little help against the Andre Johnsons, Randy Moss(es) and Brandon Marshalls of the world. Been watching it for years.

    Ike can execute the corner blitz like few others. Watch the tape.

    Ike is fast. Even at his age, check out how quick he is. Still a sub-4.4 guy. Match that number up around the league.

    Stays healthy. Plays hurt but doesn’t get injured. Check out his track record.

    Works his ASS off down south to be great too. Has the discipline. Crazy self-discipline. Look into it – the info is available to anyone seeking to become informed. Helps to be a Steeler nut though.

    Character guy as well. No Aqib Talib type b.s. with Ike.

    Deeply respected (and liked) by coaches, players and ownership in Pittsburgh. Contemplate that for a second.

    Now a sharp team like Philly is apparently is working to make a play for Ike. Philly, like Pittsburgh, is a sharp team. They aint the Bungles or the Clowns — they’re shrewd. If they’re sweet on Ike, that has to be respected.

    Not Ike’s agent – just watched that kid work his ass off as a very raw 4th rounder out of Lousiana Lafayette and turn himself into a very very special player. Nice to see he’s got some hardware to show for his efforts – and wish him well … in Pittsburgh.

    But if Philly locks him up, more power to them for recognizing.

  12. I was all ready to bash on Taylor because I’ve seen him burned on more than one occasion. But, due to paulieorkid’s post, I will re-evaluate. Bashing to be continued…

  13. hahahaha I hope Philly does sign him, cause then you’ll go thru the season winning 10-11 games, and get in the playoffs and get exposed AGAIN!!!

  14. @paulieorkid–

    I live in Pittsburgh too, and I think you must be the new spokesperson for Ike Taylor, maybe a second agent if not a family member?

    As far you ‘watching Ike lock down #1 WR’s for years,’ I have been watching #1’s like Moss (your example) make him look pathetic many times over. If that’s ‘locking them down’ then I’d hate to see when he doesn’t in your mind.

    Ike is getting a little long in the tooth, and yes, he is fast still (debatable about your ‘sub 4.4’ numbers, as that was 2 or 3 yrs ago, and wasn’t exactly ‘official’), but he has never been anything more than an average to above average CB who plays in a very good defensive scheme. Ike is in that 2nd or 3rd tier of guys in Free agency, but you are right, he is certainly worthy of locking down a solid #2 spot for the Eagles. They had no one else last yr, and he’d help the ‘Asante’ lack of tackling syndrome too.

    If Pittsburgh is willing to let him go, with ABSOLUTELY no other CB help, and basically no one drafted who is worth a damn, that has to say something. Their secondary hurt them all last yr, and they are about to get even worse. Luckily, they have one of the best front 7’s in the game still, but many are getting on the wrong side of 30. I’d like to see how they re-construct the defense on the fly in the upcoming yrs. I’m glad they seem to be building around Timmons, and hopefully Woodley too.

  15. That’s why the Eagles will always be 10-6 in the season and 0-1 in the post season. They never go for the home run because they want to be just good enough and never great. Why? Because they don’t have to be to make money, which is all the Eagles are about under this ownership regime. Forget Reid, he doesn’t have any real say about who they write the big checks for. He only tells the guys who write the checks whether he can win with the guys they decide to bring in. Banner loves to shop the bargain basement where the broken stuff is collected and put on sale for a fraction of it’s original price. They figure there are positions on the team where those guys will work for a season, then just replace them with some other broken piece next year. If you ask them, do they want to win, the answer is, yes and no.

  16. Not an Eagles fan but it makes sense… Asomugha will cost waaay too much money, especially when combined with Samuel’s contract… you can’t pay everybody huge deals

  17. Going to more zone and putting a solid, physical steady CB across from Samuel is the way you have to deal with having Samuel as your LCB. Or if you like Samuel’s style or play (I don’t) that’s how you maximize his talent. Sounds like Philly is going that way which is smart on their part.

  18. @ footballphan:

    Footballphan, you’re the kind of guy I’m referring to. You have an oversimplistic view of things – it’s possible that you also think Ben’s holding on to the ball too long outweighs all the upside it creates. You probably think Arians throws the ball too much. Perhaps you’re one of many of my Steeler Nation brethren who thinks simply blowing our whole cap to sign Nnamdi has no downside at all.

    Here, you proceed to describe Ike with words like “pathetic,” “never more than an average corner,” “a little long in the tooth” and Pittsburgh “willing to let him go.”

    Perhaps you ought to listen to the people who are most keenly familiar with Ike’s worth: his defensive (and offensive) teammates like Troy Polamalu, Aaron Smith, James Harrison, etc.

    You ought to also consider the voices of Ike’s Hall of Fame Defensive Coordinator, ex-opponent #1 WRs and defensive-savvy teams like the Eagles. And for good measure, throw in Mike Tomlin – a former WR and stud defensive backs coordinator.

    Who also said Pittsburgh was “willing to let Ike go?” That remains to be seen. We failed to extend beast Woodley – and were forced to slap the Franchise on him … as we head into much uncertainty over free agency status with an expiring CBA. We have yet to extend Timmons – so that too is a concern.

    Hey man – not saying you’re a bad guy or anything. It’s just frustrating to see so many Steeler brothers passionately oversimplify matters, with crap like, “Why not just sign Nnamdi?” Nnamdi is awesome – but he’d destroy our cap given his assuredly mind-blowing contract to come.

    Or you hear, “That’s what I really hate about Ben – he always holds the ball too long.” Another oversimplification: yes, he extends plays – and the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

    Or you hear, “We need to go back to pounding the rock 1970’s style.” The rules are way different than in the 70’s – much of it created by the success of Mel Blount and the Steeelers. Check out who won the Super Bowls in the 2000’s: teams with high-powered offenses like New England, Indy, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, etc.

    As for Ike, not an agent, family member – nor do I know him. Just a western PA-born Steeler fan who respects what Ike Taylor has done for the Steelers – and it’s no wonder Ike feels unappreciated by major segments of our spoiled fan base.

  19. @footballphan

    What are you talking about?? The last time Ike has faced Moss was in 08 where we won 31-10 and Moss had 4 catches for 45 yards and NO TD’s. I believe the time you’re thinking of is 2007 when Moss had 135 yards and 2 TD’s. That was the infamous Anthony Smith garuntee game where Brady and CO purposely attacked Smith on zone plays. Go watch tape and tell me how those TD’s were Ike’s fault, please.

    And while you’re doing that, go ahead and find a WR that has made Ike “look pathetic”. Please. Ike has been shutting down people for years and not getting any of the credit that Revis or Nhamdi get. Revis and Nhamdi had 0 INT’s last year but, no one mentions that because “oh, that just means people were avoiding them”. Yes, Ike can’t catch but, that doesn’t mean he can’t cover.

    The Steelers pass defense gets shredded in the Superbowl and now everyone thinks Ike sucks. No one realizes that McFadden was playing injured and Willie Gay was barely playing at all. This sudden disrespect for Ike after another stellar year is ridiculous.

    Look at Ike’s stats vs’ Nhamdi’s from last year. Nhamdi, 19 tackles and 6 passes def (in 14 games). That’s a little over 1 tackle a game. Ike, 66 tackles, a sack, 11 pd’s, 2 int’s, and a ff (in 16 games). The year before that was worse. Yes, Nhamdi is like Dieon Sanders….in the respect that he avoids contact. The last year he had 50 combined tackles was also the last year (and only year) he had more than 1 INT, 2006. I understand that’s because he is a lock down corner….so is Ike.

    P.S – Before you make another wrong statement, make sure your research is thorough. For instance, Roddy White having 13 catches for 111 yards in week 1 last year means nothing because Ike wasn’t watching him, McFadden was. Same with T.O against the Bengals, he was on Ochostinko.

  20. Did a Cowboys fan just comment on Romo torching the Eagles? The Eagles have been absolutely hammering him and the Cowboys for years now.

    It’s been downright embarrassing. The only guy the Cowboys can get the ball to is Witten against the Eagles.


    Yeah? Romo is 5-3 against the Eagles as a starter, including playoffs. What games have *you* been watching? Wade Phillips was 5-2 against the Eagles during his tenure as head coach of the Cowboys. How’s THAT for “embarrassing”?

  21. Oh, I forgot to add a response to your “only guy the Cowboys can get the ball to is Witten” comment.

    11/4/2007 – TO caught 10 for 174 yards against the Eagles
    9/15/2008 – TO caught 3 for 89 and 2 TDs
    12/28/08 – TO caught 6 for 103
    1/3/2010 – Crayton 4 for 99, Austin 7 for 90
    1/9/2010 – Felix Jones 207 all-purpose yards, Austin 7 for 82 yards

  22. @Paulieorkid–

    First of all, I am not part of your ‘Steeler Breatheren,’ but you guys are obviously a well respected franchise.

    Secondly–you think Ike is something special, I do not. I think he’s good. I think he’s a solid #2 CB for every team in the NFL.

    That’s about it….I am not ‘oversimplistic’ etc–I have a different viewpoint, that’s all. As far as the comments go about you being his biggest fan, I was just teasing you. Relax.

  23. @aldashex86–

    C’mon dude? Get real. Okay, Ike Taylor is one of the best CB’s out there, I said it…now let’s move on.

    You are right in your examples of shutting down the Ocho Cinco’s and T.O.’s of the world, but does anyone really consider them top tier talent? Leigh Bodden would constantly shut down BOTH of those guys, but you don’t hear Leigh Bodden’s name being placed like he’s something super-special. He’s a very solid #2 CB, and that’s exactly what Ike Taylor is too.

    You guys that are making him up to be the second coming of Rod Woodson are cracking me up today.

    Ike has indeed been made to look quite foolish a number of times since his 2005. Go back and watch last yr’s Buffalo game, where that poor kid flat out drops the winning TD in overtime. He absolutely scorched Taylor, who would’ve been a huge goat that day, and thanked his lucky stars that Johnson (I think that’s his name) dropped it.

    It’s just a matter of opinion, nothing more.

    I think if you asked many of the NFL players and coaches, I think they’d agree that Ike is a good #2 CB…not the shutdown CB you are making him out to be. THAT is ridiculous.

  24. @aldashex86–

    This isn’t anything ‘new’ as you put it, since the Super Bowl. Yes, the secondary was exposed in the SB, and YES they were the only blemish on the defense throughout the season too. Look at the numbers from last yr. Did the Steeler secondary even come within the top 20 of the NFL?

    We all saw them give up 500+ yards of total offense and 40 pts on Sunday night football to Brady and the Pats (again). I may be wrong, but I am guessing very correctly that Ike Taylor was a big part of that. And New England didn’t even have Moss anymore.

    Take away Ike’s stats against “Ocho Cinco” and T.O., and you have an average CB. No one’s putting them up there in top WR talent. If those guys are your measuring sticks, then I suppose you have a point, and I tend to agree with you.

  25. @ footballphan

    Did you just reference a play that resulted in 0 yards and no TD to improve your argument? Everyone gets beat deep at least once, even the great Revis Island. Though, he of course, grabbed his leg for theatrical effect AFTER he had allowed the TD. Johnson had under 70 yards that game….try again.

    As for asking players and coaches I believe Paulie already pointed out that you can ask Dick Lebeau. One of the best to ever play CB and definitely a great DC.

    Maybe Ike is a #2 corner when paired with Samuel but, I think you are highly dilluting his value. Can you honestly think of 10 teams in this league where he wouldn’t be the #1 corner? I’ll give you 3 to get you started. Jets, Eagles, Packers…

  26. Last year: Brandon Marshall, Mike Williams (TB), Anquan Boldin, Marqus Colston, Santonio Holmes, Steve Smith….do any of those count?

    I didn’t brag about him shutting down Ocho or TO. What I said was, don’t credit TO’s good game with Ike because, Ike was on Ocho. I didn’t say “whoo he shut down, Ocho he’s the best!” And T.O isn’t good now? He had 983 yards and 9 TD’s in 14 games last year. You have very high standards my friend.

  27. @aldashex86–

    Ten teams where he wouldn’t be the #1 CB? Are you kidding me? LOL. You must be high.

    1. NYJ–Both Revis AND Cromartie
    2. NE Pats–Both McCourty (probowl) AND Bodden
    3. Packers–Both T.Williams AND Woodson
    4. Oakland–Asomuagh
    5. Denver–Champ Bailey?
    6. Eagles–Asante Samuel
    7. Cincy–Both Hall AND Joseph
    8. Cleveland–Joe Haden?
    9. Arizona–Dominique Rogers-Cromartie
    10. Atlanta–Brent Grimes

    That was easy.

    Look, I get it. You think Ike Taylor is a top CB, I don’t…it’s okay to disagree. I still think he’s in the top half of the league overall, yes. He’s certainly a very good #2, and a #1 on some teams. So was Ellis Hobbs….

  28. And you keep going back to the Cincinnati Bengals as a measuring stick, lol. Yes, T.O. had an acceptable yr, and yes, he even had a GOOD yr for his age and status, his overall team etc.

    But to keep going back to Cincinnati…at least I gave you a play where the guy dropped the easiest pass all year. He still would’ve been a huge goat had Johnson caught that pass, no doubt. They talked about it here in Pittsburgh all week long.

    What you aren’t including, are the games where he got flat out played…Green Bay, New England.

    And I could’ve covered Steve freaking Smith last yr with the QB situation they had.

    He did a good job on the others. He’s GOOD, not GREAT.

  29. No time to roll with this right now footballphan – you now mention “very good” “GOOD” and “good job” repeatedly.

    At least you’ve moved the needle from “pathetic,” “long in the tooth,” a player the Steelers don’t mind getting rid of and “never more than an average corner.”

    Will touch base after work.

  30. Yes, you’re right–‘pathetic’ is far from true, however ‘made to look pathetic’ is what I specifically said. I still think there have been guys that have done that, but it’s true that he has grown to be a solid CB. I am sticking with my ‘#2 for many teams, and #1 for some’ statement. I do think that if you split the CB’s into the top 32 in the game, he’d probably be in the top half, therefore he is a top 15-16 CB in this league, and that’s certainly enough to have earned respect.

    We’re getting into semantics here, as I see him as a 3 1/2 out of 5 star CB, you seem to see him higher. To each his own.

    However, you can’t deny that Pittsburgh very well, may ‘let him walk.’ That is a fact. They most likely will not pay him what he will demand on the open market, and it’s not their style–that’s fine. However, they do need to shore up the secondary a bit, as they don’t have any other weaknesses. McFadden has not produced, maybe the younger guys can?

    Pittsburgh is getting a ‘little long in the tooth,’ yes. The same thing happened to N.England as they lost some key vets and had to rebuild. Pittsburgh will eventually go through the same thing. It is key that they retain Woodley and Timmons, IMO.

    Hampton is getting up there, so is Aaron Smith. Farrior is pretty old, he’s 36 right? Foote, Harrison, and Clark are all on the wrong side of 30. LeBeau, God bless him–is turning 74.

    I believe that by retaining Timmons, Woodley, Polamalu, et al, they’ll continue to provide the fans with a terrific defense, but yes–they need to start rebuilding. That process has already started with Ziggy Hood, and this year too with Heyward. Whether or not those guys can fill the shoes ahead of them remains to be seen, but I always feel that they’ll provide a strong defense and a very competitive team for yrs to come.

  31. Agreed on this – Pittsburgh will not pay market price. We laid out big bucks for Ben, Harrison, Polamalu, etc. – but even then, we paid them less than market value.

    As such, my concern is that unless Ike realizes that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else (insert Randy Moss bitching up a turdstorm in New England or T.O. doing the same in Philly and then Dallas).

    Pittsburgh’s only shot is based on a long list of factors and intangibles that only Pittsburgh can offer Ike. These are the same reasons that Ben, Harrison, Polamalu and others likely signed on the line that is dotted to play in the black and gold. Hopefully, Ike will follow suit.

    Then again, this is Ike’s last chance at the kind of payday that will set up his grandkids for life.

    We’ll see how it shakes out. If he stays in Pittsburgh, I’ll be stoked. If he moves on to Philly, I’ll wish Ike the best – and the Eagles too for properly appreciating his game.

  32. Hobbs didn’t “flame out” – dude got hurt. Patterson showed that he’s a good role player, but not a starter.

    I’m not a fan of Taylor – seems to get burned a lot. But if you can’t get Nnamdi, then you have to get someone and Ike would be an upgrade over what we have. I wonder if T. Lindley will be a player.

  33. Ike is a stud, he will be a great value and the eagles will get the most out of him, with money to spread to d jax and a few other key F A’s I like the direction they’re head in I might accept Carlos rogers here to he might sign cheap as a chance to play real competitive football and stick it to the skins twice a year for dissing him!

  34. @ Footballphan

    I already had replied to your latest feeble attempt to take a dump on Ike. Unfortunately it must have been deleted due to me posting links to highlights of both the GB and NE games for you to watch. Please go to youtube and watch the clips. And tell me where Ike was made to look pathetic.

    He allowed 0 TD’s in both games and only shows up in each of the videos allowing a catch once per game. In summation, the Steelers defense allowed 8 TD’s in those 2 games, 7 through the air. And none were on Ike Taylor. So on top of you not being able to name a WR that made him look pathetic, you have failed to even bring a GAME forth where he played like anything EXCEPT a lock down corner.

    Stating he is a good #2 corner and then saying he is a top 15-16 corner is ridiculous. There are 32 teams in the league. So by these terms you’re admitting he is a #1 corner. Your ten team list is severely flawed. 3 of those corners you named are free agents, and probably only 1 of them is going to be more sought after in FA, Nhamdi. Ike would start over 2nd year Haden (for a year or 2 at least) , inconsistent Hall (ask any Bengals’ fan), and Grimes. Grimes doesn’t even start over Robinson, who Ike is much better than.

    As for your Bengals comment. ONCE AGAIN, I am not using T.O as a measuring stick for Ike Taylor. I am using him as a measuring stick of your football knowledge, stating that he is not good is ridiculous. As I mentioned, T.O was not covered by Ike last season, therefore I wouldn’t include him in this argument. Please, keep up.

    So let’s try this again. Please name a WR who made IKE TAYLOR look pathetic, not a TEAM who made the Steelers SECONDARY look pathetic. You can’t blame Willie Gay’s play on Ike. Thanks.

  35. I hear guys come up with these never substantiated “positions” of “it ‘seems’ like he gets burned a lot.”

    Really? The guys rarely offer anything specific/no actual documented examples.

    Rather, they just come out with crap like “it seems like …” Seems to who? Dick LeBeau? Nah. Mike Tomlin? No. Then who? Ahhh, just me – Joe Nobody on his Blackberry while taking a dump.

    And learn the distinction between being “burned” and having a pass caught against a player. A perfect pass and a perfect catch will beat epic coverage every time. Check out Santonio Holmes game-winner in SB 43.

  36. Let me understand this: The eagles will play zone behind wide-split DEs and tackles that will rush the passer??? Number 1, good luck against teams that run the ball effevctively and 2, you better make that a stellar secondary. You will need more than samuel and taylor.

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