Anthony Galea cops a plea

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Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian HGH disciple who allegedly smuggled the drug into the U.S., will enter a guilty plea next week, according to Phil Fairbanks of the Buffalo News.

Galea is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, July 6.

His patients have included multiple pro athletes, including golfer Tiger Woods and Redskins receiver Santana Moss.

The specific charges to which Galea will plead guilty aren’t yet known.  It’s also not known whether he will identify specific athletes to whom HGH or other illegal substances were supplied.

Usually, the justice system attempts to move upstream in cases involving illegal drugs.  In this case, however, the potential impact of outing pro athletes upon the ongoing use of such substances could justify an attempt to squeeze the supplier into ratting out his customers.

12 responses to “Anthony Galea cops a plea

  1. Galea cops a plea. Woods sends a plea to the cops. “Free Tony, I need my game back!”.

  2. Why would Tiger Woods use HGH? That’s like putting E85 ethanol racing fuel into a Yugo.


    Might have something to do with consistently being able to out-drive just about everybody else off the tee.

  3. Tiger Woods is done. Lots of pro golfers play with injuries. Geez, Ben Hogan played great after he almost died in a car wreck. It’s Woods’ spirit that is gone, having been outed for the a-hole that he is.

  4. The Feds have always gone after the distributors. The users (i.e., players) are far and away the best source they have to testify against these guys so they have no reason to throw some of them under the bus this time..

    Everything they have done is to encourage these guys to testify about what the distributor did. They give them immunity against prosecution for using. The only time they go after players is when they lie (Bonds, Clemens) because, again, they want these athletes to testify truthfully in order to get the distributors.

    If they can get this guy without having the athletes testify, which it seems they can in this case, they will likely do what they can to keep him from implicating any athletes so that the next time they go after a guy, the players will still be more willing to help them.

    The feds aren’t trying to catch the users. The media (including various internet hacks) are the ones who want that in order to drive up their ratings/hit counts.

  5. Am I the only one who could care less about this? Why is HGH illegal or a banned substance, and why are athletes going to jail for using it or lying to Congress about using it? All the purists out there who say doping or using hormones to enhance performance are “cheating” or not playing fair are in a dream world. If the idealists had any idea of what really goes on in professional sports or amateur sports where billions are at stake they would either never watch again or just ignore it as being part of the game. What really goes on behind the scenes is so super secret because of the gambling industtry, which is what big sports is really all about.

  6. What is this stuff, cocaine?! Who cares. It’s laughable what the government goes after & what it doesn’t. Next thing ya know they’ll be busting people for playing poker.

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