Labor negotiations will take the holiday weekend off


The renewed urgency that marked Thursday’s all-day labor session will not continue over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the latest round of labor talks in Minnesota will wrap up shortly on Friday before reconvening Tuesday in New York City.  Both sides are updating their constituencies via conference calls this morning before breaking for the weekend.

The plan is for Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFLPA* head DeMaurice Smith, and their legal teams to be in New York Tuesday and Wednesday. Players and owners will join Thursday and Friday in a schedule similar to the one from this week.

“We’ll continue to meet next week and goal is to get a deal done,” Smith said.

Work can be done when the parties are not together.  Still, nothing replaces actual negotiations.   We hate to see the two sides give up any of the momentum that they built late Thursday night.

The negotiations have reached a critical stage and any time spent away from hammering a deal out all day seems like time wasted.

UPDATE: Two sides are on the way out of Minnesota, a little before noon ET.

29 responses to “Labor negotiations will take the holiday weekend off

  1. The owners can’t negotiate…..Jerry Jones has a monster truck event w/ fireworks to throw this weekend.

  2. Like there was really any chance of that happening…. Working through Holidays is for common people.

  3. BBQs and Beers are OBVIOUSLY more important then 9 billion dollars and the fans of this game.

    Way to go NFL and Players…. If I was working on a 9 billion dollar deal for my company and decided to take a 3 day weekend I am pretty sure I would be unemployed.

    Why is it that only a few weeks away from the start of training camp we have had one session where the parties actually seemed to put in any kind of large effort?

    Why have these parties not been meeting round the clock since a month ago?????

    Why do I continue to care????

  4. Why does De Smith look like he’s struttin’ in every picture taken of him?

  5. Dear Players and Owners,

    The United States Congress is canceling their vacation to work on the debt issue. If the United States Congress, famous for its long vacations, can find the need to work through a holiday weekend, you can to.

    Sincerely, Fans

  6. Good. These guys deserve to spend the holiday with their families too. Grill, Drink, Start things on fire, and then come back and finish this thing.

  7. Clearly the media and fans are the only ones feeling the sense of urgency. Well the media. I’m not sure fans really care anymore.

  8. That is stupid…
    A lot of people’s livelihood depends on this deal getting done and I am not talking players or owners.
    They need to consider these people and to not stop talking just because they want to watch fire works.

  9. Work can be done when the parties are not together. Still, nothing replaces actual negotiations.

    Not necessarily true.

    Members of a negotiating team meeting separately to review negotiations, make sure they are on the same page and formulate strategy moving forward is just as critical a part of negotiations as face to face meetings.

  10. PFT Can you PLEASE add a little game on the side with a picture of Goodell and Smith so we can throw pies at their faces? I fell this is a crucial part of this process for the fans to participate in.



  11. Its becoming increasingly difficult to take these people seriously. If there is a season I might watch, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be glued to my t.v. every Sunday ever again.

  12. The deal is basically done. The holdup is the lawsuits. The courts are in holiday mode(unless your in Orlando). By Friday next week players will be pouring into facillities, free agents will be signed, and NFL is game on.

  13. “We’ll continue to meet next week and goal is to get a deal done,” Smith said.


    Thanks for clearing that up D!

  14. Upperdecker 19 be happy that JJ is in on the negotiations!!!

    IF anyone can broker a deal it is him!!! The man is not billionaire by accident!!

  15. Around Thanksgiving when Roger has a presser about how he tried but couldnt get a deal done and the 2011 season is cancelled, well maybe then you will all remember that surfer here that predicted all this 2 years ago,…Im telling you all, make other plans for your Fall sundays,..because there will be no NFL,…and one more thing, after the first sunday lost, you will all realize you had a better time then sitting in front of your tv sets for 15 hours. Have a good weekend.

  16. NFL Players feelings of disrespect by Owners from back in March returned yesterday. Emotions calmed today, focus returned. Ebb and flow. —

    Andrew Brandt, 10 minutes ago on Twitter.

  17. Despite comments to the contrary (talk is cheap), I do not believe that both sides want to make a deal. One side may want a deal, but clearly both sides do not want a deal. If they did, there would already be a deal.

    This whole mess will not move forward until the 8th circuit rules.

    If the court upholds the lockout, the players will force D. Smith to make a deal. And, if he doesn’t, he will be fired.

    If the court overturns the lockout, D. Smith will not make a deal, period. And the NFL will have to decide what to do next.

    I hope that the 8th circuit will rule soon so that we can move on to the next phase, whatever it is.

  18. As long as Training Camps start on time they haven’t really missed anything anyway. After that then it’s panic time. So we missed some mini camps, everyone needs to get over it. It’s summer, get outside go fishing spend time with your family at the beach, whatever.

    But if they miss just 1 regular season game then it’s time for some Greek style protests.

  19. Sooooo, moderators, can you enlighten me on what is offensive about suggesting the negotiators get together at a holiday BBQ at Jerry’s place in Texas? I didn’t use any bad words or call anyone stupid or anything like that. Are you offended by the suggestion of having Willie Nelson entertain? Kids on the keys today or what? 🙄

  20. I guess 4 days is a lot of work now? Funny considering for 2 of those days it was just lawyers and no players or lawyers were present. They still managed to get 2 days work in while making people think it was 4.

  21. It is amazing that the NFL can play football on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day but they cannot work over the 4th of July to get a deal done.

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