Houshmandzadeh says he’ll “shock a lot of people” if he lands on right team


T.J. Houshmandzadeh isn’t used to this role.

For much of his career, he was a sticky-fingered overachiever.  He was a seventh-round pick that rose to prominence largely because of route-running and football smarts.

Now he’s seen as the opposite: A cocky free agent disappointment, and quite possibly a guy that struggles to fit inside the team framework.  He’s the guy who dropped the final ball in Baltimore’s season last year and he won’t be back.

“I wish things had ended better. “I’m not a guy who drops the ball, but I dropped a ball that really matters. Last year was a really bad year for me on the field,” Houshmandzadeh told the Carroll County Times.

Despite rapidly declining production and advancing age, Housh thinks he can still play.

“The last two years have been the most disappointing years I’ve had. I know people will say I can’t play no more. If I get to the right team, I’ll shock a lot of people,” he said.

Houshmadzadeh realizes Baltimore doesn’t need him after drafting two player at the position.

“I wish I could come back, but I know the dynamic and how it works,” Houshmandzadeh said.  “Not playing as much, I didn’t know how to handle it. People in the media think, ‘He’s complaining,’ but I was learning how to handle something new. It was an adjustment for me.”

We hate to be Debbie Downers, but Housh could have to learn how to handle something else new when the lockout ends. It’s quite possible he doesn’t get a contract offer for next season.

38 responses to “Houshmandzadeh says he’ll “shock a lot of people” if he lands on right team

  1. He will play somewhere next year but not for big, guaranteed money.

    Performance based contract time for him.

  2. And the Jets will shock a lot of people with thier choice for new team physician….. Dr Scholls

  3. He was a much better player when no one knew who he was and he had that hunger for greatness. Now he’s a washed up whiner who can’t come to grips that the best years of his career are long gone.

    Should have never left Cincy when they were offering to match Seattle’s offer. He and Palmer had chemistry. Now neither are worth the paper their overpriced contracts are printed on.

  4. The only thing that would shock me is if he caught a critical pass in the fourth quarter of an elimination

    I still can’t believe the rough ride Joe Flacco gets, despite the fact TJ dropped a 4th down catch and Boldin dropped a TD pass late in that Steelers/Ravens playoff game last year.

  5. its gotta be rough to realize your nfl career is over. now your close to 40 the big checks are gone you still have bills and more than likely you didnt get a decent college education. not to mention the aches and pains from playing so many years.

  6. Knucklebucket and RandySavage4ever are both pretty right on. He’d do well in New England, and would also surely like to be reunited with Hue Jackson in Oakland. TJ runs his mouth and is arrogant, however, he is a hard worker, stays in shape and is rarely injured, and never gets in trouble. He should have a few productive years left.

  7. The Raiders have a ton of outside speed. What they need is a veteran guy who can go across the middle. Housh is that guy. ITs a no-brainer.

  8. Houshmandzadeh will shock a lot of people if he ever learns to shut the hell up-it’s his big mouth that got him where he is today-for those of us in Minnesota tell Houshmandzadeh he can join T-Jack!

  9. Shouldn’t have wiped his cleats on that terrible towel, now he’s being haunted by the ghost of Myron Cope. Obviously joking but I can’t stand the guy.

  10. The only way he is going to shock anyone is if he shows us that he has learned to shut his big fat f-ing mouth until he actually does something to help his team win. This guy is all talk, no walk.

  11. House doesn’t have the speed to be a Raider. Vader wants trackstars at the wideout spots.

    @JohnnySinns, Flacco should have thrown and caught the ball himself right?

  12. Never should have left Cincinnati. As soon as he left, his career was pretty much over. Funny thing is, the Bengals offered to match the contract offer from the Seahags, but he still declined.

  13. JohnnySinns says: Jun 30, 2011 10:51 AM

    the guy who threw the pass is the problem.
    That’s just plain crazy.

  14. Why would any team waste their money on an aging and arguably washed up receiver when there are dozens of younger, cheaper options at the same position? I always like to see a veteran reinvent himself with a new franchise, but I just can’t see it happening with Housh.

  15. He was talented (emphasize ‘was’) but always played with anger — real anger, not the productive kind. Love to see that attitude fail.

  16. 1buckeye76 HE IS RARELY INJURED?
    Are you kidding me? He got hurt in seattle. Also, he missed on average 2 games a year here in cincy. Early in his career, he was injured so much he almost got cut. But then he got into power yoga and taking care of his body, and was injured alot LESS. But this guy has only played maybe 2 or 3 full seasons without missing games to injury. Look it up. Also, do some research before you go posting that crap. Also, he prob didnt miss any time in baltimore because he got little playing time.
    Here in the AFC North, The steelers rocked him every time he went over the middle. Anyhow, just another case of the grass being greener on the other side, until you get there. He never shoulda left cincy. I’d have loved if they had gotten 2 1st rounders for chad and kept TJ, palmer may still be here if they had done that.

  17. Douche is actually an ego maniac disruptive underachiever with Tiki hands who folds like a cheap suit in the clutch. Someone else already called it….Raiders.

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