Browns don’t make a logical fit for Terrelle Pryor

The Browns are high on Colt McCoy, but they aren’t exactly set at the quarterback position.

Mike Holmgren also has a policy of drafting a quarterback at some point every year.  It’s only natural, then, to wonder if the Browns could consider taking Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft.

New Cleveland Browns senior editor Vic Carucci joined PFT Live Tuesday and had his doubts.

“There’s a lot of work to do with [Pryor]. He’s a quarterback, with his skillset, can do certain things, be a dynamic playmaker as he’s done at the collegiate level. I don’t know how that translates to the NFL and my observation of him is that I still have some doubts about that. . . He should be on a team that has the luxury of him being off to the side and learn and develop while they have a steady presence at the quarterback position.”

To see Vic’s entire interview and the rest of Tuesday’s show, head to the PFT Live homepage. And yes, you can get the show again as a podcast via iTunes.

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10 responses to “Browns don’t make a logical fit for Terrelle Pryor

  1. Why not just do an article about what teams will most likely draft Terrelle Pryor.

    Here’s my list:

    Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals, Denver, Colts, 49ers, Dallas, Cincinnati, and Oakland

  2. Thanks Gregg. As opposed to some “writers” on ESPN who pretend to do “research” just don’t get it. The Browns are going to run a WCO now, where the QB has to make quick decisions, a quick release, and ACCURACY, all things Pryor is far from polished in.

    Not saying I’m sold on McCoy yet, albeit intriqued, and Pryor is an amazing athlete, he’s just isn’t a WCO QB and is very raw at this point.

  3. When you have 3 journeyman QBs on your rosters and even worse WRs, you take a look at whoever is out there. I do not think the Browns would submit above a 4 th round bid for Pryor but all things are possible.

  4. Team will a whole year with Pryor before they even have to spend a draft pick on him. Hire Ken Anderson to work with him for a year with the money saved by getting him in a later round than he would normally be available. Everyone wins.

  5. @ MVQB7

    Not sure you’re familiar with the term journeyman, seeing as Colt McCoy was drafted by the Browns and has never played for another team.

  6. Pryor is a perfect fit for the Eagles. That way when Vick inevitably misses 1/3 of the season with injury, they can bring in yet another option QB. Phily will be wasting A LOT of talent at WR over the next few years. Better trade Kolb for a few extra offensive linemen.

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