Christian Ponder: “Guys are hurting for money right now”

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Even if there weren’t a lockout, most NFL rookies wouldn’t have signed their contracts yet. So the lockout hasn’t really had that big a financial impact on the players who were drafted this year.

But that doesn’t mean rookies aren’t starting to get concerned.

Vikings first-round quarterback Christian Ponder said after talking to some of his fellow rookies at this week’s NFLPA* symposium that financial concerns were a hot topic of conversation.

Guys are hurting for money right now,” Ponder said. “It’s a crazy time, especially with the uncertainty of when we’re going to start and get some money in our pocket.”

Ponder was one of several NFL rookies who talked to the Associated Press about their offseason activities and who said they’re eager to get to work and start getting paid. Bills second-round pick Aaron Williams, a cornerback from Texas, has been working on a ranch, bailing hay and fixing barbed-wire fences.

“Acres and acres of land; you’re always moving,” Williams said. “But it’s better than sitting on your butt playing Xbox.”

Lions receiver Titus Young is living with his parents and says his mom wants him home and his dad wants him gone.

“My mom is rooting for the lockout to continue,” Young said. “But my dad is saying, ‘Get out of the house, son.’ He’s looking up the latest on the lockout every day and telling me updates.”

We hope good news is coming soon, Mr. Young.

49 responses to “Christian Ponder: “Guys are hurting for money right now”

  1. Love Aaron Williams’ attitude. There is probably a decent segment of vets who are sitting around playing x-box and driving their wives crazy. 😀

    I wanted the Pats to grab him. Not that I’m upset they got Dowling who seems like a great kid as well, but this kid sounds like he’s got the right mentality also.

    Ponder seems like a super intelligent kid, but I bet that statement about guys hurting for money isn’t going to make De Smith et .al. very happy.

  2. Problem is for a lot of these kids, they can’t get a job…one of the things they’d have to tell employers is that the lockout may end and they’d be leaving….why hire someone that may be gone in a few weeks over someone that will stick around. Know the feeling coming out of college with no money and not sure when your first paycheck will come….even worse if I were a late round pick….(no endorsement deals). And Ponder was not stating he had any money issues…many first round picks already have endorsement deals bringing in money…..just stated it was a hot topic among rookies.

  3. Tough life Ponder, hanging out at the IMG complex, deep sea fishing with your buddies, being interviewed by reporters.

  4. Lions receiver Titus Young is living with his parents and says his mom wants him home and his dad wants him gone.

    Tough love from the old man! Good for him. Move that momma’s boy out on his own!

  5. When the lockout finally ended, the rookies signed quickly. Some of them for a few hundred dollars or McDonald’s gift cards.

  6. Yup, must be tough, wait until those student loan payments start piling up, err wait, these guys were on scholarships, must be hurtin’ real bad right now… I’m sure their agents aren’t helping them out a little especially in this job market. Stories like this really hit home don’t they?

  7. Baahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa… Go to hell! Maybe you should call Brady and Manning and thank them for the situation they have put you in. Or maybe call DeMo and explain to him that you all have come to the reality that you have ZERO leverage bcs he totally overplayed his cards. Either make it stop or just shut the hell up. Your paying fans have no interest in your monetary situation. Pretty sure that first signing bonus is more than MOST will make in their lives. Spoiled brats!! I HOPE they repo your Aston Martin. Makes for GREAT prime time tv. Time to put your big boy pants on and live with the good and bad of being part of a union.

  8. The top 200 students who graduated with an engineering degree this summer all ready have jobs, as do the top 200 MBA students, as well as the top 200 accounting students.

    But for some reason lots of folks here hates on the top 200 football players coming out of college. These are not your average guys, they have a shot at working in a field that only employs around 2000 players. In order to get that shot most of these guys have devoted thier lives since they were 5 or 6 to football. People pay hundreds of dollars to go to games and/or buy memorabilia, TV companies pay billions of dollars to be able to broadcast the games.

    Just because your chosen career field doesn’t offer the same level of pay or fame doesn’t mean you should be hating on those who have an opportunity you don’t. If you were in Ponder’s shoes how would you like to know that some @ss calling himself Tecmobowl34 is talking garbage about your situation on the internet.

  9. Ponder HAS a job…one that he has probably been working toward since he was 6 years old. How much time did you put in to prepare for your first job? It’s not his fault he isn’t getting a paycheck yet, give the kid a break. I sense an awful lot of jealousy on here…

  10. “Guys are hurting for money right now,” – Ponder

    Wait till you start getting hit by Allen, Peppers Suh, or Fairley- Then you will really be hurting and you can put your paycheck towards your medical bills.

  11. Typical dad I think, as far as Titus Young is concerned. Dads want you out of their house as soon as possible, especially their sons. Daughters they may tolerate a bit longer, but the sons…gotta go.

  12. There’s an interesting question. Who will get to Ponder the most in his first year? Suh? Peppers? Matthews? This kid is going to be running for his life.

  13. For all of you tha are busting Ponder for what he said you need to re-read the article. All he said was it was a hot topic.

    I love how people take things out of context and rag on someone else for it. What a joke!

  14. bigdinla says:
    They should all just go borrow some money from Cam Newton. We know he has at least $180, 000 to burn.

    After signing a million dollar a year endorsement deal with Under Armour, he’s got a whole lot more than that.

  15. We’re sooo sorry Christian. It’s almost like you’re having to wait for your first check after winning the lottery. That must be really tough.

    I think I have better things to use my empathy on than pro football players.

  16. Exactly what the billionaires are counting on – putting themselves in position to squeeze players for a few more dollars in concessions. Even though it’s just a few dollars, these men hate to lose, or to give in to others they consider to be inferior. To them, it is a crime to compromise. They play hard and dirty, and expect to win every single match. That’s why they cry and whine when players ask for health benefits, a greater share of revenues, reductions in OTAs and pre-season games. But what owners enjoy more than making the opponent holler “Uncle” is hitting him hard and publicly to make an example of him and show the others where the line is.

  17. Funny how none of these guys were hurting for money while they were in college. I guess that income source has dried up since the boosters have no use for them any more.

  18. Welcome to the real world. There are thousands upon thousands of unemployed 2011 college grads…… but the difference is—- these people are ACTUALLY looking for a job.

    LOL @ these whining football players “hurting for money” b/c they’re intentionally choosing to weather the storm.

    If a chance to play in the NFL meant living in a paper bag for a few months while surviving off recycled excrement…… I’d do it with a smile and ask for seconds…….. and a breath mint.

  19. Ponder could get a better “real” job than anyone commenting on this site. The kid graduated in 2.5 years with a degree in Finance, then got his MBA, and is now working on his second graduate degree.

  20. My heart pours out to them……….NOT!!!!!!! They make millions of dollars, where does it all go? They need to save money like the rest of us do. Plus if they have no money, GET A JOB!!!! Do they think they don’t have to? Some think they’re above the law. Stop the lockout and go back to WORK!!!!!!!!!! Your losing your fan base that you get your paycheck from.

  21. @rebdaddie says: Jul 2, 2011 3:13 PM

    Start autographing stuff and selling it on e-bay. Can make a few quick easy bucks that way.

    You have to check out Chris Cooley’s ebay page. He sells painting and other art that he actually does himself. It’s actually really good.

  22. Really don’t understand this one bit. NFL players get 17 paychecks a year during the 17 weeks of the regular season, so even if there wasn’t a lockout the no one would see a paycheck until Week 1.

  23. ALTHOUGH I am firmly on the players’ side regarding this lockout situation, I must say I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for people who:

    A. Do not manage the vast amounts of money they get by playing NFL football (even practice squad people make a minimum of 80 grand a year which is a very decent income if you manage it correctly)


    B. Are too stupid and one-dimensional to find a job elsewhere to support themselves.

    The thing I’ve never understood is this: can’t you rent a really, really nice townhouse in most US cities for, say, $20,000 a year? And can’t you drive a Honda instead of, say, a Ferrari?

  24. So many times, I hear these multimillion dollar players go bankrupt or are out in a few years penniless. They all went to college and never learned to handle money or invest it? So what is giving them more money going to do for them? It is only going to feather the nests of the union bosses who live on past all the retirements.
    Face it the owners are the bosses and have to work all year to present a good team. The players earn millions and then go on their way. I don’t see why the players have to infringe on the owners AFTER they have a guaranteed contract.
    Any one of us working slobs would like to earn a few million for only one year.

  25. Wow. So most of us have no sympathy towards their situation so a few say we are jealous. Preparing for this job since 6th grade . . . blah blah blah. News flash. When this thing is over they are going to have a ton of money and they will not care about any of us who might be out of a job or taking pay cuts or getting by. So if you feel a necessity to cry for them, go at it.

    Personally I could care less how long the thing lasts. Here’s a thought. Join the military for 2 years. Oh wait. That would be below them.

  26. the bills will be back this year. they have made smart draft choices and a. williams is an example. it is similiar to the mid 80`s. solid gm hires solid but vanilla coach and then brings in a solid guy from outside to be his right hand man (doug whaley). to bad they won`t be in buffalo much longer. very sad. l.a will be getting a very good team.

  27. For those of you defending Ponders comments, give me a break. Why would guys be hurting for money so bad? Its not like the have any debts after their free rides to college, right? .Or just maybe they went out and spent some big cash before they had a check and now someones coming collecting. If thats the case, its all on them. If thats not the case, then they just have a wait a few more months and they’ll have their money. They won’t starve.

  28. How can a just-drafted rookie be hurting for money he never had? Did they pre-spend their rookie contract, or are they missing all that illegal college money?

  29. So sad……these rookies will have to postpone purchasing the Benz and a trip to the “bling” store. Oh the humanity of it all!

  30. The rookies are hurting for money because they have been so used to getting paid while playing in the NCAA.

  31. First people expect these rookies to fly to camps and burn through money they don’t have. Then rip on them for being short on cash and saying it would help to get paid. They already know the lottery is over for rookies too.

  32. >> “southbeachnorth: Really don’t understand this one bit. NFL players get 17 paychecks a year during the 17 weeks of the regular season, so even if there wasn’t a lockout the no one would see a paycheck until Week 1.”

    That applies to salary only.

    Signing bonus is paid when pen hits paper.

  33. Yup, that’s right, let’s all just assume it’s the first-round future millionaires who are concerned. Ignore the fact that for every one of them there are half a dozen 4th-7th rounders and UFAs that really do have some concerns. Do you think they have endorsement deals? Do you think they are getting handouts from agents?

    Think about being an undrafted player who has been assured that he will be signed by someone. Even a couple years on the practice squad is enough to allow them to pay for their house up front and get a big head start on life, and they know that. But the longer this thing drags out, the less chance they have of getting in and making the practice squad ahead of players who have already been there. That’s the guys you should feel sorry for. This labor situation is robbing them of the opportunity that many of us would kill for, the chance to not have a mortgage and an asset to borrow against when they need it, because a couple years down the road they will be working the same jobs that all of us are doing. They have busted their butt in the weight room and the practice field for this chance, and now it’s being taken from them by the greed of millionaires and billionaires.

    To mock them is the true definition of jealousy. Just because you didn’t have the talent or dedication to put yourself in a position to seize an opportunity like this doesn’t give you the right to denigrate those who have.

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