No escape from Brett Favre comeback talk

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The first time we saw today’s talk that Brett Favre wants to play in 2011, our first instinct was to ignore it.

By about the tenth time we saw it, we figured we at least had to mention it. So here goes.

On an live chat today, Gil Brandt wrote that he thinks Favre would have an interest in playing in the NFL this season, but that there probably isn’t a team out there that shares Favre’s interest.

“I do think Favre would be interested in talking to a team about returning,” Brandt wrote. “But I don’t see a team out there right now that would bring him back as a starter.”

Everyone is sick of Favre comeback chatter, and everyone has been sick of Favre comeback chatter since about three Favre comebacks ago. But that doesn’t mean the chatter is going away, at least not until the regular season starts without a Favre comeback.

Which is one more reason to hope the regular season starts on time.

68 responses to “No escape from Brett Favre comeback talk

  1. The only team that would consider this type of nonsense free agent signing is indeed the Minnesota Vikings. But all bs aside he’s done. He knows it. He stunk last year.

  2. So because one guy thinks Brett Favre is interested in coming back, that means Brett Favre is interested in coming back?

    Come on. This is the biggest non-story of all time.

  3. I’m calling it now: favre will play for the titans if they will resign Randy moss.

  4. If the lockout ends this week, the media can talk about Favre for the rest of summer.

    Better then negotiations talk.

    Yup, I said it.

  5. who? you mean that guy who is dead to us packers fans because he went purple? yeah, that guy that many people think saved a franchise from the doldrums of mediocrity and will do it again? he didn’t , and he ain’t…

  6. Are you kidding me? I LOVE the BF chatter (in small doses). C’mon now! It’s been one of the most entertaining stories in football for several years running. I’ll concede the media makes one nauseous (but that’s true with any story the media decides to cover). But the bottom line to me is that the NFL is MORE entertaining with Brett Favre playing than with him NOT playing. It’s compelling television. And let’s face it. In a league where there are maybe a dozen quality starters, if I’m not one of those teams, I’ll take Brett Favre–with all the distractions that go along with it. Now I wouldn’t pay him $16M for the privilege. And so the likely result is that he won’t be coming back. Cause I can’t see him coming back for $3 or $4 million. But if he did and was willing to take pennies on the dollar? I think that would be a GREAT story. But if he’s just looking for another payday, then I’d pass. Playing for less money, though, would tell me he just wants to play. And I can’t think of a better story. Let’s go Vikes! One more time with feeling!! 🙂

  7. Without any pressure, like can he start all 16 games to keep the record going… Or “junk-gate”. I don’t see him having a bad year. If he comes back. Though, not a great one either.

  8. I think the only person that may want brett Favre to come out of retirement is Jen Sterger….

  9. Yet you guys post a story where some guy says he THINKS Brett may want to come back.

    “No escape from Brett Favre comeback talk”

    Apprently even more true if you read this site. Stop with these filler stories. You can’t tell us how annoying Brett come back talk is when you are helping it along. Just admit it, Brett talk is good talk for you.

    I’d have a lot more respect if I wasn’t told that something you are doing annoys you and you just flat out said the truth.

    “By about the tenth time we saw it, we figured we at least had to mention it. So here goes”

    WHY?! Just because a bunch of other rumor mongers talk about something that is so unproveable such as whether or not some 3rd party person has a desire to do something doesnt mean YOU have to post a story about it, and then act like you are being forced to.

    Don’t you get mostly negative feedback from this? Just quit with Brett Favre talk for awhile. Some of us still enjoy what he has done for football and get tired of these stories. When he walks onto the field we’ll know. Till then, no need to speculate or even talk about it.

  10. Is this Brett guy with the NFLPA or the retired people trying to make it take longer to start the season ??

  11. For the love of god and all that is holy…and unholy…and everything inbetween…

    Please make it stop!!

  12. Brett won’t mentor anyone — it is not in his nature — except maybe high school players if he were sign on as an assistant somewhere in Hattiesburg.

  13. I would think he’d wait until some starter gets hurt and then pursue that opening so he can do a partial season without training camps (not that he does those anyway, but still) and the like, while still being given the chance to play the actual games instead of holding a clipboard.

  14. Brett Favre on his worst day is still better than atleast half of NFL starting QB’s. So I say if someone is willing 2 pay him. Let the man play in peace.

  15. If you didn’t click through to read Brandt’s full comments on this, you missed one of the all-time “no duh” statements: “I think Brett is still a good quarterback, but I’d consider him a descending quarterback.” That’s why Brandt gets paid the big bucks, for nuggets of wisdom like this that slip by everyone else.

  16. Some one should tell Gil to talk to people that actually know Brett as opposed to simply throwing out his own conjecture about what he thinks Brett wants. One of his best friends and former teammates, Ryan Longwell, already said that he’s talked to Favre, and that Favre is really enjoying retirement and seems highly unlikely to try another comeback. In fact, it seems that it’s only the news-starved sports media that thinks Favre either will or should come back for another year.

  17. I’d like to see him come back as a QB coach for the Vikings, maybe later OC and even Head Coach if it worked out. The guy loves football. If you all have a hard time with the comeback talk, blame the media. It wasn’t just Favre that had an off year for the Vikes, everybody was injured.

  18. To anyone who thinks no one is interested in any more Favre stories, this article has 148 facebook “likes” right now, which is more than the previous 7 articles combined.

  19. Brett does not do any team any good carrying a clip board.

    At best he holds back the progress of any young QB who may have a career but gets relegated to third string status by a guy who is going nowhere.

  20. packerswambulance says: Jul 5, 2011 10:13 PM

    I’d like to see him come back as a QB coach for the Vikings, maybe later OC and even Head Coach if it worked out. The guy loves football. If you all have a hard time with the comeback talk, blame the media. It wasn’t just Favre that had an off year for the Vikes, everybody was injured.

    Very fitting nickname, it’s been well documented that the Packers had more major injuries then any other team in the league, yet you blame the Vikes injuries for Favre’s and the team’s downfall… Whiner

  21. I am so tired of hearing about Brett Farvre and his traveling media circus… I and everyone I know are boycotting any site that mentions his name unless the word pathetic is used in the headline… Including this one… OMG! No one cares people!!!

  22. I would love to see him come back. As long as he can walk. Best player in the history of the game. Even as a third stringer he would generate more interest and enthusiasm than most quarterbacks in the game. Including PotatoHead Manning and Fred Rodgers.

  23. K one more season for #4 would be classic!!! I think he would bounce back from a “Chilly” season last year, with all the pieces now in place in Minnesota. I also saw something that would be super crazy but prolly impossible but you never know. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are both free agents this season so why doesn’t Ziggy pull a “Heat” and bring Favre, Moss, and Owens together for 1 last hooray?? That alone could bring enough hype to stop the lockout.

  24. i would take him one more year with the vikings but he would have to take a pay cut to make it so we could sign sid and greenway this year and still have plenty to sign AD for the future. he would be coming back healthier than last year and would make a soft transition for ponder. there is no doubt in my mind that the silver fox can still play, it is a question of whether he has the desire and if the oline can protect him. perhaps after that he would be interested in QB coaching or something like that.

  25. After some thinking…

    He should just do it, like every year.
    Just to annoy people.

    Like just show up to a random team and join their practice squad when he’s like 64 or somethingesss…

  26. Everyone doesn’t include me I love me some Brett Favre. Hate all you want but don’t include me in your “Everyone”

  27. I’m not gonna lie, it would be nice to see him back as a backup somewhere in the league. Behind someone like a Stafford or Rivers type starter

  28. @bearsbeware
    There’s a difference between the injuries of the vikes and packers.
    The vikings had two of their top three corners injured for most of the season(slightly above average to begin with), and their top wideout injured for about ten weeks. And with a total idiot of a coach.

    The packers(from what I remember) lost their top TE&RB.
    But they had aaron rodgers leading their offense with their top WR fully healthy, and a hell of a defense. And a pretty goof coach.

    Oh well, pack won the bragging rights but take a serving of humble pie will ya?

  29. schemefactory says:
    Jul 5, 2011 7:38 PM

    who? you mean that guy who is dead to us packers fans because he went purple? yeah, that guy that many people think saved a franchise from the doldrums of mediocrity and will do it again? he didn’t , and he ain’t…

    If you don’t think he had a big part in making the Packers relevant, then you’re ignoring history.

    @ packermom47 –

    Read the article again. Favre did or said nothing to promote this story (as is the case more often than most would admit) – Gil Brandt did!

    Favre took such a beating behind that pathetic (albeit unhealthy) offensive line I can’t imagine he would want to take the chance of it happening again.

  30. packermom47 says: Jul 5, 2011 8:31 PM

    What a crock!! It isn’t even August yet. Favre is missing the attention already. Will he ever go away?

    Some hack writer says that he “thinks Favre would have an interest in playing in the NFL this season” and you, and others, turn it into Favre WANTING to come back.

    Time to get a grip on reality.

  31. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON HOME TO MINNESOTA BRETT!!!!! We need ya this year more than ever. Anyone who thinks Ponder will be ready is nuts. 1 MORE YEAR!

  32. If for some godforsaken reason Favre puts on a uniform again, it will not be to mentor a younger QB higher on the depth chart than himself. Never happen. He is way too egocentric to ever consider it. Besides, once he ended the consecutive starting streak, he lost the only motivation that brought him back last year. It’s all about him.

  33. In all honesty he’d be an ideal backup QB just in terms of his ability. His body can no longer survive a full season, but in a spot start I bet he’d be totally money. But he won’t play as a backup. And I don’t think he’ll play for a terrible team either.

    In the end, it might require a good team to lose their QB down the stretch and have a terrible backup for him to come in on his white horse. And the odds of that actually working out that way are low.

    People act like they are sick of him, but in reality they miss him…

  34. To the Bengals. Dalton is poised for next year, and Favre can still sell tickets. Remember, Mike Brown is about dollars not wins, so it doesn’t matter how Brett actually plays.

  35. Ugh. This isn’t “comeback talk” this is an imbecile fan asking a silly question of an old man who hasn’t been truly in touch with breaking NFL roster news in a decade.

    Let it go. Acknowledging Favre’s existence on Earth isn’t helping.

  36. The only professional football team Favre ever wanted to play for was the Vikings. And, notice, they didn’t make any major or sudden moves to replace him.

    He bleeds purple and yellow. He’ll never play for any other team. (But he will be back starting for the Vikings if there is a season this year!)

  37. Brett, how can we miss you if you don’t go away?

    After last year, I can’t see it happening. I can’t see a team desperate enough to make Brett a starting QB. I can’t see Brett’s body being able to start 16 games. I can’t see Brett’s ego allowing him to take a backup role.

    Although as a Bears fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Minnesota… 😉

  38. Brett can have one more decent season.
    Green Bay should acquire him to give Rodgers a chance to learn the game.

  39. Gil is an encyclopedia of NFL history, but I don’t put much stock in what he says about the modern game. On my way back from the lake this weekend I listened to him on NFL radio. In a 30 minute time span, he called Bernard Berrian “Bernard Bergin” (not once but probably 10 times), called Troy Polamalu “Troy Pamamalu”, and told T.J. Ward in an interview that he was doing good for someone from San Francisco. He didn’t mean anything by it, but he couldn’t wait to let T.J. and everyone else know that he knew where Ward was from…is what that amounts to.

  40. As a once, longtime Favre fan, this is what’s going on:

    1.) He doesn’t want his last plays to be a pick, and a brutal sack.

    2.) He wants his name in the news as much as possible, and that will never change.

    3.) He must be in his own personal hell at home, with just he, Deanna and his infidelity to discuss.

    4.) He still thinks he can play at a high level, which, is pathetic, as anyone with any modicum amount of vision saw that last year the old man had clearly hit his wall, longevity-wise.

    Look, the guy can still play for the next 5 years, sure. But can he be effective? No. Unless he was behind an All-Pro line, he would be a liability. He can still throw the ball through a brick wall. More and more, NFL QBs are being asked to sidestep pressure or at the minimum, step up in the pocket to avoid a free rusher. Favre can do neither well enough to avoid major injury anymore.

    Still, all that being said, I could easily see him taken on by a doormat, to, at the very minimum, increase fandom/ticket prices.


    1.) Oakland (oline is solid, weapons at RB, warm)
    2.) Cleveland (oline is solid, emerging WRs)
    3.) Arizona (oline is ok, WRs are top-notch, warm)
    4.) Miami (oline is ok, lots of weapons, warm)
    5.) Tennessee (oline is good, RB Johnson is a top-5 NFL talent, warm, southern)

  41. Would love to see Brett come back an play. Football is his love and shouldn’t we all do what we love? Brett is also a great guy. Don’t believe it? Check out what he did for this little guy who is struggling with a brain tumor and also one of Brett’s biggest fans Brett wore a backward 4 (thats how Anderson would draw his 4s) in honor of Anderson during one of his last games. Go Brett!!

  42. I saw every Minnesota Vikings game the last 2 seasons and assure you Favre was not the problem. Let’s start with Brad Childress who made many poor coaching decisions like micromanaging the offensive. He was clueless as an offensive coordinator in his Philadelphia days because Andy Reid assumed that role. Many people let the media control their thinking like T.O. tore up the Eagles locker room but obvious Childress has issues because Percy Harvin wanted to beat his behind. He has that Napoleon syndrome and was happier about being Brett Favre’s boss. He made a major mistake cutting Sage and trading Chester Taylor. Chester Taylor is a great 3rd down back that pass protects well something Adrian Peterson did not do last year. Favre’s success in 2009 can be credited to Sage Rosenfels a little bit because he was helping Favre read the pictures on the sidelines. The offensive line did not pass protect at all allowing Favre to take too many hits that added up. I am not saying Favre had his best year but there were other factors going on. Bernard Berrian did not live up to a 6 million dollar a year contract and he has not done that since his Chicago days. The Vikings had no consistency at the wide-receiver position all year beside Percy. Favre was discouraged as well because Sydney Rice missed most of the year. Lets be honest the entire team was not as good as 2009. Adrian Peterson caught more yards than Bernard Berrian. This thing is bigger than Brett Favre. Favre would do well in the NFL this season and would be better suited playing in the NFC West.

  43. If some team in the run for the playoffs loses
    their QB, you can bet your behind Favre will
    come back. That’s the only way, if he has a
    chance to make a run to the SB.

  44. Well, well. This thread has been up for almost 24 hours and didn’t even crack the top ten. Maybe the Ol’ gunslinger is finally fading away…..

  45. If Brett Favre, the actual guy, says something publicly about possibly wanting to play again, then fans are free to pour on. But if its just some guy who thinks Brett might want to, then everyone needs to shut up and leave the guy alone. He’s done nothing wrong this entire offseason so lay off.

  46. All you Favre-bashers need to wake up. Bringing him back into the fold would be great, sans the media circus the MEDIA creates (not him). His arm is still the best out there……….easily!

  47. gregjennings85 – for being a lifelong fan…you certainly know nothing about him……..and the fact that you would dismiss him shows you are a total tool!

  48. golonger says:
    Jul 8, 2011 12:36 PM
    All you Favre-bashers need to wake up. Bringing him back into the fold would be great, sans the media circus the MEDIA creates (not him). His arm is still the best out there……….easily!

    Nobody questions his arm strength. It probably is as strong as ever. The problem with Favre is his decision-making skills are beginning to remind me of my grandfather. My grandfather can still drive a car very straight as he ever could. But he now has an occasional tendency to pull out in front of traffic and make everybody around him hit the brakes and get out of the way. But to make matters worse, he still insists he can drive as well as ever and there’s no convincing him otherwise. Sound familiar?

  49. As annoying as Favre unretirement talk is, I would much rather hear rumours of him coming back for the next 30 offseasons before having to endure one more Mike Vick jock sniffer try to convince us what an amazing athlete and humanitarian he’s become since leaving prison.


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