The criticial difference between “close” and “closed”


As the owners and players careen toward the end of yet another less-than-full-week-of-work aimed at resolving the many disputes that need to be resolved in order to save the preseason and regular season, let’s look at Thursday’s developments.  If any.

The day began amid the bitter pill of pessimism, via Jay Glazer’s report regarding a not-so-secret Tuesday night phone call, in which NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith told certain elite players that a deal isn’t close.  Appearing today on The Dan Patrick Show, Glazer — who ordinarily assumes the traits of a ground hog during the offseason (including but not limited to the odor) — said the goal was to ensure that the players won’t cave and take whatever offer the owners put on the table, and that the call by all appearances worked.

Thus, the message to the owners is now clear:  Quit assuming that the players believe a labor deal is coming, and that they’ll therefore agree to anything in order to make it happen.

Also, Albert Breer of NFL Network reported via Twitter that the revenue split is still an “explosive subject,” capable of blowing up (ergo, “explosive”) the entire process.

Mike Freeman of thinks the media generally is being manipulated and spun by the parties, and he agrees with our assessment that Smith’s recent reliance on Alexander Graham Bell’s legacy is aimed at making sure the owners realize the players won’t flinch simply when it comes to working out the details to get a deal done.

Breer reports that Smith is back to the phones tonight, conducting a conference call with all player representatives and Executive Committee members.  Presumably, someone will blab.

Presumably, Smith wants them to.

Through it all, some still insist a deal is close.  But sometimes the hardest part comes when trying to take close to closed.  De Smith needs to figure out how to do it, and the owners need to give him a reason to.

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  1. Disgusting and boring at the same time. This is what happens when skyscraper-sized egos replace common sense and what’s good for the customers (in this case, the fans). They have no idea of how close to the edge they’re skating. Very soon, if this keeps up, many fans are just going to throw up their hands and settle in on watching major league baseball. I don’t blame them a bit.

  2. Difference between “close” and “closed” is just one letter. Difference between owners and players is probably one digit.

  3. This is all a charade and a game to drag things out until around July 15th. This is the Golden Hour when free agents will have enough time to sign and report to their new teams, put their bonuses in the Bank and the training camps and pre-season games will go on as scheduled.
    None of the owners want to miss out on the millions they rip off from the fans for full price tickets for scrimmages and only have to pay the players an allowance for meal money.

  4. While it would be fun to watch football again
    this season, I’ll get by without it. So, NFL and
    Players, get ready for the fans not to care so
    damn much. Negotiate that.

  5. I should have known this was coming.

    We all wanted a deal so we can party for the 4th of July weekend as proud Americans who love their football.

    Instead we head into our weekend with these:

    “Well, player conference call is over. Wasn’t good. But negotiating team got back to work. That’s good. -mortreport”

    “On a scale of 1 to 10 on the nfl labor negotiation front, today was about a 2. Stay tuned… -MikeSilver”

    Happy 4th of July you greedy SOB’s

  6. They’re not gonna get anything done anytime soon!! I’m starting to really feel like we won’t have all 16 games. Dealing with a group of anuses!!

  7. Let’s be real folks- we are not going anywhere. We want to… We want to walk away- we should. But… We won’t. Maybe a few but… Not most. And they know that. Go ahead thumbs down on this. I would…but we all know I’m right.

  8. hobartbaker says:
    Jun 30, 2011 6:25 PM
    Difference between “close” and “closed” is just one letter. Difference between owners and players is probably one digit.


    And the difference between me and caring about these millionaire/billionaire sized egos that have shown their true colors is one finger.

  9. Give yourself a little credit; when you’ve been able, you’ve reported on specific BS proposals by either side. It’s more difficult to be spun if you are talking specifics.

    But there’s one possibility that I haven’t seen you consider yet: what if all these late-game shenanigans are merely ways of Goodell and Smith showing their own constituencies that they got as much as they could? This was the issue that nearly derailed the last CBA, as several of the owners seemed to believe they should/could get a better deal…

  10. Step back from the ledge fellas. A deal will get done. The owners will not miss preseason games and something will get worked out.

  11. Time to tell the owners and players (and lawyers) that they took it one step too far.

    They milked the fans hard money and emotions – – they can keep it.

  12. As a representative of the working class, I am sick and tired of hearing about millionaires and billionaires arguing over money. When there are still so many people out of work and school systems failing because of insufficient funding, its a little insulting to hear over paid athletes and greedy wealthy owners bicker over money. (This goes for you too NBA!)

  13. “Put that coffee down. Coffee’s for closers only. You think I’m bleeping with you? I am not bleeping with you.”

  14. “De Smith needs to figure out how to do it, and the owners need to give him a reason to.”

    OR….DeMoron needs to figure out how to do it and stop looking for excuses not to.

    “Difference between “close” and “closed” is just one letter. Difference between owners and players is probably one digit.”

    Right now, that digit is the middle one

  15. @hobartbaker: I think one digit (the middle finger) works well for both categories.

  16. Well ….. I give up. I have been following this mess for too long ….. I’m just a fan and clearly the media markets and fans allow these two parties to even have this arguement in the first place: over money that WE bring to the bars, TV, internet, fantasy football, merchandise, tickets, etc… this isn’t even close, the media just persuades us to think so, then we keep our eyes watching and the money associated with ratings/publci interest keeps rolling in. I work 2 FT jobs to afford a fairly humble lifestyle, I think Sundays I will be golfing and fishing instead now.

    College Football starts in September GUARANTEED, I can count on that.

    Forget the NFL, I would like to see these players scramble for real jobs and realize they should of not taken for granted their free educations/backing out of degrees. Sell back their bling and be working under me in my office licking stamps, in the real workforce “lockouts” or “bitchhing” isn’t permisable and your getting paid barely anything.


  17. hobartbaker says: Jun 30, 2011 6:25 PM

    Difference between “close” and “closed” is just one letter. Difference between owners and players is probably one digit.

    That’s because the IQ between owners and players is 3 digits versus 2 digits.

  18. It is really too bad that all of us that comment just love the game of football and when there are issues like this with the owners, players and lawyers we all speak our mind and nobody listens.

    Know why? Because everyone knows that when the CBA is signed and the gates are open – we will all be first in line spending our money and telling the people that sit next to us that this better never happen again!!!

    Well what if – we adament fans actually had a backbone and gave the owners, players and lawyers a time table. Something like “you folks have the labor deal solved by July 8th or we will need to start cancelling our support.”

    If you don’t have the signed CBA on the 8th we (fans) will need to inform you that we will not be showing up or watching any of the first week games. Each week you (owners, players and lawyers) are late, we (fans) will simply cancel our support for the next weeks games.

    I would bet that an agreement would be in place pretty quick – if only we fans had a backbone. Maybe the word needs to go out and see what support we (fans) have to boycott games as a means of putting pressure on to get an agreement!

  19. Well, I posted last night that this “deal” was not a deal at all.

    Sure wish the head honchos who claim to “report” on the NFL for their job could use realism, as opposed to false optimism.

    There will be no NFL this season.

    Sorry. Its the truth.

  20. I have season tickets to my UFL team. GO NIGHTHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun hanging to news information about a greedy league that cares nothing about the fans.

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