NFL spokesman: Negotiators not taking the weekend off


The negotiators from the NFL and NFLPA* have retreated to their respective camps for the weekend, but NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wants to remind fans (and media) that they are “most definitely not” taking the weekend off from work.

“Lawyers are drafting language for potential agreement, sharing it with PA. All kinds of phone, email exchanges going on. Work continues,” Aiello wrote on Twitter.

Perhaps the league was sensitive to the idea they were all relaxing over the holiday. While we already knew that wasn’t true and nothing can replace face-to-face talks, it is still a good message to get out to fans, especially the ones working (or lightly working in my case) over the holiday weekend.

As Florio mentioned Friday, there is still at least a possibility things could wrap up with a big push in the negotiations next week.  It sounds like both sides are at least attempting to maintain some momentum from Thursday night’s session through the weekend.

16 responses to “NFL spokesman: Negotiators not taking the weekend off

  1. I know its a holiday weekend and all.But I stiil dont enjoy have smoke blew up my a**.
    They are working just like they are going to have a deal done soon .They have been close for a month and still nothing .Just trying to buy there self time before a fan REVOLT. This thing will drag out for another month mark my words.

  2. Sorry Ravensrule but I don’t take the word of someone that doesn’t know the difference between there and their. Also, it should be themselves not “there selfs”. How do you expect anyone to take your word when you’re obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer?

  3. scott8nj says:

    Arena football has no business being on NFL network

    dawkinseffect says:

    @ Scott8NJ

    Neither does the CFL

    Ditto to all of the above.

    If only the owners and players could reach agreement that easily.

  4. Spartyfi
    I am sorry that I miss spelled some words while texting on my phone on the way to the beach. But I can tell from your post you live in your mom’s basement .So don’t worry about it I understand .Have a nice Holiday 40 year old virgin.

  5. Hey Scott….Arena football is like backyard football. Go long or go short….and I will throw it up for you. They could draw the plays in the dirt if they had some. I’d rather watch the Championship Bowling.

  6. If language is indeed being drafted then agreements are being made. Contrary to the blasé
    attititude of the article and most of the posters, I take this as a very encouraging sign.

  7. Maybe I was too abrupt to eat crow. I said the deal would be done by July 3rd but having read the other day that they were taking the weekend off, I was doomed.

    Maybe not. I still have some hope for today then.

    I read months ago that July 3rd was the drop dead date to keep the season the same. Everyday after meant something had to give season wise as in losing some pre-season dates, shorter practice time.
    Hum. If this thing goes down today it pretty much means we’ve all been had and this thing was just a show and tell.

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