Contract showdown definitely looms between Chris Johnson, Titans

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Last year, Titans running back Chris Johnson wanted a new contract.  The Titans resisted, due in part to the rules of the uncapped year, which would have required the team to give Johnson a gigantic signing bonus in order to get a deal done.  Eventually, the two sides agreed to a short-term fix, which gave Johnson some extra money but nothing remotely close to the mammoth deal he wanted.

He still wants that mammoth deal.  Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reported last month that Johnson will hold out without one.  We’ve confirmed that, indeed, a showdown is looming between the Titans and Johnson.

With a new CBA and an expected requirement that teams spend 95 percent or more of the salary cap and a roster in Tennessee that currently features no players who are earning truly big money, the Titans should be able to give Johnson the new deal he wants.  But then the question becomes whether he’ll be paid in accordance with the running back market (which could get a significant boost once Adrian Peterson signs a new deal), or whether Johnson will seek the kind of contract reserved for the league’s elite players regardless of position.

Complicating matters is the fact that the Titans simply don’t pay anyone big money, except when forced to do so via the slotting of a high first-round draft pick, a dynamic that is expected to end under the new labor deal.  If they choose not to reverse their history with Johnson, they could be without his services in 2011.

Of course, the team ultimately has plenty of leverage.  With Johnson under contract for another year and with the Titans holding the ability to apply the franchise tag, a decision by the Titans to play hardball could make it hard for Johnson to get what he wants.

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  1. Why is c2gay asking for a contract alredy didnt he get drafted a year or two after AP he a good back but not great he still living off that 2000 yard season so now he whing about a new contract wat a joke

  2. This is the biggest example of a guy outplaying his contract. He is not making pennies, hell, he is making hundreds of thousands more than me, but he is severely underpaid and playing a position that 29 = 35, and 30 = 54.

    Running backs, when they hit the late 20’s and on to 30 and over they are considered very old and go downhill quicker than a greased up pig down a ski slope. He is wise to get his money now because if he waits a year or two he may never get that big contract he deserves.

    4600 yards & 34 TDs in 3 seasons, not to mention 1000 yards and 4 more receiving TDs shows you that he is more than deserving. We are not talking about a guy who had a few average years and one breakout year trying to get a raise. We are talking about one dominant, speedy RB with 3 great years, including one outstanding one.

    When the rookie salary cap is drafted, let’s take some of that money from the top 10 and increase the performance based pay bonuses, especially for the picks 10 thru 255 and those undrafted players. It makes sense, because those players drafted in the later part of the first round on back need to get paid if they have outstanding seasons and/or careers that is a surprise considering how low they were drafted.

  3. This guy ain’t gonna last, be it from a big payday, or from injury.

    Buyer beware.

  4. Complicating matters is the fact that the Titans simply don’t pay anyone big money, except when forced to do so via the slotting of a high first-round draft pick

    This makes for a good spin; unfortunately, it’s simply not true.

    The fact is, the Titans have never had a problem rewarding their best players with top-flight contracts….from current players like Michael Roos and David Stewart, all the way back to guys like Steve McNair, Eddie George, Keith Bulluck, Samari Rolle, Derrick Mason….the list goes on.

    All signed contracts that put them among the highest-paid players at their respective positions.

    In Chris Johnson, the Titans have a player who is without question one of the most talented players in the NFL….and I have every confidence that the Titans will show CJ the same respect that was shown to the franchise-caliber players before him.

    In recent years, the only high-profile player they’ve chosen to let walk away was Albert Haynesworth. And that decision wasn’t about they money… was because they knew Haynesworth. They knew exactly what was going to happen once he got his payday….and they wanted no part of it.

    The Titans’ brass knew Haynesworth would start mailing it in once he got paid. Fortunately, there are no such concerns about Chris Johnson; as such, I fully expect they’ll give him blockbuster deal he’s expecting.

  5. Twitchi Vanilli had his one good year… now CJ2-Barely-A-K can fade into the sunset with the rest of those short lived running backs.

  6. Does CJ deserve a new contract? No doubt.

    Does CJ need to start bitching about it during a lock out?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: Nooooooooo.

  7. Pay the man! I understand if it’s not Peyton or Brady money but damn he’s not even making a million. He is worth a few million at least

  8. I don’t care what he makes a year how much was his signing bonus? which is you know guaranteed.even if was “only” a million or 2 I do not feel sorry for him.

  9. CJ2K has become “no way CJ”

    One hit and down he goes. He doesn’t move the pile.

    But since the Titans aren’t going to trade him they might as well pay him…..and prey he becomes a team player and doesn’t lay down on the job once getting the money.

  10. looks like robert mathis is a goner then. they just drafted Jerry Hughes lasy year. I think johnson Deserves a Moderate deal. most teams play 2 and 3 backs now. The days of a single franchise back getting all the carries are over. look at the last few SB winners. All have a slew of guys who can run it. Fresh legs are more important in close games.

  11. Chris Johnson and Desean Jackson are getting used like race track greyhounds. Their production is unparalleled, but yet making peanuts. Give the men their money. CJ-still has potential for another 2000 yards and D-Jax can score a td from anywhere on the field(and he’s making less than a mil per season).

  12. Those people on here claiming CJ had only one good or great year are let’s face it idiots. The first season while splitting carries he had a very good year with 1200+ yds rushing. The 2nd season he had a historic year rushing for 2000+ yds and breaking the record for most yds from scrimmage. Last year facing 8 and 9 man fronts he rushed for 1300+ yds. His career average for yds per carry is 5.0. At this point in his career his career numbers are comparable or better than just about every great back to play after 3 seasons.

    I don’t care what you feel about his up comming holdout just stop making yourself look like an idiot by disparaging one of the great backs of the NFL. Especially when the numbers more than prove it.

  13. Pay the man..or another team will. And to the ones saying he had only 1 great season…do you even watch football?

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