Report: Week of July 10 is the new target

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June 30 has come and gone, and like the guy who predicted the rapture I need to pick a new date on which an agreement in principle will be reached.

I’m not yet prepared to do that, but Judy Battista of the New York Times reports that three people who have been briefed on the status of the talks believe that, while a deal could come in the next 10 days, the “better chance” for resolution will come during the week of July 10.

Battista got even more of our attention with this assertion in her latest item:  one person who has been briefed on the status believes a deal can be struck in 72 hours “with intense effort.”

Though it remains to be seen how intense the effort will be moving forward, Thursday night’s post-midnight session with a commitment to return in fewer than eight hours constitutes “intense” in our book.  And we now call on the players and the owners to continue to come early and stay late every day until a deal is done.  Even if that means working through the Fourth of July weekend.

If the parties opt not to sacrifice their long weekend in the hopes of avoiding an eventual fan declaration of independence, we’ll settle for truly intense talks continuing on Tuesday, July 5 and not stopping until a deal is done.  That said, it would be more efficient to take advantage of the momentum flowing from Thursday’s late-night session.  A three-day break could cause positions to shift and change and harden, making it harder to make progress when the parties get back together.

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  1. oh, someone is getting briefed now, thats not a source or a source of a source, seems very credible

    I need to pick a new date on which an agreement in principle will be reached

    no you dont, spare us

  2. This nonsense has now regressed from the ridiculous to the sublime! This is a bad JOKE! I hope the revenues are WAY down this year and that these jerks will understand that’s it THEIR fault, especially the players who went the legal route. Pro football fans deserve better than this!

  3. I’m more interested in the drop dead date for fans, the date where the fans say, “That’s it’s I’ve had enough. Go screw yourself NFL!” I would be interested when that date is going to be. It’s getting closer in my opinion.

  4. “And we now call on the players and the owners to continue to come early and stay late every day until a deal is done.”

    Ummm, dude, for some reason I don’t think they are listening to you…this is like the 346th time over the last 4 months you have gone to this approach…it’s comical at this point…you might have better luck yelling at the neighbor kids to keep off your grass…

  5. Just stop it already. Every day that passes, the league loses more and more fans which results in less money. Not only do they intend to kill the golden goose, but they insist on driving over it a few times to make sure.

  6. Here’s a date..1/30/20. It’s getting to the point now that I would like to see both sides crushed by fan boycotts. I love football as much as the next guy but the nfl and nflpa are ostracizing the fans. We have a voice, time to use it.

  7. They’ll be plenty of time for barbecues… keep working until the deal is done.

  8. Why is there a photo of Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter attached to this article???

  9. Wouldn’t want to sacrifice a long weekend in order to maybe close a deal that could be worth huge sums by ensuring the season…nah, we’ll talk next week.

  10. I tried watching the CFL on NFL network last night just to see if I could get into it. I don’t know if it was the cheap looking stadium or the advertisements all over the place, or the markings on the turf for six differnt sports, but it seemed so minor league. College football and even the AFL are so much easier to watch.

    Please, owners and players, as an Independance Day gift to the whole country, get a deal done this weekend.

  11. This is in no way hurting the NFL. We are all here everyday checking on the status of the NFL and its operations during a lockout….

    Some fans are even saying “give us football, or give us death”

    If anything, it is making the NFL better.

    Imagine how sweet it will be when the lockout is lifted and all teams make a mad dash for the free agency pool…….gonna be great.

    If they forfeit the season, then the NFL will suffer.

  12. I predicted around July 15th all along. The vets get out of voluntary??? workouts, mini camps, and OTAs and the owners still get their $800 million for the stupid pre-season games.

  13. A new date?

    Don’t believe it people.

    A new date is now set so that sports writers can now have another 10 days of stories about how close a deal is and all the baloney about how “meetings and optimism” is leading to a new deal.

    Meanwhile De Smith continues to flipped the bird, and laughing at all you saps who believe a deal is close.

    Here is my prediction:
    On July 10, 2011, sports writers will predict another date for a labor deal to get done.

  14. Chance of agreement before mid-Sept: ZERO

    No one has felt an ounce of pain yet

    No agreement forthcoming anytime soon


  15. No Biblical “End of Days” for the National Football League in the wake of the unfulfilled “prophecy” of a June 30th agreement in principle? Seriously, though, how can there be a reasonable expectation of an agreement when the players are now reportedly making pie-in-the-sky demands on what should be included as part of the total/all revenue calculation?

    Now is the time for the Eighth Circuit to issue its ruling. The ideal outcome would be for the Court to overturn Judge Nelson’s order lifting the lockout, and impose a judicially-sanctioned end point of one year (wishful thinking on my part) on the non-statutory labor exemption to halt, for the time being at least, the players’ antitrust action from moving forward. Such a ruling might even cause Judge Doty to reflect on whether he has jurisdiction to award injunctive relief in the TV contracts case under the Norris-LaGuardia Act, 29 U.S.C. 101 et seq., or risk being overturned.

    That might help end the lockout.

  16. I got my football. Ill watch the UFL(live got season tickets) and my College Football. See ya NFL ….it has been a good ride.

  17. BonnieBengal – There is NO drop-dead date for fans. The owners know that and they are counting on it -that is why this idiocy has been going on for so long.

    Most of these posts are people BEGGING the owners and players to settle this thing.

    Question: If it were settled tomorrow what would your (not only you) reaction be if you were a season ticket holder? If you decided to protest by not renewing your season ticket, you give up any hope of ever getting it back and you lose your personal seat license or whatever they call them these days, and in some cases that is around $2000.

    I’ve seen a few pro games – one in Baltimore one in Chicago. That was about 50 years ago. Will I watch this fall? On the TV with a beer in one hand and a potato chip or two in the other and the remote within reach so I can change from Fox to CBS.

  18. “Judy Battista of the New York Times says”?

    need i say more? “Jack Batty of the National Enquirer” says aliens are the parents of Philip Rivers.

  19. “while a deal could come in the next 10 days, the “better chance” for resolution will come during the week of July 10.”

    a deal could come in the next 10 days… but there is better chance of a deal during the week of July 10?? isn’t 10 days from now July 10th?

  20. I’m constantly amused by the “goodbye NFL” type comments posted on this and other sights. We’ll all return like sheep as soon as this mess is settled. We’ll boo for the first couple of weeks and then all will be forgotten. Those of you who are giving up your season tickets, go ahead. There will be 1,000 people lining up in most cities for a crack at your seats. I’m as annoyed as the next guy by all this horses**t, but I’ll be ready to go as soon as the players and owners get this thing rolling again. If you choose to turn away, go ahead. I’m sure the Super Bowl won’t be a sellout because you ahte the NFL and instead took up knitting on Sunday afternoons.

  21. This is a lost season for the rookies and the teams who need the rookies to contribute heavily. There is just no time left to get them signed in time for camp. There will be lots of rookies not even at practice when the regular season starts. That is going to cost the teams a lot of money paying rookies who should have already been learning the systems. The Vikings are royally screwed. They are depending on their rookie QB to play this year.

  22. No Live games for me in ’11 and maybe ’12!!

    The live game experience isn’t what it used to be any damn way… now with super big HDTV’s and all!!

    Screw you NFL!

  23. Here’s a reasonable pay (I think) for the players. Each position has it’s own pay scale, QB’s the highest, waterboys (sorry Adam S.) the lowest. Every year they get a cost of living increase. And they get a bonus for performance on the field. The pay should set them for retirement w/in 10-15 years, their bodies are spent by then. Their retirement should be in the form of a 401K, like us normal folk. Leave it up to the players to ensure their financial well being in their twilight years, late 30’s – early 40’s 😛

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