Giants’ “worst moments” include more than a few wild-card games

The New York Giants have had a pretty solid 24 years since the last work stoppage.  Not only have they won a pair of Super Bowls, but they have done so via dramatic, memorable upsets.

Just as memorable for zealous Giants fans were the lowlights.

And so we counted down the worst four on Tuesday’s PFT Live, with the collection of honorable mentions at the end of the show.  The whole package appears below.

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10 responses to “Giants’ “worst moments” include more than a few wild-card games

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  2. Are you kidding me? Two words! Joe Pisarchick!
    Is there some stupid rule that all the bad things have to happen in the last 10 years? JOE PISARCHICK!

  3. I would have thrown in the ’06 game against the Titans (Kiwi hugging Vince Young on 4th down, Pacman had two huge fourth quarter interceptions, Giants blew a 21-0 lead in the fourth). Otherwise you nailed it.

  4. How bad can a Giants list be? They usually make the playoffs. They have a Super Bowl win. And a loss. Lions or Bengals fans would kill to have such a past 25 yrs.

  5. As I Giants fan, the “Flipper Anderson” game in 1989-90 is number 2 after the 49ers debacle and the Super Bowl loss to Baltimore is one of the honorable references.

  6. Also, there other ridiculous choke jobs during the Fassel era, such as the Bryan Westbrook punt return game, the kickoff that went out of bounds against Dallas when Bill Parcells returned to coaching, losses to Tennessee and Houston in 2002 that were precursors to the 49er playoff game.

  7. The Super Bowl loss to the Ravens was only a surprise to Giants fans. That was probably the worst super bowl team ever. The Giants beat one team with a winning record all year (Eagles), then they got the Eagles in the playoffs again, and they got a dome team (Minny) outside in January. I cleaned up on that game.

  8. Yeah. The Ravens were a much better SB team that year. We were definite underdogs, and played like it. Of course the Ravens were jacked on roids … and immediately self-destructed … but for that moment in time they were vastly better.

  9. The only thing that you did not mention was the work stoppage itself in 87. Because of the replacement players dug a huge hole that when the Giants came back from the strike their season was already over. They were unable to defend their superbowl championship from 86. I know that some Giant players believed that if there was not a work stoppage the Giants could have been a dynasty between 86-90. There was a lot of ugly, crazy games, and to me after to seeing all the crazy games, last years Eagle debacle was no surprise. I seen it before a few times. I wouldn’t even put that on the list, I loved seeing coughlin screaming “WTF are you doing, you were supposed to punt the FN ball out of bounds” at the end.. It was the highlight of the game, and made me feel a lot better. Also at that time we still controlled our destiny.. The playoff losses it was just over…

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