More gushing from Gruden on Pryor


It’s nearly gotten to the point where we’re numb to anything Jon Gruden has to say when it comes to quarterbacks, since he’s the Will Rogers of quarterback evaluation.

But when Gruden speaks, we’re still inclined to listen.  If only to then shrug off his words as typical of a guy who wants to have maximum options and leverage when he decides to return to the NFL as a head coach.

With Gruden’s special edition of his QB Camp debuting tonight (9:00 p.m. ET), he has even more to say about the subject of the effort, former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

Gruden recently called Pryor a “rare talent.”  Gruden has elaborated, per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

He was 31-4 [in college],” Gruden said.  “He played good football in the big arena and played well in big games like the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  He was also undefeated against Michigan.”

Similar things also could have been said about Matt Leinart.

As to the man to whom Pryor is more often compared by those who seem him as a potentially stellar NFL quarterback — Auburn’s Cam Newton — it sounds as if Gruden thinks Pryor is even more prepared, based on his college experiences.  “He’s used to lining up underneath center and he played in plenty of two-back and one-back sets,” Gruden said.  “He impressed me with his football attributes and dealing with checks and audibles at the line of scrimmage.  He was asked to do a lot.”

Gruden also sees no differences between Pryor and other young players in his situation.  “He’s just like all the other quarterbacks and has to work on it,” Gruden said.  “I know he has worked hard on his delivery and he has been conscious of it.  Many wonder about arm strength but he had a tremendous throw [in 2009] in a two-minute drill against Iowa to DeVier Posey that he dropped.  He just has to press on and improve his accuracy and fundamentals.  That will come in time.”

One thing that surely won’t come in time is a negative review from Gruden of one of the quarterbacks he studies.

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  1. What else is new? All Gruden does is gush over whoever he talks to or about. He is hard to take seriously since he says the same thing about every player. He is part of the reason MNF sucks now. “No one does it better than [enter players name!” “[Enter players name] is a unique talent that none can match!” ect. ect.

  2. Still not sure how providing glowing reviews of every QB helps him get a coaching gig? It certainly isn’t showing off his talent evaluation skills. What if his “evaluation” of one of these turds gets a team to draft someone too high, surely that GM or Owner isn’t going to seek out Gruden as a coach after that. I thought Gruden was a tougher dude, grow a pair and tell it like it is – I think everyone would have more respect for you.

  3. I don’t know who makes more sick to my stomach Cam Newton or Terrelle Pryor.

    John Gruden is starting to push the envelope.

  4. There’s a reason guys like hearing the opinions of guys like Warren Sapp and Rodney Harrison, when they speak you may not like what they’re going to say and it isn’t always going to be nice, but it’s going to be real. Just like how Sapp blasted Huff recently for his practicing antics…

    How long till everybody gets tired of Grudens kissassfest and we went some legit breakdowns. When Gruden is critical he’s spot on, but sometimes it’s like watching american idol hearing all the contestants say how they love each other and everybodys really great friends, stuff the garbage and get to the truth!

  5. He has got to have SOMEONE in his ear telling him he starting to sound like an ass and loosing credibility if he keeps saying every…..single…..QB he evaluates is that “rare talent” and has “skills that few can match”…..come on Chuckie! I was a fan of his until MNF….he was defintely an improvement but enough is enough already, they’re not all great!!!! I gotta side with #4gone, grow a pair man……

  6. He often reviews the top 10 QB’s of every draft, sure they are all good. Stat’s prove out that they all won’t make it in the NFL.

    Gruden is just trying to give them confidence and help them out. He is passionate about what he does. I don’t ever see him saying something negative about one of these guys to their face.

  7. Gruden thinks that being on Holmgren’s staff when Favre arrived allows him to card carry Favre’s success on his resume wherever he goes. What the hell does he really know about QB’s who aren’t sensationalized? The guy won at Oakland with a resurging Rich Gannon and won his ***Super Bowl Championship*** with Tony Dungy’s fingerprints all over the team defense and Brad Johnson at QB. It’s as if he was afraid to have a star QB on his squads because he wanted to be the center of attention. His head has gotten way too big for his old team sidelines visor he used to wear.

    Oh, and Terrelle Pryor is an even bigger (if it can get any bigger) character risk than Newton, and “making the throws” in a pitch and catch setting isn’t the same as doing it under pressure, which he consistently failed at during his years at Ohio State. The days of the “running back QB” are over, time to move on. Vick showed a nice resurgence because he played to his potential with something to prove. He has proven also (and will again this season) that he is his own worst enemy once he starts to cool down and drop his desire. Plus, in the final four or five games last season, defenses began to figure him out.

  8. I just saw the teaser on SC this morning – Gruden kept saying the name Sensenbaugh over and over like 20 times. Pryor was just staring at him like WTH do you want from me man? Is he nuts?

    I will not be watching tonight – No substance there.

  9. Can we stop with the car jokes… if you were paying attention to the news, OSU AND Pryor were cleared from anything related to the cars. Another thing blown out of proportion by the media and everyone bought it.

    If you want to make car jokes, why don’t you make them about UNC players since there is actual proof they did something wrong.

    Also, one thing Pryor can do better then Cam Newton… actually name a single play when Gruden asks him. Maybe thats why Gruden thinks he is more prepared.

  10. I watched the last five minutes of the show with Jake Locker and the first five of the one with Blaine Gabbert and couldn’t watch anymore.
    Completely meaningless crap.

    I guess If I was a fan of the team that took one of these guys I would sit through it but to just watch it to try to really learn anything about them is pointless.

  11. “More gushing from Gruden on Pryor”


    This title is just so wrong!

    Skeet shooting? Is it reciprocal?

  12. Look – if you are Jon Gruden and you want QB’s to pay you money to train them, what better way to recruit next year’s QB’s then to talk up this year’s clients.

  13. If Cam Newton can be considered a legit franchise QB, good enough to be the #1 overall pick in the draft, I honestly see no reason why or how Pryor can be kept from playing quarterback in the NFL.

  14. I lost respect for Chuckie after his sickening man-crush love for Brett Favre who could do absolutely no wrong on Gruden’s eyes. No matter the action on the field, Gruden could NOT stop talking about how great the diva was even after all the picks, the grumbling from teammates about the special treatment he received, the quitting, the crying, etc.

  15. If he’s THAT good at developing QB’s, how come he always stuck with veterans at the position?

    Just wondering…

  16. The night Gruden let Keyshawn Johnson verbally abuse and berate him on the sidelines of a nationally televised Buccaneers game because Johnson was miffed was the very moment the “Chucky” persona died, and Gruden lost much of his credibility and respect. Since getting the MNF color gig Gruden has taken ass kissing to new heights, and what little credibility he retained after the Keyshawn episode was forever lost.

  17. Jon Gruden coached the bucs for 7 years and they had 14 different starting qbs during that time, ENOUGH SAID.

  18. Even with all the Gruden gushing, I’ll take his player evaluations over most of these Internet gurus ( PFt writers + commentors). You know because he actually has experience with what he is talking about, not evaluating players from a couch/computer chair.

  19. Gruden isnt going to be critical of anyone…….. he’s planning on coming back to coaching, he’s the coach taking some off time, not your typical analyst.

    I do think he’s great with his upbeat color commentary and energy for the game….. he reminds me alot of Madden. Boom !

  20. “…since he’s the Will Rogers of quarterback evaluation.” LMFAO…WTF does that even mean?? If I’m 30 and don’t even kinda get it, then who exactly is your target audience??

  21. giboxer5 says:Jun 30, 2011 4:44 PM

    “…since he’s the Will Rogers of quarterback evaluation.” LMFAO…WTF does that even mean?? If I’m 30 and don’t even kinda get it, then who exactly is your target audience??


    Come on and get with the times. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Will Rogers (and Wiley Post) was killed in a plane crash!
    1935, to be exact!

  22. Gruden will never flat out say anything negative against all of these quarterbacks that do the QB Camp with him. I’m not sure how long he’s been doing it, I know it’s been at least 2 weeks. Everybody knows that one day Gruden will go back to his coaching days. What would it look like if Gruden became the HC of a team where the franchise QB was a part of the QB Camp and Gruden ripped them apart? You think there will be any chemistry at all with them?

  23. “He was also undefeated against Michigan.”
    So was Armanti Edwards, former QB of Appalachian State and now either a WR or the last QB on the depth chart of the Carolina Panthers.

    The fact that his team beat a rival does not make him a good pro QB prospect

  24. So wait a second … Beating Michigan means ????? Especially since Michigan is a gutter program in the Big-10 now.

  25. Bring back Howard Cosell. “Look at that monkey run”. god that was awful. I think I’d rather be stuck in a room for a few days listening to Dan Dierdorf than to listen to Chris “i sound like i smoke 2 packs a day” Collinsworth.

  26. giboxer5 says:
    Jun 30, 2011 4:44 PM
    “…since he’s the Will Rogers of quarterback evaluation.” LMFAO…WTF does that even mean?? If I’m 30 and don’t even kinda get it, then who exactly is your target audience??
    Semi-educated average Joes?

  27. Gruden is the reason I do not watch MNF unless the Vikings are playing. He aruns to much from the mouth and analyes to much. Get rid of him asw he thinks he has to be the reason we watch MNF. Also to many people in the booth.
    Sam Skoien

  28. Seriously, when did we as a society become so shallow and empty where the media can manipulate us into watching their stupid shows.

    Grudden will say whatever ESPN wants him to say and do with these QBs. Plain and simple.

    Grudden clearly was told to set Cam up because Cam was already being portrayed by ESPN as being stupid. Gruden barely asked Blaine any real difficult QB questions. Just the same redundent statement about his major. He knew Mallett was a coaches kid was was able to have a best QB conversation out of the bunch and I don’t even remember Jake’s interview.

    We now have Terrell, who the sports media scaped-goated and blamed for Tessell’s fall but they have no intention of treating him anything like they did Cam. Grudden will be playing to Terrel’s strenght so he won’t look worst than Cam.

    Cam is the sports media’s whopping boy for this quota.

  29. The difference between Cam Newton and TP has less to due with ability, or even character, and more to do with investment.

    Cam was the #1 overall pick. He will cost the club millions and is counted on to be the face of the franchise and cornerstone to the offense.

    Pryor will probably be drafted somewhere between round 3 and 5 in the supplemental, and will cost, comparably, pennies. He may or may not remain at QB. He may or may not be a sub-package QB, rather than true every-down starter. Whomever takes him has a player with potential…but little risk.

    THAT is far, far more relevent that who is or is not a good NFL prospect. Cam was WAY over-drafted…Pryor will be a steal or a quiet bust.

    Personally, I think Cam was a better arm even if his short-area passing (“touch”) is questionable, and he’s never had to read NFL defensive schemes. Both has character questions, but Pryor has had minor issues that went horribly out of control while Cam has had one issue after another for years (cheating, stealing, lying, leaving, lying some more).

    I take Pryor for the price any day.

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