Niners sell $138 million in luxury suites for proposed stadium

The San Francisco 49ers hope to build a new stadium in Santa Clara, California.  Though the project still has a long way to go, the team has lined up commitments for a significant amount of luxury suites.

A very significant amount of luxury suites.

According to Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News (via SportsBusiness Daily), the Niners have sold $138 million in luxury suites.  “These remarkable sale results should answer anyone who asks if the stadium in Santa Clara will be a reality,” Mayor Jamie Matthews said Thursday, per Rosenberg.

“It validates the confidence we’ve had in the project all along,” 49ers COO Paraag Marathe said, “and it shows the tremendous amount of support and confidence that our fans have for this project.  One hundred and thirty-eight million is no small number; it lays a pretty big foundation.”

Most buyers have made long-term commitments.  Their names have not yet been disclosed; the majority are individuals, and some are companies.

The development doesn’t guarantee that the stadium will be built, but it helps.

Image provided by the 49ers, via the Mercury News.

29 responses to “Niners sell $138 million in luxury suites for proposed stadium

  1. when i read stuff like this i wanna puke. when is enough money enough money? as a bills fan this is the beginning of the end. how in gods name can the bills compete with things like this? the answer is they can`t. how goddamn sad.

  2. OK so are we talking actual sales as in “they paid their money for a suite in a proposed stadium that they’ve been talking about building for almost 15 years but have yet to turn a shovel of dirt on”?

  3. Bill Walsh set the table: “Do it with class, do it with style” – go Forty Niners!

  4. There is so much money in this valley that the only thing that can screw this stadium deal up is the Niners themselves.

    Build it and we will come…hell we have been going to the Stick the last 10 years to watch a bad to mediocre team. No blackouts during that time, so the fans here are solid.

  5. Is there one fan on this forum that could actually afford this?
    I know I couldn’t, and I’m not sure I know anyone who can afford that who is actually just a football fan and not representing a company or corporation.
    The fans are being priced out of the stadiums.
    This is not good news!

  6. Great a bunch of I-O-U’s, if the stadium gets built.”Might want to hold onto that one”.

    Put me down for a space front condo when construction begins on that housing on Mars.

    Premium seating NFL contracts are a joke.

  7. The 49ers have not laid off any workers, cut hours, or pay for ANY employees. Get your facts straight.

  8. Good reference Little Earthquake except that town in the Lost Boys is “Santa Carla” I believe it was actually filmed in Santa Cruz.

  9. This number doesn’t even include the money people paid to be on the waiting list to purchase season tickets once the stadium is done; I paid $250 and there is no garuntee I will even be able to buy season tickets, so thousands of fans might get screwed out of their $250 deposits.

  10. I think Golden State 49ers has the best ring too it! It would make all Californian’s and westerners alike Associate with us. Many people just don’t want any association with SF. CAn you blame them?

  11. Two things:

    1) The 49ers have not laid off anyone…except that idiot Singletary and crew, so obviously you don’t know what you are talking about. In fact, they have been hiring, i.e. the Facebook exec.

    2) The San Francisco 49ers will always keep San Francisco in their name. San Francisco is one of the best cities on earth regardless of what you think about its politics. I bet the gayest guy in the Castro can drop a wannabe surfer…

  12. Funny numbers game…………i believe they have gotten that level of intrest, but i am a raider season ticket holder and have been since their return and every year depending on cash flow i pay the bare minium($200) to hold my clubs seats($3000). And then fork over the rest when i have to. So i am sure that the number for the niners represents potential sales and nobody has paid the 75k total for a 5 year suite commit but rather $750 for the rights should it come through. but niners are “booking” the total potential commit.

  13. thats funny that the san jose 49ers can say because they got 250 people to say that they agreed to buy a box at 20 grand per season for the next 25 years that it should justify spending the billion dollars to build it. You would almost think if that was the case , the york would use their own money to build it, and own it outright.

    I know the NFL wants them to share it with the raiders, and will only contribute $$$ if that is the case. Al will let the SJ niners do their thing, and probably either get $$ from the nfl to build new venue in oakland or head down south

  14. For those souting the lame 9er “class” bs:

    The niners are as classy as Jerry Rice locked in an Asian massage parlor bathroom during a police raid, their heralded owner of choice being a convicted felon, s franchise convicted of salary cap fouls and penalized draft choices and cash. Fast Eddie, your hero, also feltup and paid off a waitress, and got into fist fights with Packer fans after a playoff loss.

    Go hire Lawrence Phillips and then tell me about class. Oh wait, you already did.

  15. Why don’t they just move the team to Oregon and still use the SF logos hey it works for the Jets & Giants?

    As long as they play in the joke NFC West no one should care what they do. How hard is it to make decent team decisions? It’s not like Matt Millen works for them, but the choices they’ve made over the last decade seem like it.

  16. JSpicoli says:
    Jul 1, 2011 9:58 PM

    Fast Eddie, your hero, also feltup and paid off a waitress
    Seen on Facebook:

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