Gary Kubiak tells the troops there will be football

Texans coach Gary Kubiak is currently in Baghdad, spending five days touring military bases as part of a USO Tour.

And he’s getting the same question that every coach, owner, player, and media member associated with the NFL is getting on a daily basis.

“The question we get the most is, ‘Will we have football this season?’  I tell them, ‘Yes, we’re going to have football this season!'”  Kubiak told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle Sunday by phone from Iraq.

The experience has made a deep impression on Kubiak, who is on the trip with Ken Whisenhunt, Jim Mora, and Jim Mora Jr.

“Before I came here, I spoke to some who had made this trip, and they told me it would change my life, and they were right,” Kubiak said. “This is one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I’ve met so many interesting soldiers. I feel like I’m thanking them for everybody back home. I have so much respect and admiration for the sacrifices they make to protect us.”

What Kubiak is doing overseas is terrific.  As we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, we’d also like to pause and send thanks to all the troops at home and abroad who have sacrificed to help make this country what it is.

Photo courtesy of USO.

16 responses to “Gary Kubiak tells the troops there will be football

  1. “The question we get the most is, ‘Will we have football this season?’ I tell them, ‘Yes, we’re going to have football this season!’” Kubiak told John McClain of the Houston Chronicle Sunday by phone from Iraq.

    (And if there isn’t, SEAL Team Six will know where to find Coach Kubiak.)

  2. all the cute jokes aside, the men and women over there need this. your out of touch with the outside world, and it says a lot about the coaches and players that go over. I respect everyone of them for trying to bring a little light into that awful place. I cant stand the redskins, but when i was over the redskins cheerleaders came. It made things a little nicer i guess.

  3. Well I am 110% relieved that Gary Kubick answered this question. He has totally put me at ease! I have been wondering since early February, and now here it is July 3rd, and I finally have an answer!!!!

  4. Whether or not we have NFL football this season, may be up for debate, but should we support our troops for the sacrifices they make, is most certainly not. Football is entertainment…their service to our country in and out of combat zones, represents Life and Death. Thank you Veterans for your Service… from a Retired Vet. Rep. and disabled VN Veteran.

  5. Well that’s it! Nothing to worry about. Gary Kubiak said there ill be football this season. WTF? Who cares?

  6. Here’s a idea. Get the Godell, Smith, the owners, and all the lawyers in a plane to Iraq and hold the meetings there. They’ll be done in 24 hrs.

  7. Gary Kubiak is a gutless ex coffee boy for Shanahan,…what hes done in Houston is got a very talented team nowhere,…but because he was great at getting Shanahan coffee all those years he was given a HC job,..for which hes about to lose,…now hes lying to our troops,…he is a scumbag, subhuman,…pathetic excuse of a man.

  8. The lockout has been really sick to watch and worry over all this time. Very hard on us fans.
    Please click like on the this notice to the NFL owners and players of a world wide pledge that if a deal is not reached by July 15th everyone will boycott the first game played. No buying tickets, no merchandise, no viewing the games, bars do not show the games, basically a complete boycott for one week. If the preseason is skipped then we pass on buying any NFL swag this year. Let’s take back the game folks, Power to the People! They would never think of pulling this kind of s@$t again and cause the fans, who are really 100% responsible for them having $9B to fight over, have to deal with this stupidity. Who’s with me!
    PS – You can still got to the sportsbar, just as long as you are waching MLB or Hockey. What the hell you can watch soccer too.

  9. Maybe, he should tell his team there will be football this year!! I think he may have left that out in training camp last year!!

  10. The man who lives next door to me just left last week for his second tour in Afghanistan and before he left we would sit outside and talk NFL football and he said how important it was to be able to watch a game while off duty. I agree with the person who posted that the NFL and the Players should fly over to Afghanistan and sit down and settle this and I would bet a new CBA would be down in a couple of days so they could get back to the USA. I would not feel bad if they left the lawyers over there for a few more days.

  11. “There will be football this year” just not in Houston!

    The same way there isn’t baseball there either….

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