Downtown L.A. stadium plan expected to stay on course

AEG’s Tim Leiweke has said that, unless the company that hopes to build an NFL stadium in downtown L.A. can’t get a so-called “memorandum of understanding” in place with the Los Angeles City Council by July 31, AEG will pull the plug on the project.

As it turns out, we apparently won’t have to find out whether that’s an idle threat.

Per Arash Markazi of, the powers-that-be expect that the memorandum of understanding will be finalized before the end of July.

“Today was a big day for sports fans in Los Angeles because we’re talking about a private entity trying to creatively bring a football team or two to downtown Los Angeles,” council member Tony Cardenas said.  “I’m optimistic.  We have the attention of a private party that is willing to foot the bill and I’m very confident that we have the professionals to get us there.”

Key words:  “Or two.”

The memorandum of understanding doesn’t constitute a binding commitment or contract to build the stadium, but it lays the foundation for further negotiations and progress.  With it, there’s no guarantee the deal gets done.  Without it, it’s guaranteed that it won’t.

25 responses to “Downtown L.A. stadium plan expected to stay on course

  1. I can’t wait for the day, coming very soon, that you stop tagging the Vikings on these posts.

  2. Anyone in the LA area been hearing these dinosaur councilmen on the radio this week whining about this being a bad deal for L.A.???? How do these clowns get elected?

  3. This stadium will be build on a major earthquake fault and 14 acres which makes it the smallest piece of land for any NFL stadium. That means few seats and pathetic parking compared to the City of Industry location which will be on 160+ acres. OH, and average folks will be able to attend games – the AEG plan is a joke backed by silent money from the NFL simply to play a stocking-horse role driving up pressure on Minnesota, San Diego, Jacksonville, and others. AEG is getting paid by the NFL to push this joke, I believe.

  4. Talk to Japan about how to build it, because the west coast is due for a good size earthquake real soon.

    This has to to weigh on the developers minds.

    I’m not talkin’ sh@t here either. The pressure along the San Andreas Fault is building, palley.

  5. The competing proposal for Industry (Grand Crossing) is superior to this AEG downtown proposal. At least the one in Industry would have a place to tailgate and without the traffic mess. Plus Industry would have real grass, not fake astroturf and a closed roof like the AEG design. The AEG design would be fitting for Manhattan NYC, but not for sunny LA. I hope council kills this AEG project in July.

  6. @ fpbear

    “without the traffic mess”

    Excuse me, but when talking about traffic in LA, don’t you pretty much have to be between Barstow and Needles to be clear of the “traffic mess”?

  7. Los Angeles:

    2 Failed NFL franchises
    1 MLB team in Bankruptcy

    Los Angeles – LOL

  8. Hopefully its all we need to put enough strain on the state of California to actually break it off the rest of the continent and float out to sea…..*grasping*

  9. Since it is inevitable that someone will ask, here is a reason the Vikes won’t go to L. A. AEG wants to OWN the team playing at “Farmers Field.” The Wilf’s are not going to sell the team, they make too much money.
    I’ll take Buffalo and a team to be named later.

  10. This stadium will be a huge success. Think of the visiting teams if you don’t think LA will support it’s team. With so many people in LA from other parts of the country, local fans will get to see their favorite teams every couple of seasons. A local fan base will grow. The new stadium will bring in people all by itself. With the luxuries and press box seats to make a team maximum profit, this stadium cannot fail.

  11. Considering the changing demographics of Southern California, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if an LA based World Cup soccer franchise could generate more fans and revenue than an NFL franchise…

  12. If it is built downtown according to AEG’s plans, then the traffic jams, lack of parking, lack of tailgating, closed roof, and small stadium size would hamper its success.

    If it is built in Grand Crossing, however, according to Roski’s plan, the above concerns would not be an issue and the stadium would be more likely to succeed.

  13. @Dave H

    The AEG LA stadium is a mistake!

    Many people from LA can see their favorite team visit the City of Industry location and afford it. They could even tailgate and bring their kids – AND AFFORD IT!

    Trffic and parking will be a challenge with just a football game – IMAGINE THE AUTO SHOW AND A FOOTBALL GAME, WHAT A MESS!

    AEG is all marketing to date. The cost to build will be the highest per seat in NFL history making the cost per seat unaffordable for 99% of the people who live in LA – CITY OF INDUSTRY WILL BUILD A LARGER STADIUM FOR UNDER 1 BILLION WITHOUT PUBLIC SUPPORT!


  14. If the Chargers move to l.a I will become one of those fans that hates his hometown team. Raiders till the casket drops!!!

  15. @ zoxitic:

    “2 Failed NFL franchises”

    Seems to me they are still in business, albeit away from LA. So they are not failed franchises now are they?

    “1 MLB team in Bankruptcy”

    The Cubs? Rangers? Penguins? Orioles?

    And of course we can’t forget GM or Chrysler. They all seem to be doing fine now as the Dodgers will in the future.

    Thanks for proving how incredibly ignorant you are……again.

  16. @ 1stngoal;

    “I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if an LA based World Cup soccer franchise . . .”

    There is no such thing. Thanks for demonstrating your ignorance.

  17. LA already lost 2 teams. 1st the lockout, and then moving a team there.

    Go ahead. Drive fans from your money making machine by trying to make a bit more.

    The greed will cost you.

  18. @ dan7800:

    “LA already lost 2 teams . . . The greed will cost you.”

    You do realize that greed drove the Rams and Raiders out of LA, the Colts out of Baltimore, the Browns out of Cleveland, the Cardinals out of Arizona, and the Oilers/Titans to Tennessee don’t you?

    Doesn’t seem to have hurt the league one bit.

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