Paul Soliai keeps his weight under control, gets in great shape

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The Dolphins decided to invest more than $12 million for 2011 in defensive tackle Paul Soliai, a four-year veteran as to whom the team has the foresight to apply the franchise tag, despite the fact that he would have been a restricted free agent under 2010’s rules.  And despite a history of being overweight during the season, Soliai has reached his ideal playing weight — 342 pounds — during the lockout.

“It’s a lot of stuff you got to sacrifice to be committed to what you want to accomplish,” Soliai told Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “I’m right where the Dolphins want me to be at.  My weight’s pretty low and I’m happy with it.”

Kelly explains that Soliai is working out at the University of Utah with other Samoan and Polynesian NFL players, including Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata (another franchise player), Jets defensive tackle Sione Pouha, and Steelers offensive lineman Chris Kemoeatu.  Soliai’s agent, David Canter, told Kelly that Soliai is in the best shape of his career.

And while some players get upset when they receive the franchise tag, Soliai uses it as motivation.  “I’m not really satisfied with what I did last year. I know I could do better,” Soliai told Kelly.  “I want to do better every year and show everyone why I got franchised.  That’s something that’s really pushing me right now.”

The lure of a long-term deal worth much more than $12 million should be pushing him, too.  Given his attitude while operating under the franchise tag, chances are he won’t coast once he gets paid.

7 responses to “Paul Soliai keeps his weight under control, gets in great shape

  1. See when i asked for good news for once this Miami Dolphins offseason in the previous article, i didnt really have this in mind but you know what I’ll take what ever they give me GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!

  2. If 342 pounds is his ideal playing weight, and “pretty low”….Exactly how much did he weigh when overweight?

  3. I was skeptical about him playing NT for more than a breather but he played very well throughout the year. I hope his attitude doesn’t change.

  4. He’s ready to be the man in the middle of a defense thats about to become a top 10 D……It looks like he may have grown up and ready to take the next step…..I am happy with the guys he’s hanging around with this summer, hope it pays off….

  5. I’m pretty sure when he gets that multi-million dollar deal, it’ll have some provisions about his weight and performance, but I just hope he does the best that he can.

    The Dolphins can’t afford anymore contract mishaps anymore.

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