The midnight oil finally burns

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As the saying goes, it’s always darkest before the dawn.  Though I’ve never really believed that — the approaching sun actually makes the sky lighter before day begins to break — perhaps there’s  context in which it applies.

Albert Breer of NFL Network, who has been stationed outside the NFL-NFLPA* talks since Thursday morning, reports that the talks are into their 15th hour.

It’s without question the longest negotiating session in which the parties have engaged to date.  And it’s hard not to wonder what precisely has happened to make the parties suddenly decide, after an afternoon of talks that by all accounts returned a sense of gloom and doom to the process, to get sufficiently serious to negotiate deep into the night.

I’m staying put at the official PFT Commodore 64 until the talks break for the night.  However long the talks last.

And if for some reason we end up getting definitely unexpectedly good news, I might have to engage in a time-honored West Virginia tradition, and burn not the midnight oil but my couch.

Hopefully I’ll remember to take it outside first.

17 responses to “The midnight oil finally burns

  1. To Goodell and Smith:

    To borrow a phrase from Bill Belichick, “Just do your job!”

  2. Don’t build up our expectations that we are going to get good news.

    Because then people like me will get our hopes high and then tomorrow we’ll find out that they spent all night arguing and are now even further from a deal.

  3. Commodore 64? That was my first computer.

    Noticed in your videos you’re using an iMac.

    Back to the topic…

    Something must be happening for it to last this long.

  4. Let me spare you the lost sleep. The negotiations will break up sometime later tonight. Both sides will say the talks were productive but they aren’t close to a deal. They’ll get back together after the holiday weekend. Now go to bed.

  5. All I care about is Turducken Day. Make sure Turducken Day happens and I am happy.

    November 24th, 2011.

    Canada’s Unofficial Holiday.

    The Fifth Annual Edition.

  6. They’re getting serious because Jerry Jones is back in the mix with Robert Kraft and Clark Hunt.

  7. You can all rest assured that the owners and the players are reading posts like these – especially the owners. Why? They have been counting on all of you to put up with this nonsense and then, as the season draws nearer, to get desperate and PLEAD PRAY BESEECH, whathaveyou to get the deal done so they can have their fix.
    Just remember that during this whole silly episode the money they have been arguing over is – YOURS.

    All the screaming and yelling since the lockout began – do you think they pay any attention to it? The only things they pay ANY attention to – the number of butts in the seats come game day, the number of souvenir shirts sold in the stores and at games and on the internet. The only message they will listen to is the message sent by the fans when they don’t fill all the seats for a game.

    That message will never be sent – and the owners know it.

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