Cowboys’ Arkin says Goodell, Smith didn’t share much at rookie symposium

Cowboys fourth-round draft pick David Arkin attended last week’s rookie symposium expecting to hear a clear explanation from NFLPA* Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the current status of negotiations to end the lockout. He went home thinking they hadn’t given him much useful information.

I thought we would learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes, but really didn’t,” Arkin told the News-Leader.

Arkin, an offensive lineman from Missouri State, said he got a lot more out of the speeches given by Herm Edwards and Plaxico Burress than he did from the presentations from Goodell and Smith.

“Edwards brought great energy to the room,” Arkin said. “Things he said made a lot of sense. Burress was real open about his mistakes. He owned up to them.”

So at least the rookies got something out of the symposium. But that was thanks to Edwards and Burress, not Goodell and Smith.

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  1. The symposium is just like college or any other forum where students supposedly learn. You get out of it what you put into it. It’s Arkin’s fault for not being willing to learn all he could.

  2. Goodell didn’t go there to give the rookies an update on the labor negotiations. If Arkin thought that was the purpose of Goodell’s visit, he either got some bad information or he’s not very smart.

  3. Wow. Arkin isn’t very bright if he thought he would be getting a lot of information about the “negotiations” since the “negotiations” are still ongoing.

    I’m sure Goodell and Smith thought hey lets tell the rookies all about the negotiations so it can leak out to the media. Good idea!

  4. Darn, I thought for sure I would have a sit down with each of them explaining why it took until the fourth round for me to get drafted. I think they owed me that, plus an explanation of why they haven’t settled the lockout so I can start making my millions.

  5. Alansays:


    What was the guy thinking? That Goodell and Smith would violate a court order so as to give the players an update about how the negotiations were going?

    what were they supposed to day? The negotiations are going great.. see you in a week?

    What a doofus!

  6. Are Goodell & Smith not under gag order? I thought they were. And since the NFLPA technically does not exist he is not privileged to any of that info, or is he?

  7. We usually learn better object lesson wise from peers. Edwards played and Burress is going to be playing again…not surprised that former/current players related better to new players.

    I mean when a bunch of high level execs (which were the Goodell/Smith equivalents)spoke at my old company’s meetings, all I expected was blahblahblah corporate speak. And most of the time that’s what happened.

  8. If the kid thought Goodell and Smith were coming in to publicly discuss the status of closed door negotiations, then that was nothing more than naivete on his part.

  9. “… Arkin told the News-Leader.”

    Let’s be fair with this kid – The News-Leader asked him what Goodell and Smith said about the negotiations and he said that they said nothing.

    I’m sure he wasn’t expecting detailed breakdowns of the negotiations – but my guess is that neither so much as addressed it (themselves not wanting to trip up on their words) and he was surprised it wasn’t mentioned by either.

    I can see that. Beyond that give any rookie a break when it comes to saying stupid things – and although the picture of this kid shown here looks like Flounder from Animal House, if you click on the link to the article you’ll see a different guy – one you wouldn’t want to f*ck with.

    I’ll give him a pass on this one!

  10. Since these rookies are not union* members, why did they realistically expect any sort of explanation from Goddell or D. Smith? I suppose next week that Goddell and Smith will meet with LeBron, Dirk Nowitzki and Derek Jeter and give them an update as to the progress on the football negotiations.

  11. hey newbie,
    ya they’re really gonna give you some insights that they aren’t giving the rest of the world (literally) including the veterans that have been in the league for years.
    really? really??
    what school did he graduate from? had to be a maryland community college.

  12. All right true fans of football –
    The lockout has been really sick to watch and worry over all this time. Very hard on us fans.
    Please click like on the this notice to the NFL owners and players of a world wide pledge that if a deal is not reached by July 15th everyone will boycott the first game played. No buying tickets, no merchandise, no viewing the games, bars do not show the games, basically a complete boycott for one week. If the preseason is skipped then we pass on buying any NFL swag this year. Let’s take back the game folks, Power to the People! They would never think of pulling this kind of s@$t again and cause the fans, who are really 100% responsible for them having $9B to fight over, have to deal with this stupidity. Who’s with me!
    PS – You can still got to the sportsbar, just as long as you are waching MLB or Hockey. What the hell you can watch soccer too.

  13. Do you know what this means?

    It must mean that an agreement is close, because neither Goodell or Smith wanted to hurt all the progress that has been made.

    A deal will be done by the end of the week !

    (Can I get a job from you, now that I understand the skills needed to write about the labor situation?)

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