Bears’ player rep says deal will get done


When we last checked in with Robbie Gould, the Bears’ kicker and NFLPA* representative, he was ripping greedy owners and saying any of his fellow players who hadn’t saved up money for a lengthy lockout were foolish.

That was a couple months ago. In what may be a sign of the progress that’s been made in the NFL’s labor negotiations, Gould has now softened his tone.

“I think at the end of the day, when you get a group of people in the room working like they are working to get a deal done, a settlement will be reached and we will be playing football,” Gould told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s just as to what date we’re going to be back and when.”

Gould has echoed NFLPA* Executive Director DeMaurice Smith in cautioning that no one should think there have been major developments and that a deal is imminent, but he nonetheless sounds confident that a deal is coming.

“We are going to play football,” Gould said, “we really are.”

13 responses to “Bears’ player rep says deal will get done

  1. Sounds good! Get this deal done so I’m not reading fluff stories for the rest of the summer. I’m eager to see how this crop of rookie QB’s fare in camp. Get these guys back in camp before somebody gets a felony.

  2. a settlement will be reached and we will be playing football,” Gould told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s just as to what date we’re going to be back and when.”

    This is the same rhetoric that we have been hearing since march 11….so what else is new ?

    I heard this interview and would not get over excited because Gould himself said he does not know when this labor dispute will be resoved.

  3. Lets see, meeting 2 whole days a week and taking long holiday weekends mere days before losing pre-season games. I’m guessing a deal will be reached sometime around mid august.
    Yes there will be a season but the lack of free agency, training camp, and possible a large chunk of the pre-season will result in some of the worst play in memory.

  4. A deal will get done for two reasons – and two reasons only:

    1) Owners aren’t willing to forfeit the billions in revenue they are arguing over in the first place;

    2) Owners won’t risk the potential exposure of BILLIONS that the Brady anittrust suit could cost them.

    Simple as that!

  5. wryy1 is probably right but he should have included the players who most cannot live without football because most of them never did complete college and if they did it was subjects that does not fit well in the real life. The players cannot live without football paychecks outside of a few.

  6. Please quit saying a “deal will get done”! We know it will get done, GIVE US A DATE WHEN IT WILL BE DONE! Aug 14 2011, Sept 25 2011 or sometime in 2012?????

  7. Money talks, b.s. walks. Yeah, there’ll be a deal and they’ll play football. Blah, blah, blah. WHEN???!!! What the players fail to realize is that this farce has gone on long enough. The longer they dawdle around with this now, the more likely that few, if any, players will really be in football shape come the first week in September. And that risks more injuries. These dummies need to THINK for themselves and stop listening to the greedbag lawyers who got them into this fix in the first place. Just get ‘er done. Time to press on, dudes. Your fans are getting more fed up by the day.

  8. drgfri says:Jul 4, 2011 9:02 AM

    And Jets player rep says “feet will get rubbed!”

    You are obsessed with the jets. Get over it man! Every single post of yours i read you have to say something about them. Comment on the article !

    With that said I hope Gould is right. I miss actually being able to talk about teams and games that were played. All it is is article after article about this whole lockout mess.

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