Your Wednesday morning picture of labor hope

DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell hit the stage together Wednesday morning at the NFLPA* The Business of Football: Rookie Edition shindig as expected, painting a picture of cautious optimism to the 2011 incoming class.

“The goal is to get this done fast but right so that everything can start on time,” Smith said to the rookies, while warning them they face a tougher challenge than any class in 25 years because of lack of practice time.

Goodell says the hope is to not impact the season, which will be possible if a deal is done in the next few weeks.

We’ll let you know if the two men say anything noteworthy, but their quotes probably won’t be any more meaningful than their simple presence together at the event.

Photo courtesy of the NFLPA*

19 responses to “Your Wednesday morning picture of labor hope

  1. It’s not surprising to see both of them together at this event. If there is one thing both sides agree on, it’s that the incoming rookies are going to have to be paid less. A LOT less.

    I am sure they mentioned this to the assembled group right? Right?

  2. So “everything starting on time” and “not impacting the season” means full training camps and and not just no missed games right? I was hoping more for a deal in the next few days instead of the next few weeks.

  3. Its great to see them together. I truly dispised D Smith, however he seems to now be on board for the greater good…for the players and fans as well as the NFL, as shown by the willingness of both side to make consesions…..

  4. Glad things are looking up. Very good sign that Goodell and Smith were together on stage for this…

    Now get your arses back to work and get a deal done!!

  5. The Browns win the Superbowl….the Browns win the Superbowl….the Browns win the Superbowl….

  6. when the headline says “hope” and then after the jump i see DE Smith’s picture, i get depressed.

  7. I completely agree with botter67.

    Every update we get has something to do with a deal being made in “the next few weeks”. I’m sick of hearing that, it was the same thing 3 weeks ago. This needs to get done in the “next few days”. Please update us with something other than “the next few weeks” or don’t update us at all, since it has been the same update for the “PAST FEW WEEKS”.

  8. with likely only having a couple of weeks before the season starts to sign free agents, get your players in for physicals, sign rookies, and get a couple practices in, maybe and maybe only a preseason game, the season is already impacted. Silly of them to think otherwise.

  9. “the incoming rookies are going to have to be paid less. A LOT less.”

    yeah – “slave wages”

    Less than who – me? no, you? – doubt it. Rookie pay 5-10 years ago? nope.

  10. @SBJLizMullen Liz Mullen:
    Roger and De on their way to @imgacademies – will tour facilities and meet with bucs players.

    Good sign but let’s hurry and settle everything in MN! I don’t want to wait a few more weeks, I want this done in a matter of days!!!

  11. I think it is safe to say this is the reason that Luck did not declare. Smart move!!!

  12. Don’t you just love the way they dangle the carrot in front of the horse. This deal could have been done long ago if ego’s had not got in the way and the two sides talked like they should have. Many have said that the lawyers needed tobe out of the process to get a deal done, well guess what Goodell and Smith, they are out of it, so what is the hold up. Get the deal done allready!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I don’t think this means anything. If anything, I think its just Goodell and Smith trying to show everyone that they’re “working hard”. This deal won’t be done for another month.

  14. Chance of settlement w/no missed games: ZERO

    Anybody who thinks there is significance in the contract being “85% complete” is wrong. That’s the same 85% that was NEVER in dispute.

    This won’t get settled without some games and paychecks being missed.


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