Dolphins quickly sell out $25 season tickets


On Thursday evening, Florio mentioned the Dolphins were making select season tickets available for only $25-per-game.

On Friday morning, Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post said that the product has sold out.  That doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but it’s a reminder that the lockout isn’t going to dim enthusiasm of fans if the owners would occasionally give ticket buyers a bit of a break.

The next cheapest Dolphins seasons tickets come in at $340, with plenty available.  The Cardinals, Rams, and Raiders have the cheapest season tickets in the league.

21 responses to “Dolphins quickly sell out $25 season tickets

  1. Wish I lived closer to Green Bay to get season tickets, but it wouldn’t matter. Id have to wait about 30 years for them..

  2. I heard it costs more to go to a Hurricanes game.

    Then again, they are the only professional football team in Miami.

  3. Don’t ever talk down about a franchise because they do not sellout.

    $25 seats do not exist in California. Hell, $60 seats do not exist in California.

  4. With the 25 dollar Dolphin tickets gone, the only ones left are the overpriced ones.

  5. schmitty2 says: Jul 1, 2011 2:10 PM

    What the team failed to mention is that parking will be 50 bucks and beers are 20.


    That’s still $200.00 cheaper than the average Giant ticket

    The Decision making Mara’s and Tish’s should be on the same plane when it goes down

  6. I just paid $250 to the Giants for my season tickets… for my car! $250 for the right to park at 10 games.

    Oh well, you’ve got to choose where you spend your entertainment dollar, and to me it’s worth every penny.

  7. terrellblowens says: Jul 1, 2011 1:16 PM
    That’s pretty awesome. But I bet the seats suck

    hobartbaker says: Jul 1, 2011 2:27 PM
    With the 25 dollar Dolphin tickets gone, the only ones left are the overpriced ones.

    The next cheapest Dolphins seasons tickets come in at $340, which plenty available.

    The season ticket packages sold are in the section that normally sells for $340.00 Corner End Zone/Family Section. These lucky people got the tix other season ticket holders did not renew. It’s a great deal, but the Phins SCREWED the people who renewed their tix earlier. Those people now have to wait to relocate to better seats.

  8. As much as we, me included, talk about high prices, I think this is a good thing from Ross. Give credit when it’s due.
    He is not the perfect owner, and I never said he was, but this is fan favored, not owner favored.

  9. Surprised they cost that much, I know the media and the Dolphin fans hate to hear this..but your team hasn’t done anything in the past 35 yrs

  10. “That’s pretty awesome. But I bet the seats suck”

    They are only 25 bucks tho, you cant even buy food for a family of 4 during the game for 25 bucks.

    Besides, if they make the playoffs its like hitting the lottery. That one game would pay for season ticket alone.

  11. So just to clear this up people are going to spend over $200 just to watch the Jets and Pats beat the Fins at home. On the bright side at least you know you’ll be watching the Fins kill the Bills for at least one W for the season.

    As long as the QB situation comes down to Henne or Pennington wait Pennington’s injured again never mind there goes your season.

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