DeSean Jackson’s lockout adventures include skateboard tricks

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Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, despite being relatively short and skinny, has become one of the best players in the NFL.  The fact that he routinely thrives amid a storm of much larger and thicker men, coupled with his youth, likely makes him feel fairly invincible whenever he’s not avoiding NFL players in full pads.

That mindset possibly prompted Jackson to conclude that nothing bad could come from attempting skateboard tricks or whipping around in a small go-kart on smooth concrete.

The folks at and are among those who have posted video of Jackson’s visit to the set of MTV’s Fantasy Factory.  And Jackson’s fantasies are surely the stuff of nightmares for Eagles management and Jackson’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus — especially since Rosenhaus client Terrell Owens tore an ACL recently doing something other than playing or practicing football.

Jackson has one year remaining on his rookie contract, and he surely will land at some point a gigantic payday.  But the team already has concerns about his long-term durability, and DeSean’s interest in exposing his ACLs to the sudden twisting and stopping of jumping (or, more accurately, landing) on a skateboard won’t do anything to alleviate those worries.

Though Jackson can do whatever he wants during the lockout, look for the Eagles to insist that Jackson won’t continue to do those sorts of things if/when he gets his new contract.

9 responses to “DeSean Jackson’s lockout adventures include skateboard tricks

  1. “The fact that he routinely thrives amid a storm of much larger and thicker men”

    That phrasing is …uncomfortable.

    Is “thicker” really the word you want to use there? Did you really have to expand on “larger”?

    I’ve never heard that term used other than as appreciative or negative while describing someone’s attractiveness. Not in reference to their actual physical dimensions.

  2. What a dope! One year away from a lucrative contract and he is taking a chance of getting nothing doing stupid stunts on a child’s channel. Jackson is a good player, and exciting player, but he still has the mentality of a little kid. He behaves immaturely to show off rather than focus on business and being careful not to injure himself performing stunts. Get paid first, dummy, then skateboard you a** off.

  3. I’m a Giants fan, and I want DeSean Jackson to stay healthy. You never want to see an opponents best players get hurt, even if it gives your team an advantage.

    If the Giants beat the Eagles this year, I don’t want to hear excuses like “Well, if we had DeSean Jackson…”, and if the Giants lose, then you lost to a team at full strength.

  4. He’s an awesome player, but man…he worries me. He takes risks like this all the time. Did you see the video where he falls off the bike onto pads? All of this stuff and not so much as a helmet. I’ve always said he’s not long for the league because of his stature. He’s not going to be <25 forever. Oh, and word has it he loves the chronic. 🙂

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