The cost of a preseason game

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Whether NFL owners and players can close a deal in short order is a matter that is currently up for debate.

We do know that one of the primary factors in wanting a deal in the next few weeks would be in order to avoid missing preseason games, which make teams more money than you’d think for teams and the city they play in.

Jerry Roper, head of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, tells the Chicago Sun-Times that a missed preseason game costs the city $3 million before concessions are taken into account. Add that, and the total is closer to $7-$8 million, which Roper calls conservative.

Another expert the paper spoke with estimates the city would lose $650,000 in lost tax revenue per game.

In a tweet to Cris Collinsworth Wednesday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote: “Many misunderstand preseason revenue. All goes into cap. Each preseason week worth $200 million in revenue for players/teams.”

While fans don’t care much about the preseason, it’s still huge business.  Which is another reason why there is so much pressure on the rest of this and next week’s labor talks.

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  1. While fans don’t care much about the preseason, it’s still huge business. Which is another reason why there is so much pressure on the rest of this and next week’s labor talks.


    It’s also another reason why taxpayers should not shy away from financing stadiums.

  2. Yes, the owners will not want to miss out on their cash cow, full price for preseason tickets and PSL’s are a legalized form of extortion…Plain and simple…

  3. My personal opinion is that all the fans should get together and NOT GO to any preseason game just for putting us all through this. Make them feel it. Where ever the money goes, I don’t care it is their fault. We as fans can see exactly where we stand with both the owners and players and as much as I love Football we need to do something to show them that we are a part of this great game as well and that when they do stupid crap like this they need to think about the big picture not just the lump in their back pocket or how many zero’s are at the end of their bank account. I am sick of it and we need the fans to unite and push back a little of our own.

  4. I’ve never understood how they charge full price for pre-season games but one thing I have always liked about them is the chanch to see rookies and street free agents that are trying to make the team and what they can do.

  5. The Preseason Ticket Prices are still outrageous for the “quality of play” of the product.

    How in the world can the NFL justify Season Ticket holders paying the same price for Preseason and Regular Season??? Oh yeah, they can’t.

  6. So if there is no pre-season game what does the fan do with the money they would have spent at the game? Throw it away? Put it in a savings account never to be spent again? ….smh

  7. What do they mean by “concessions”? I thought in stadium revenue went to the team and the company that bid on the concessions contract – It doesnt go to the city of Cleveland does it? If so, im pretty sure most teams dont hand over concession revenue to the city….Duh.

  8. “You don’t have to attend pre-season games.”

    I don’t know about other teams, but Packer season ticket holders have preseason game tickets included in their season ticket packages.

    The Packer season ticket waiting list may be more than 70,000 applicants long, but anybody who would like to experience Lambeau on game day, should just show up for the preseasons games. Many season ticket holders are trying to get rid of tickets and they are plentiful outside Lambeau, and not at the outrageous prices of tickets scalped prior to regular season games.

    Of course, you better arrive prior to the end of the first quarter if you want to se Aaron Rodgers or any of the other starters.

  9. I’m sick of season-ticket holders whining about paying for two pre-season games. Just give the tickets away to a friend who never goes to games — they get to experience a live NFL game and you get to feel like a big-shot. It’s win-win.

  10. Patriot42 says:
    Jun 30, 2011 9:33 AM
    “You don’t have to attend pre-season games.”

    You don’t have to attend, but you still need to pay. In Philly, my brother has to pay $85 for both games and can barely give them away and even if they are given away whoever gets them still has to pay $25 to park.

  11. @beerbaron We don’t need an ego boost from our friends. Paying over $150 for tickets to games that most season ticket holders don’t go to is stupid. Not only do they make it hard to go to by putting them on Thursdays or Fridays, but $25 to park at Qualcomm + gas makes the trip not worth it, not to mention no tailgating time if its on a work day. I personally enjoy pre-season, but I don’t enjoy being forced into buying the tickets at full price when the 4th quarter usually consists of run run run run. I could easily live with not going to pre-season games and just watching them on TV. It should be a choice, not a requirement.

  12. $4-5 million is concessions? In a half filled stadium that is how much per person.

    I take the total cost of my 10 game season ticket package and divide it by 8 to determine what I am paying for each ticket.

    The reality is if they cut the cost of the preseason games by $40. The cost of each regular season game would go up $5.

  13. beerbaron obviously ISN’T a season ticket holder, or his seats are so high up that he can’t see the regular season games. I pay nearly $400(on tickets alone) for those 2 games and don’t like it one bit.

  14. BeerBaron.. nice theory giving the tickets away.
    Amazing you think no one has ever thought of this.

    You can’t. The demand is that bad. Check Ebay during the preason, you will see tons of tickets for nothing on there and ZERO bids.

    If you are lower lever between the 30’s you could maybe give them away. But upper deck, no way, Second level, not likely. If you dont have stud tickets, no one wants them. The stadiums are 1/2 full for pre-season games with people already trying to give them away.
    I’ve offered tickets to friends with kids and the parent comes back and tells me their ten year old doesn’t want to go because its only

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