Aqib Talib’s trial won’t happen until 2012

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Aqib Talib will have to wait until 2012 to find out his legal fate following his recent indictment for aggravated assault.

Talib’s attorney told Rick Stroud of the St. Peterburg Times Thursday that Talib’s trial will start March 12, 2012. That will make the NFL’s decision regarding whether to suspend Talib all the more difficult.

So we know Talib won’t be going to jail anytime soon.  The league can suspend him anyway for the indictment, especially considering he is a repeat offender of the personal conduct policy.  (Whether the league can apply the personal conduct policy during the lockout is a separate issue, but we are assuming they will find a way.)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Ben Roethlisberger without a conviction last year.  It’s just a guess, but we’d guess Talib will still get punished by the league before he faces his day in court.

13 responses to “Aqib Talib’s trial won’t happen until 2012

  1. Please. Ben’s the 6-5 cracker QB that black players and black media wanted his head on a stick. Ben wasn’t even charged and he sat a month.

    Perrish Cox gets charged with FELONY RAPE, and keeps playing.

    And, imagine that, the same black folk I mentioned above didn’t say a word.


  2. I thought the general rule of thumb for the League in these situations was to let the judicial system run its course, then determine a punishment. And yes, a player could be disciplined even if not found guilty of anything.

    If the League suspends him for 2-4 games for being indicted, what will they do if he’s found guilty of anything at all, serves minimal to no jail time (little enough that he wouldn’t miss games), would the NFL suspend him again? That doesn’t seem right.

  3. I won’t defend Talib on his other anger management stuff…but in this case…he gets to his mother’s house his sister has been beaten up AGAIN, by her scumbag boyfriend…I’m not saying I’m just saying…I wish he had been smarter than to take a gun to a volatile situation…and to he honest, he’s a top 5 corner in the league and we need him

  4. famousp22 says:
    Jun 30, 2011 5:02 PM
    schmitty2 says:…..

    Why would you be worried about his mom. She’s not athlete.

    It’s called SARCASM. Welcome to PFT there Mr.Rookie

  5. These players make all this money and still go out and act like fools and commit crimes. When will players like Talib learn.

    They Won’t learn. Their minor celeb status, and enormous salaries and signing bonuses make it impossible for young 20 some year olds to accept responsibility and be mature citizens.

  6. What the hell? I got a speeding ticket and my court date was in 30 days!

    Sounds to me like someone (or someone’s attorney) is gaming the system.

    What a shock huh?

  7. schmitty2 says:…..

    Why would you be worried about his mom. She’s not athlete.

    It’s called SARCASM. Welcome to PFT there Mr.Rookie……

    I’ve been here before, Mr. So called Vet!

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