With only 15 years, Ravens have only so many “worst moments”

The team that used to be the Browns technically never was the Browns.  Instead, the team that was the Browns became, as of 1996, the Ravens.

And so the Ravens have been in existence for only 15 years, giving them fewer chances for “worst moments” since the last work stoppage.

But they still have their fair share, and we broke them down today in a special edition of PFT Live*.

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26 responses to “With only 15 years, Ravens have only so many “worst moments”

  1. The Ravens have a l ot of worst moments. Every home game starts with that UGLY PURPLE CLAD GOON doing his fairy dance. Please.

    I’m sure they enjoyed being humiliated on national television with the Steelers being honored and all of the Hall of Famers present.

    Mel Blount said they were embarrassing.

    They deserve every negative.

  2. The worst moment in Ravens history was the week and a half I thought I would have to root for a team with the Browns ugly unis and lame name!

  3. Why was Earnest Byner the first player inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor in 2001? He only started 14 games and scored 5 TDs in 2 seasons with the Ravens. Oh wait, he also played 7 seasons for the Browns and scored 37 TDs for them. His Ring of Honor bio lists a bunch of things he did as a Cleveland Brown.

  4. John Madden calling out Ray Lewis on MNF (around 2004) should be an honorable mention.

    Was a game against KC when they had their great o-line, and Lewis was getting manhandled. They showed footage of him on the sideline complaining to anyone who would listen that KC was double-teaming him on every play.

    So Madden — JOHN MADDEN, mind you — actually punked Ray out, narrating a series of replays where Lewis was getting owned one-on-one.

    I never saw Madden pimp slap a superstar of Ray’s calibre like that before.

  5. So in a brief article about the Ravens you mention Browns (3) more times than you say Ravens (2) .

    Could you for just once focus an article that is about the Ravens just on the Ravens ??
    Here I’ll give it shot ……….

    “The Ravens have 15 years of history, which is 1 year less than the Panthers and Jags. The Ravens have enough playoff wins and losses to eclipse both of those teams sucesses combined.”

    Now was that wasn’t too hard was it?

  6. Worst moment was adopting the fruity pebble flintstone numbers. This is what happens when you let women and nerdy graphic design guys put together a football uniform, quoth the raven.

  7. Mike, I dont agree. As a Ravens fan the 07 season is by far the worst memory we have. That year the organization hit rock bottom

    Coming off a season where they had won the division and then going on a NINE game losing streak, was almost unbearable. During that 9 game losing streak there was Field-goal gate, those guys walking off the field thinking they had won only to find that they hadnt and then losing in OT. There was that horrible loss to the Pats, to many things went wrong for me to even get into it without getting choked up. Then they became the 1 on a 1-16 record in OT at Miami. Old reliable Stover misses a field goal to seal the game and a few plays later the defense blows coverage and gives Cam Cameron his only win as head coach. They got thumped 35-7 in a game at Pittsburgh during that time, Roethlisberger threw 5 td’s in the first half. They got thumped by the Colts in Baltimore. Dungy pulled all his starters before halftime. I would go on but the memories are making me angry.

    As a fan, I can deal with playoff disappointment. To be disappointed in the playoffs means you were successful on some level. I can not live through a 9 game losing steak and just down right pathetic play as I had to in 07. I dont stop watching Ravens games and wearing Ravens gear after we lose playoff games. I didnt watch the last two games of 07 and for the first time in 6 years my Ravens flag did not fly on my car.

  8. “I dont stop watching Ravens games and wearing Ravens gear after we lose playoff games. I didnt watch the last two games of 07 and for the first time in 6 years my Ravens flag did not fly on my car.”

    Oh, boo-hoo. Fair weather fan.

  9. @malignantsociety

    LOL. I sat in the pouring rain watching the Colts absolutely demolish the Ravens on that Sunday night game in 07. The stadium had pretty much emptied and I was still there. I dont think that qualifies me as a fair weather fan. More like a fan who cant take anymore of watching your team find new and disgusting ways to lose a game.

  10. qj1984,

    Sound like a pretty fair weather fan. When things don’t go well with your team you hide your team flag and apparel but when they are winning, your flag is out waving on I95 with your Ravens gear..

    You posted it, we didn’t.

  11. @ampats

    You do know that in the previous 6 years before 07 the Ravens only had 2 winning seasons. Yeah, thanks for playing.

  12. OMG!! Only TWO winning seasons in SIX YEARS! and you still rooted for them after that?!? You sir are no fair weather fan!!

    (and don’t even bother mentioning that whole super bowl winning season before that)

    you do realize that the AVERAGE team would have had only three winning seasons in six years, right?

    previous 6 years:

    I guess we can all see how big of a fan you are! You don’t even appreciate winning seasons and must feel like 10-6 is a losing season. You may want to check your math on that one. You should be commended for sticking with a team that had two losing seasons in six years (and they even finished two games below .500 in one of those seasons). You didn’t even have four seasons of non-playoff football in those six years, let alone 4 losing seasons.

    Maybe you’re just spoiled from getting a team and having to wait three long years to win a super bowl and didn’t know what to do with yourself when you didn’t win a SB every three years.

    but, hey, thanks for playing!

  13. Remember when the Ravens had a fan contest to design their helmet logo? They ended up “designing their own”, which actually turned out to be a fan’s design -and they didn’t bother to give the guy credit.

    Does Art Modell steal *everything*?

    So that fan threatens lawsuit, and the Ravens scramble to drop that logo and adapt a new (crappier) one- thereby pretty much admitting guilt.

    I’m surprised that cute little move didn’t make the “worst moments” list.

  14. @malignantsociety

    Yes, a non playoff season is a losing season. My math was off by 1, big whoop. Point being the team isnt always successful and even when they are not I still support them as long as I feel they are giving a good effort. Anyone who watched the Ravens toward the end of 07 can tell you that the team completely gave up. I wont spend my money or my time watching a half @ssed effort on the field. If the players can pack it in mid season like the Ravens did in 07, why cant I?

    I still showed up ready and willing to sit threw another top 10 pick type season the very next year. Good thing I didnt have to and havent had to since 07.

  15. joeflaccosunibrow says:

    Had Cleveland NOT built the Indians stadium, Modell would have never left! He lost 81 rent checks a year with that new stadium. How can anyone with half a brain defend that?

    This is another Modell lie that he’s sold you! How can anyone with a “half a brain” not do their research?

    Modell was offered (and refused) a great deal to be involved with Jacobs field. He TURNED IT DOWN! Talk about “half a brain”.

    He also personally approved a renovation plan to his existing stadium (in 1993-94) and at no time did he ask Cleveland to give him a new stadium.

    Wait, sorry. He DID ask for a new stadium, but not until the move to Baltimore was nearly completed behind closed doors. Cleveland, by the way, approved a new stadium. Unfortunately, and as Modell has hoped for, it was too late.

    No “HOF” for Modell!!

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