Suspended Tanard Jackson working out with Bucs

Buccaneers safety Tanard Jackson was suspended for at least a year in September. But the lockout has given him the opportunity to work out with teammates, and he’s making the most of that opportunity.

Although Jackson will be banned from all Bucs activities once the lockout ends, he is currently among those in attendance for the Bucs’ player-organized minicamp.

I’ve just been trying to stay in shape and doing what I can do,” Jackson told “There’s not much I can do during this lockout with me being in the situation I was in. I’m just happy to be out here with some of my teammates and hopefully I can get into the season and be back and be a part of this team.”

Jackson’s suspension under the league’s substance-abuse policy runs until at least September 22. At that point, the NFL will assess whether he’s ready to be reinstated.

Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib, who’s also participating in the Bucs’ player-organized minicamp despite off-field problems that could keep him away when the lockout ends, was working with Jackson and said he’s thrilled to see him again.

“That’s my guy. Yeah, he’s out here,” Talib said. “It’s always good.”

In Jackson and Talib, the Bucs have two very talented young players in the secondary. At least, they do right now. It’s unclear now whether they’ll have one, both or neither during the season.

12 responses to “Suspended Tanard Jackson working out with Bucs

  1. T. Jack will be back. The players still love him as well as the vast majority of Bucs fans (everyone has “that friend” who needs to layoff the Hippie Lettuce & he’s paid dearly for it already)

  2. Damn shame that a guy can let poor judgement suppress probowl talent. Hope he gets his isht together because we’re building something nice here in Tampa!!!

  3. seneca1ss says: Jun 29, 2011 7:32 PM

    T. Jack will be back.


    No chance in hell he comes back. We drafted Ahmad Black and Dominik has stocked the team with safeties last year: Asante, Lynch, Grimm, Anderson, Harris, Jones.

    Talib stays if anyone…

  4. “No chance in hell he comes back. We drafted Ahmad Black and Dominik has stocked the team with safeties last year: Asante, Lynch, Grimm, Anderson, Harris, Jones.

    Talib stays if anyone…”

    Trade bait, it’s all good.

  5. They’ll both be back, Aqib, Tanard, Cody, Myron…pretty sick secondary! We need to spend 60 mill or so too, Nmandi isn’t to far fetched as insurance for Aqib and the top secondary if Aqib gets things taken care of…

    Aqib and Tanard both feel like they owe the Bucs, we’ll keep them and for less when their next contracts role around…perfect situation for management…

  6. Sorry fellow Buc fans, but Nnamdi wants to play for a SB contender. although the Bucs are a good, exciting, young team, I doubt he has Tampa high on his list of potential new homes.

    and Jackson has to come back, He is a beast!

  7. Tanard will be eligible for return in week 2 and he doesnt count for a roster spot until then. The Bucs will have him back and Lych is likely the odd man out.

    Talib will likely be able to play every game this as his court date is set for after the season. It would look bad on the NFL to suspend him before the court case plays out….especially if hes cleared of all charges. Hell get suspended likely regardless, but not until next season after his court date.

    As far as FA, the Bucs only have 58ish million commited to the cap. They will need to sign acouple bigger name FAs to reach the floor. The only guys they have to resign worth a decent amount are Joseph and Ruud and neither are a lock to be resigned.

  8. He may get back onto the team in principle…but I dont think Tanard Jackson will ever start for the Bucs again…Cody Grimm looked just as good in my opinion once he got warmed up last season. Grimm certainly isnt the athlete that T-Jack is, but he’s a smarter player and better against the run. Maybe if Sean Jones walks after 2011, I could see us re-signing Jackson, but T-Jack doesnt play SS, and neither does Grimm. It’s too early to say, but I think Grimm and Ahmad Black will be the future at the Safety position in Tampa…


    I think most of the league is looking at the Bucs as Super Bowl contenders…and contenders to be one of the best franchises over the next decade…as a Bucs fan, I hope you feel that way too…

  9. When t-Jack gets back we could be a crazy secondary him and talib r two of the craziest young talents in the league

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