Seven steps towards Chiefs success


The Chiefs developed faster under Todd Haley than anyone expected.  Now comes the hard part.  

With a much tougher out of division schedule this year — they face the Colts, Steelers, the NFC South, and the AFC East — the Chiefs will have a lot of work to do if they want to repeat their 2010 record.  They are up next in our team checklist series.

1. Find an offensive tackle

Take a quarterback with shaky pocket presence, put Barry Richardson at right tackle, and hope.  That doesn’t sound like much of a plan.

The Chiefs surprisingly passed on tackle in the draft.  They have no depth behind Richardson and left tackle Branden Albert.  Perhaps Matt Light of the Patriots could be an option.

2. Fortify defensive line.

Scott Pioli has work left to do here.  Shaun Smith and Ron Edwards are free agents.  Rookie sixth-round pick Jerrell Powe is probably the best nose tackle on the roster. They can get by with their defensive ends and Glenn Dorsey can move inside sometimes, but they need another veteran in the middle.  Re-signing Edwards makes sense.

3. Make a quick decision on Brian Waters.

The Chiefs drafted Rodney Hudson and reportedly want to promote guard Jon Asamoah. That has led to speculation the team could cut five-time Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters.  If they are going to do it, they should do it quickly.  Waters has been one of the classiest guys in the league for a long time.

4. Add a wide receiver to play a big role. 

Drafting first-round pick Jonathan Baldwin was a start.  But who is this team’s third receiver?  (Or No. 2 if Baldwin takes time to develop.)

The best current options include Jerheme Urban and Verran Tucker.  Chris Chambers should be cut. Don’t forget Dwayne Bowe is on the last year of his contract.  Signing a solid second-tier free agent wideout like Steve Breaston who worked under Todd Haley in Arizona makes a lot of sense.

5. Find quarterback insurance.

With Brodie Croyle expected to leave, rookie fifth-round pick Ricky Stanzi is the presumptive backup.  Expect him to get veteran competition.

6. Get the ball to Jamaal Charles more.

Few players were more effective on a per-play basis last year. So give Charles more plays!

7. Find an appropriate uniform for Kermit.

26 responses to “Seven steps towards Chiefs success

  1. Making a hard run at Aubrayo Franklin while Powe develops makes a ton of sense as well.

    And you left off “Sign Hali, Flower, Carr and Bowe to contract extensions” in that order

  2. They won’t beat The Oakland Raiders, I don’t care who the chief get’s.

    This team reminds me of the Vikings, good in the regular season but plays like a high school team in the playoff’s.

    8-8 in 2012..

  3. Only seven? Oh, sorry, feeling bitter because my Panthers need at least 70. We love the lockout because we can’t lose games when it’s on.

  4. They’ve gotta beat da Ohklund Raiduhs to approach success. Cassel is Lamarr Houston’s property. If the Raiders beat Jacksonville and Arizona last year (two winnable games that went down to the wire) then everybody points out that the Chiefs failed in two big matchups versus the Silver and Black. The Autumn Wind is not a Chief. Atleast, not last year.

  5. 1) Tyson Clabo
    2) Kris Jenkins for a couple of years, until Powe develops
    3) Waters stays. they are so far under the proposed salary floor, they can’t afford to cut someone making $5.4M
    4) Steve Smith(either one). slot receiver needed BADLY
    5) Jon Kitna – tough, leader, inexpensive
    6) Michael Bush – replace Thomas Jones. He did a fine job(for 8 weeks). Don’t run the legs off of my man Jamaal Charles
    7) How about a “HEY, HEY, HEY” for Fat Albert?

  6. This article is all messed up. I see some major errors and omissions that should have been addressed.

    1. Find an offensive tackle. If you watched the Chiefs play teams with big defensive lines it was the center of the offensive that was the problem. Casey Wigmen had his moments, but he is too small to handle some of these huge linemen. That was the reason the Chiefs got rid of Casey the first time. For the most part, Barry Richardson did an adequate job throughout the entire year.

    2. Make a quick decision on Brian Waters. The only decision to be made is by Brian, not the Chiefs. Money is not the issue since they are well below the league in spending.

    4. Add a wide receiver to play a big role. This is a position that I don’t think we should mess with this year. Bowe and Baldwin will start, but you forgot the quickest guy of the bunch, Dexter McClester. Dexter was injured a lot last year, but when he was drafted the Chiefs had him as the second best receiver in the draft. I got to see Dexter play in college and he looked like men amongst boys, even in the SEC. That dude can run. Urban and Tucker can fill the remaining spot.

    5. Find quarterback insurance. Again, I’ll say stick with what they have. Jim Zorn will be the veteran that the young quarterbacks can learn from.

    6. Get the ball to Jamaal Charles more. Duh! 6.2 avg per rush is sick!


    8. Develop the OLB pass rush. You totally missed this one. Without Tamba, they are screwed. Huston should help out, but we’ll see. The Chiefs D need to apply more pressure on opposing offensives with their OLB.

    9. Sign the player they have, like Bowe Hali, Flower, and Carr.

  7. mybuttsayspft says: Jun 30, 2011 12:59 PM

    Step 8. Find owner who wants to win rather than just make money.

    You mean like J. Jones & Dan Snyder? They want to win so bad that they keep effing up their teams by playing GM. KC fans are lucky that we have an owner who’s willing to hire real football professionals to make the decisions. Pioli could have gone almost anywhere to be GM, he didn’t choose KC to work for a cheap owner. Why go out & spend big on free agents when doing so won’t turn you into an instant contender, AND all of your best players are playing under their rookie contracts (knowing that you’ll have to pay big to keep them around)? All this Clark is cheap talk is going to end within the next two years, regardless of what the salary floor becomes.

  8. jbholcom says:

    “The only decision to be made is by Brian, not the Chiefs.”


    The only decision Brian can make, is whether to retire or not.

  9. Luckily the chiefs have drafted baldwin so if bowe has another great season they dont have to pay him if they feel baldwin can be elite and what makes jamal charles so good is how and when they give him the ball at texas he cudnt carry the load if think he wrks better spelling thomas jones

  10. I can get the Chiefs success in one step….get Jamal Charles the ball one way or another 25 plus times a game and forget this Thomas Jones nonsense!

  11. Try investing in a new quarterback, as Matt Cassel is not the answer to the Cheifs woes.

    Cassel played horribly during the 2010 regular season against teams with a .500 record or better completing only 51% of his passes, averaging 149.6 yards per game, with 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Let’s not also forget his performance in the playoff loss to the Ravens where he completed 9 of 18 pass for 70 yards and 3 interceptions.

    Kudos to Cassel though for signing a six year $63 million contract in 2009 with the Chiefs .

  12. Love the people who click on an article, and then make a comment that they don’t care about said topic. Uhhh, I usually don’t click on things that don’t interest me.

  13. Picked Charles up in 09 when i seen his shot about to come. Drafted him in 3rd round STEEL last year! I”m currently the BACK TO BACK Fantasy Champion of my league! Big $$$$$

    Charles should go inside first 5 picks in all fantasy leagues!

  14. riverhorsey says: Jun 30, 2011 4:36 PM

    Step 1 Play more games against the Raiders
    Ya, that makes sense, if you’re a Raiders fan, nimrod.

  15. get rid of the 500 pound loser who pretended to run there offense last year. CHECK

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