Brady’s list of valued receivers omits a fairly big one

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After being named the top player in the NFL, by the vote of NFL players, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined NFL Network to discuss the situation.

“To me, I play with the best guys,” Brady said at one point, via Mike Reiss of  “There’s nobody — Deion Branch and Wes Welker, there are no two better receivers; those are the two guys I’d want to play with every single game.  David Givens and Troy Brown and David Patten, these incredible players we’ve had over the years that have led to the success of the organization at the skill positions — and Corey Dillon and Antowain Smith.  I’ve played with phenomenal players, Christian Fauria at tight end, and we have some young tight ends now.”

Not mentioned at all?  Receiver Randy Moss.

Of course, Brady also omitted players like running back Kevin Faulk and tight ends Benjamin Watson and Daniel Graham.  (Proving yet again the potential pitfalls of extemporaneous “thank you” lists.)

Still, Faulk and Watson and Graham probably wouldn’t feel miffed by the omission.  Moss seems to be the kind of guy who wouldn’t appreciate being left off the list.

Moreover, Brady specifically said “there are no two better receivers” than Deion Branch and Wes Welker, and that “those are two guys I’d want to play with every single game.”  Given that Moss had one of the best single receiving seasons in league history and that he’s viewed by many as a sure-fire Hall of Famer, the application of that label to Branch and Welker without mention of Moss surely will be viewed by Moss as something more than a misstatement.

Whether this undermines Randy’s professed “love” for Tom Brady remains to be seen.  Early in his career, Moss routinely responded in big ways to external motivation.  As he has gotten older, Moss seems to be less fazed by actual or perceived indignities or slights.

44 responses to “Brady’s list of valued receivers omits a fairly big one

  1. I don’t know if this was done purposely but IIRC the guys Brady did not mention like Graham, Watson and Moss are all still current NFL players with other teams (or hope to be, like Moss).
    The other guys Brady mentioned are all either current Pats or out of the NFL. He mentioned Fauria too whose playing days are long over also and who I do think was his most effective TE pass catching wise until this past season. But Fauria is hardly a household name.
    It could be as simple as that.

  2. Other than having respect for his community service and his skill as a receiver, I’m not a big Randy Moss fan because I think his ego gets the best of him. With that said, thumbs down to Brady for not mentioning him at all. That was a bit low.

  3. Clearly Moss was the best receiver Brady has ever teamed with, but the worst dressed coach in the league doesn’t like Moss and Brady understandably wants/needs to stay on his good side, hence, no Moss mention.

  4. I couldn’t understand why team’s were so quick to dump Moss until I saw him short arm that pass from Favre in the end zone at the end of the first Packer game. That was heart wrenching, after all that Favre did to bring the Vikes back. They dumped Moss not long afterwards, but they should have taken him out in the alley and beat him to a pulp, then and there.

  5. I didn’t see the question correspondent should have asked Tom Brady was “Why are they best?”

    Tom has always lavished praise on his playmakers through out the season.

    So, Mr. Correspondent do your job and unearth the Who, When, Why, and Hows before creating mountain from a ant hill.

  6. CKL hit it right on the head.

    Brady speaks in Patriot Speak. He only mentioned current Patriots or players no longer in the NFL.

    Trying to create something that is not there.

  7. Moss is a diva and is self centered. Brady was having to force the ball to Moss too often. When Moss figured out that it wasn’t going to be a Brady to Moss show 100% of the time, he came out with that bizzare press conference where he acted like mental patient off his meds.

    Moss ultimately displayed to Brady and the Patriots his ‘me first’ / ‘team second’ mentality and that is why he’s gone.

    Moss did great initially, but the ‘me first’ attitude and the fact that opposing defenses were catching on to the Moss oriented offense meant a change was needed. Brady didn’t mention Moss because Brady holds ‘team’ in high regard. Moss was not ‘team’….Moss was Moss.

  8. Moss put himself ahead of the team last year. That drops him down a few pegs in Brady’s eyes.

    No doubt all players have tough contract negotiations – when Moss allowed it to come onto the field and in the locker room, that’s when Moss ceased to become one of Brady’s favorite WRs

  9. The receivers he listed are either his two current starters or players he has won championships with.

    If Moss wants to feel slighted he can go ahead. He was the person who forced his way out of New England and in the process improved the team. When you depart and in the process improve a team do you deserve to be on a list, off the top of Brady’s head, of receivers who he points to for his success?


    No you don’t.

  10. Randy Moss may have had immense talent at one time, but it’s very difficult to consider him in the same light as say a Jerry Rice or someone of that caliber.

    Simply put, Moss squandered most of his opportunities with a diva-like arrogance and self proclaimed “play when I feel like it” attitude. His last month with the Patriots was an eye roller, as he stood in front of the press and whined about NEXT YEAR’s contract instead of playing his butt off during that current season.

    Moss a hall of famer? … Really?

    I’d rather see Pete Rose inducted into the baseball hall first … at least he gave everything he had on the playing field.

    Moss got big paychecks. And for him, that’s enough.

  11. Funny, that the number 1 player in NFL players eyes is a CHEAT…. The QB that received defensive signals of their opponents and knew pre huddle what defenses would be thrown at them….Since spygate was uncovered Brady and Belicheat have won exactly zero playoff games…. How’s that for having a foot crammed up Wes Walker’s cheating team’s butt.

  12. Thank god for the Giants that said cheaters do not win titles….. Brady forever will be known as the QB of Spygate and Bill Belicheat not a genius but just a cheater….. tuck that rule boys.

  13. Moss is 100% going to the Jets. Braylon’s a goner and Holmes is the horse you want to bet on for 5-6 more years.

    I think Brady realizes this, too.

  14. dave1961 says:
    Jul 4, 2011 11:51 AM
    ….Since spygate was uncovered Brady and Belicheat have won exactly zero playoff games….
    You are factually incorrect here, but any post that whines about cameragate in 3rd grade girl type hysterics is never long on facts anyway.

    I wonder how you would explain Brady’s having his two best statistical seasons ever SINCE they were punished? Oh yeah, you’d probably babble about how they are somehow “still cheating” some kind of unknown, unproven way.

  15. First, the most talented receiver Brady ever played with is Moss, and there isn’t a close second.

    People forget that Branch left for more money, Givens left for more money, and Moss was trying, in his own mecurial way, to get more money, or at least a contract extension. Some players are more emotional than others and Randy wears his heart on his sleeve. For Brady to not even mention Moss was a slap in the face of one of the greatest players to ever line up at wr for any team. Moss was not perfect, kinda of a nut job if you ask me. But talent wise…….

    This would be like Moss being interviewed and him saying that the best qb’s he ever played for were Culpepper and Kerry Collins. Why the slap in the face—don’t know. Maybe it’s Brady putting on a unified face with his coach, so when Moss is not brought back, it will look like a unified decision. Moss feels he is an all time great, rightfully so when his head is on right, and if your team has good administrators who know some players need to be coddled more than others, then that is waht should be done as long as the talent is worth it.

    I’m a Pats fan and this ommision caught me by suprise. Trying to read between the lines.

  16. Unfortunately, Brady and Moss seemed to have had a falling out, and Brady’s comments were approprate to carrying the TEAM first tradition of the Pats, as would any other QB, making sure he gives his full support and confidence to the receivers he is currently playing with.
    BUT, to back track a little,….the problems that might have influenced Moss’s exit from NE:
    In ’07, lest we forget, the Pats high flying passing game struggled with protection thru 3 quarters in SB v that great Giants front four and blitzing, but when the Pats shifted protection to max pro using two TE’s, Brady had enough time to march them down the field, going to Moss, and scrored the TD to go ahead with less than 3 min. remaining.
    If Eli and Co. hadn’t pulled off that miracle drive, Moss might still be Brady’s buddy. Then the catastrophic knee injury the following season, saw Cassel step in for Brady and leading the Pats to an 11 win season, the only 11 win team to NEVER make the playoffs. Moss tied for NFL leaders in TD with 13, so really, this was the season that should have put all the criticism about Moss giving up, to rest, as he stuck with the green Cassel and played hard.
    then the comeback season for Brady after injury showed Brady’s mortal side as he shook the rust off, but the frustration got to him, which lead to the friction with Moss. Truth be told, Brady prefers the short to medium, passing game, reading the routes across the field instead of having to read Moss running the deeper routes.
    Haven’t read this particular aspect of why Moss was let go. Brady’s ultimate preference to going back to his comfort zone and the shorter passing game.
    that’s why Moss just might have one more elite season left in him, if he lands on a contender led by an elite QB: Manning or Brees,…or even Rivers!

  17. Blindhobartbaker says:

    I couldn’t understand why team’s were so quick to dump Moss until I saw him short arm that pass from Favre in the end zone at the end of the first Packer game.

    I’ve seen a frame by frame break down of that play. He didn’t short arm it. You shouldn’t try and pass a faulty memory off as fact.

  18. all in all, I’m still interested in seeing Moss play with one of the remaining elite QB’s of this era, just to see if could generate on more, ‘post-Oakland’ performance, like he got in ’07.
    I might have just answered my own question, because it could very well be that not only did Moss burn his bridge in NE and Brady, but burned down any chance to play with Peyton, Brees or Rivers.
    Hope he gets one more shot. The Jets are the wild card here. Moss might just feed into the Ryan led revolution in NY, and Sanchez’ leadership is already showing some serious promise.

  19. Moss without his speed is as talentless as they come, he proved this last season. I’ll take the guy that finds the holes in the defense, runs fantastic routes, reaches out for finger tip catches on the side lines, will lay out and make a one handed grab…. Moss is none of these.

  20. @dave1961–

    That’s why they’ve won more games than ANY other team since ‘spygate.’ Oh, by the way, not only did Brady have his 2 best statistical seasons since 2007, they also became the only team to ever go 18-0 at one point. Yes, yes–we all know about the miracle helmet catch etc, etc, but how do you explain these FACTS if you actually are dumb enough to believe your conspiracy theory?

    The Pats lost the past 2 yrs in the playoffs b/c the TEAM was one of the youngest and greenest in the entire league, (and b/c the NYJets had a great gameplan and played well, so did the Ravens).

    I am pretty sure that you’d take a 14-2 season and a #1 seed if YOUR team had been rebuilding.

  21. Moss quit on that pass from Favre. Might have been the defining moment of #4 career, and Moss blew it. Atrocious.

  22. Yeah, every one of us would take Welker and Branch to start our team over Moss

    I think you’re right, albeit mistakenly.

  23. Before Moss, Brady’s QB rating constantly hovered in the mid-80’s, and he rarely threw for over 30 TDs. I do agree, however, that without Wes Welker, Brady would still be married to Bridget Moynihan instead of knocking her up and skipping town.

    Brady – Easily one of the most overrated athletes of all time.

  24. So an NFL quarterback says that there are no other receivers he’d rather have than the two he currently has on his team. Shocking.

    Saying something like that would be like Randy Moss saying that Kerry Collins is the most talented quarterback he’s ever played with when Moss was traded to Oakland….

  25. wutdafuhk says: Jul 4, 2011 9:42 AM

    Clearly Moss was the best receiver Brady has ever teamed with, but the worst dressed coach in the league doesn’t like Moss and Brady understandably wants/needs to stay on his good side, hence, no Moss mention.

    I don’t think Brady has a thing to worry about re: Belichick(sp?). What’s he going to do, bench him? Trade him? I’m pretty sure Brady could go to Coach’s house, piss all over his prized rose bushes, and all Coach would do is offer him a big glass of water so he could finish the job.

  26. How can you say he quit on the play?

    One moment he is leaning away from where the play is to come from – the next you can see him, both feet off the ground, extending both arms for a ball that is out of reach.

    I know for sure you are going by memory if you say he “quit”. How can you quit on a ball gunned over your head when you jump and extend both arms?!?

  27. How many trips to the AFC Championship game & how many trips to the Superbowl since Tuck boy & Bilicheat were exposed?

    Caught cheating yet no suspension??? What a joke… the Commish is in Kraft’s pocket.

    Down with the cheaters!!

  28. Moss is an idiot and I’m sure it’s hard for Brady to be objective. I can’t imagine what it was like for Brady to have to deal with such an idiot on a day to day basis. I doubt that Moss ever learned the playbook…. or the English language.

  29. Oh, goodness, I can see the headlines now across New England and the rest of the U.S. with this story and the negative hype it’s going bring on the Patriots and its star QB Tom Brady. “Tom Brady is a RACIST” for excluding Randy Moss on his list of top Wide Receivers.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see on ESPN and other sports radio stations race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton; accusing Brady of “Racism”., hope I am wrong but Moss himself and his on and off the field antics, I would not be surprised.

  30. He left out all current players not on the Pats.

    His admiration for Moss’ talent and football smarts has been well stated in the past.

    Remember, always try very hard to resist being a drama queen.

  31. “Tom Brady is a RACIST” for excluding Randy Moss on his list of top Wide Receivers.”

    Wait..Deion Branch is white?

  32. Hey morons, the Patriots went 18-0 AFTER all the camera crap. I still find it hilarious how many people actually believe that they were cheating and somehow still are.

  33. I’ve watched NFL games since 67, and I don’t ever remember ANYONE else who can finger pluck a bullet out of the air while off balance, like Moss, just sayin!

  34. Is anybody else stunned he didn’t mention Brandon Tate? The guy did average 1.5 catches a GAME!

  35. We can only hope 5 years from now dave1961 is still losing sleep over a story everyone on the planet will have moved on from.
    Keep fighting the good fight, my man.

  36. @gregjennings85

    So Brady is one of the most overrated athletes ever? Well considering he was ranked #1 in the NFl and was given praise by Ray Lewis and Revis as being the best(who btw probably both hate his guts) on the nfl top 100 of 2011… id say ill go with the opinion of two men who actually face him on the field ( several times).. you are just plain stupid for thinking this.

  37. @dave1961 and at least one other moron whose name I don’t feel like scrolling back up to find:

    Spygate was at the beginning of the ’07 season; therefore, the Pats have won exactly 2 playoff games after that (the ones immediately previous to the Superbowl loss to the Giants.) You’re correct about them not winning an NFL championship, though. Idiots.

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