Jason Babin, Albert Haynesworth seen as “long shots” in Philly


Clearly inspired by our award-winning team checklist series, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran an item Tuesday looking at the ten most important things for the Eagles to address after the lockout.

The list didn’t contain many huge surprises, and intimated that Plaxico Burress will be near the very bottom of any list when free agency hits. It will be more important to get some defensive line help.

Jim Washburn coached up Albert Haynesworth and Jason Babin elsewhere, but the paper calls both players “long shots” to land in Philly.

Babin will cost a lot, but we’re surprised Haynesworth is viewed that way. There doesn’t figure to be a huge market for his services, and his pricetag should be low enough to provide good value.  If Washburn can’t get the best from Haynesworth, who can?

We’re still not ruling this marriage out.  It makes a lot more sense than Burress joining the Eagles.

12 responses to “Jason Babin, Albert Haynesworth seen as “long shots” in Philly

  1. I haven’t read the source article yet, but my guess is, the price tag on Haynesworth probably refers to what you’ll have to trade to get him. Washington will try to keep Haynesworth from Philly by asking for a high draft pick from them (or by not even entertaining an offer), and offer him to any other team for a pair of cleats and a new gatoraide cooler.

  2. In fact, X’s and O’s speaking, Haynesworth makes more sense in Philly than any of the other 31 possibilities. Taking it a step further, X’s and O’s speaking, the Eagles desperately need what would most likely be a rejuvenated p.o’d Haynesworth. I doubt he’d be such a dbag with out the ability to make guaranteed $$$ no matter how he acted, as was his situation in Washington. Plug in Albert at one DT, and give Dixon Potterson Laws and Bunk at the other spot. That’d be a superb anchor for the new D.

    Babin would be nice too, thought I’m still hoping they spend that big money on RCB… but Brandon Graham isn’t likely to be a major contributor until 2012, sadly, if even then then, considering he’s not getting novacare complex Ricky B rehab. No offense to Juqua or Tapp, but another DE add seems imminent.

  3. typical disinformation from the eagles. were they to be interested in either, they would be trying to portray the opposite.

    in my estimation, Haynesworth would have to be released for them to have any interest, as washington would only trade him within the division for a ridiculous price of draft picks. but if he were to be released, i’m betting washburn is knocking on the door just like zorn and snyder were two years ago.

    andy and joe never spend draft picks like that. even if they are eventually going to draft tony hunt or matt mccoy or macho harris or jerome mcdougal with the pick.

    babin they already know and let walk. and since his price has gone way up since then, count them as unlikely bidders.

  4. I think there is interest in Haynesworth but Washington would prefer that he wind up somewhere else if they can help it.

  5. IF, and that’s a big IF, were to have another team offer him a job again, then they’d be very very wise to sign him to a one year contract with lots of incentives. The guy only plays when there’s something on the line. I just can’t get the video out of my mind of him lying on the ground while the play was still going on against the… Eagles.

    Long term contract for Haynesworthless = lazy and fat player.

  6. no one knows Fat Albert better than Washburn, which is reason #1 why he won’t be wanted in Philly…Washburn knows the contract year(s) Fat Albert will never return…

  7. You know whats not a Long Shot with Haynesworth any Buffet in the greater DC area he visits them all in between “training sessions”.

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