Jones-Drew still not 100 percent

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Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew played with a knee injury for most of the 2010 season.  He’s spent most of the 2011 offseason recovering from the injury.

Jones-Drew said during a Friday night appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’ll finally be back to 100 percent within three-to-four weeks.

Currently, Jones-Drew is at 80-85 percent.

Despite the injury, he rushed for 1,324 yards in 14 games, which had him on pace for a career high of 1,513 yards.

22 responses to “Jones-Drew still not 100 percent

  1. If this dude was on a good team and didnt have to run against a stacked box week in and week out, he could easily be the best rb in the league.

  2. glad to see MJD helped his team out during the last two games with a knee injury when thy really needed him for a playoff birth. I guess that’s why he’s so much tougher then Cutler.

  3. You last 2 guys posting must be Jag haters. After the Colts game on that fake turf they have his knee swelled up to the point he couldn’t walk, was on crutches. It was wise not to play him they weren’t making the playoffs. I really hate to see jackasses like you guys post without facts. No doubt one of the best backs in the league…runs well…excellent blocker and can catch the ball…and a teamplayer.

  4. I’m certainly no Jaguars fan, but any NFL fan would be mistaken not to acknowledge MJD as a consummate professional and team player.

  5. he’s only 26. I remember him stealing td’s from Fred Taylor. seems like he’s been around forever. his body is catching up with the punishment…reminds me of hamal Lewis.

  6. Watch for about 100 more carries from Rashad Jennings this season. It’ll be his 3rd year and he’s as big as a Mack truck and getting better at line cuts. As a coaching staff, the Jags need to find a way to get MJD the ball using Garrard’s fake/roll-out/screens more than sending him like a bowling ball up the A gap so often. I love watching him knock the crap out of people, too, but like dude said above, its usually against 8 in the box.

  7. MJD is so not a team player. He supports David Garrard like he’s the best QB ever, and repeatedly runs his mouth about the Gabbert pick. Dude, get with the program and Gene Smith and do us all a favor and shut that hole in your face!

  8. Wasn’t this guy the dude who called out Cutler for being soft. This lil crap is a crappy player and is team sucks too. Maurice Jones Drew quit on his team in the middlew of a playoff run…. tweet up peeps.

  9. Everyone knews Maurice Jones Drew is a coward onb twitter….. says crap about players and hides behind his computer like what…. a coward!

    Tweet up…. this dudes a loser and a jag!

  10. Love MJD despite him going to UCLA. He’s not into flash, just getting the job done and the fighting for the tough yards. He’s proved everyone wrong who he said was too small his whole career. I’m no Jags fan, but I always cheered for MJD.

  11. Wow, the Cutler tweet still bothers Bear fans, I wonder if it is because they felt it was a little true. No, he shouldn’t have tweeted it. But hell, Rivers played the championship game 2 years ago with a torn ACL.

    1300 yards in 14 games on a knee he injured in LAST PRESEASON. 8 and 9 in the box all year, everyone knows he is getting the ball. He ran till he couldn’t walk any more in the Indy game, which was the division championship by the way. After that, the season was over. So keep hating on the guy who has pretty good numbers after 5 years in the league considering he didn’t start the first 2.

  12. Maybe he can talk about how weak Cutler is to make him feel better about himself.

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